Tesla Robotaxi: Elon Musk will Unveil its New Vehicle on August 8

Tesla Robotaxi

On April 5, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, said in a social media post on X that the long-promised Tesla Robotaxi would be revealed on August 8.

After launching the Tesla Cybertruck, the Tesla company has been expected to announce two highly anticipated new EVs: the Tesla Model 2 and the Tesla Robotaxi. The upcoming Tesla next-gen vehicle, Robotaxi, is designed for autonomous driving and comes without any pedals or steering wheels.

However, Elon speculated that you can earn revenue from your autonomous vehicle Tesla Robotaxi while you are at work or on vacation. You can send your car to pick up and drop off the passengers and give them rides on their own. It can be done with the Tesla network, which can also add your vehicle to the Tesla shared fleet in the Tesla app.

Right now, Tesla offers ADAS: advanced assistance driving, including Tesla Autopilot, enhanced Autopilot, and FSD: full self-driving. Furthermore, many companies, including Alphabet, Waymo, and others, are working on autonomous ride-sharing services.

Tesla has a habit of showcasing two bold events every year; last year, it was the master plan and the Cybertruck delivery event. Well, now we know what is on the line for the Tesla company in 2024.