The 5 Common Essay Writing Mistakes To Avoid

The 5 Common Essay Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Working on essays is a challenge in itself, and if there are rules to follow, it can get on anyone’s nerves. Well, the sad reality is there are rules. So, to help you get the hang of all these rules better, we are here with some things you must avoid before you submit your work!

No Thesis

A thesis statement is the most critical statement in the introductory paragraph. Without it, your introduction is entirely useless. So let’s shed some light on what a thesis statement is. First, it is a sentence that briefly summarizes everything that the task talks about and contains the essay’s purpose.

Here are some tips for writing the perfect thesis statement:

  • Keep it clear;
  • No need to add details;
  • Use specific language that relates to the course, for example, jargon;
  • Take some stand in the thesis statement;
  • Don’t turn it into a question;
  • Make sure it justifies the discussion;
  • It should clearly express one main idea, don’t make it a mixture of multiple ideas;
  • Be mindful of the punctuation.

A strong thesis statement will hook the reader to your paper. If the thesis statement is vague and confusing, your reader might turn to an alternative source. You must always work on the thesis statement once you’re done with every other bit of the passage. Why? Because writers tend to deviate from the topic. So, that effectively makes the pre-written thesis statement useless. Otherwise, you will have too many edits to work on, which will waste time.

If you feel it is all too much for you at this stage, you can turn to a professional writer and ask them to “write an essay for me” so they can take on the workload and help you get rid of it ASAP!

Making The Introduction Too Fluffy

Fluff is literally like fog in the world of writing; Too much of it can blind the reader! So, if you plan to add too many details in the introduction, that is a red flag. Your introduction is merely an introduction to the topic, the background, and the purpose of the essay. It should only inform the reader what to expect in the coming paragraphs. If there are common essay mistakes, then a fluffy intro is the king of these mistakes!

Here is what happens when you have a fluffy introduction:

  • You run out of relevant details to add in the passage;
  • The body paragraphs of your write-up become vague;
  • The opening becomes too lengthy and tedious.

The ideal introductory paragraph is somewhere between ten percent of the total word count. It is supposed to be crystal clear. Yup, you can’t beat around the bush too much. Make sure you keep it interesting because it is the first impression of your paper on the audience. If it disinterests them, there is nothing that can save your task now. You can make a checklist of the points you want to add in the intro and ensure no details are associated with them. Just introduce everything here!

Basic Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

The most common errors in writing essays are basic grammar and spelling mistakes. You might be wondering how a college-level student makes these minor errors. When we are in a hurry, we tend to ignore the little things we think we handle with our closed eyes. That’s the perfect definition of confidence turning into overconfidence sometimes.

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