The Benefits of MDM Solutions for Small and Medium Business Growth

Medium Business Growth
Medium Business Growth

Work efficiency is critical in achieving company goals because it has a direct impact on your business success every time. A variety of tactics can be employed to increase work efficiency. Businesses can increase output by implementing these strategies. Mobile devices are influencing the future of business in a variety of ways, from encouraging employee cooperation and communication to expanding access to data and analytics. Businesses must adapt to industry changes and embrace mobile technologies.

Companies in the transportation, education, healthcare, and retail industries must manage mobile devices. The reason for this is that enterprises may remotely troubleshoot device-related issues using mobile device management. This ensures work uniformity and efficiency.

What makes MDM significant for small enterprises?

SMBs should explore MDM solutions to improve control over devices accessing business data in order to secure devices linked to the network and corporate data.

MDM tools provide administrators with a variety of critical utilities for the overall health and security of the firm. The following are five of the advantages that MDM can provide:

  1. Increased Security

MDM systems can protect business data by enforcing policies like password requirements, encryption, and remote data erasure in the event that a device is lost or stolen. It assists in the protection of sensitive corporate information from illegal access.

  1. Simplify Device Administration

MDM solutions enable firms to remotely manage and control their employees’ devices. It allows IT managers to remotely setup devices, install software and updates, and troubleshoot problems, saving time and resources.

  1. Accurate Compliance

Businesses must follow various compliance standards in several areas. MDM solutions assist small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in meeting these criteria by adopting security and monitoring mechanisms to ensure compliance with legislation such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  1. Enhance Productivity

MDM can boost employee productivity by giving them secure access to company resources and applications on their mobile devices. AirDroid Business allows you to manage numerous devices at the same time, allowing you to install and manage more than ten devices at the same time. It saves time and work over handling each device individually. AirDroid Business includes kiosk and policy management capabilities that enable you to enforce device usage regulations and limit access to specific apps or functionalities. This helps to keep focus and minimizes the misuse of corporate resources, which increases production.

  1. Cost savings

MDM can lower IT support costs and lessen the risk of data breaches by centrally managing devices. It automates device provisioning, upgrades, and remote troubleshooting, decreasing the need for on-site assistance and downtime. SMB firms can easily save labor costs with unattended functions.

How do AirDroid MDM Solutions help with SMBs?

AirDroid Business may provide technical reporting and assessments for mobile devices used by small and medium-sized businesses. It is a one-stop shop for Android-based Mobile Device Management (MDM). It allows SMBs to deploy and manage up to ten devices at once. It ensures that users do not abuse the devices that have been deployed, preventing waste of business resources, security threats, and productivity loss. 

  1. Manage Multiple Devices

AirDroid Business enables administrators to handle an unlimited number of devices at the same time. This is especially handy for small and large businesses with a significant number of devices in use.  Administrators can also execute activities on the devices remotely. A single unified dashboard controls all device activity and actions.

  1. Remote Control

With AirDroid Business, you can operate and monitor your device without physically being there at its location. This function saves time and money for businesses with several locations. You may use AirDroid Business’ sophisticated remote control solutions for Android devices effortlessly and efficiently, minimizing problem resolution time and safeguarding your critical data security. 

The highlight feature of AirDroid Business is the black screen mode, which is designed to reduce disturbance when controlling a device remotely. The remote device’s screen will be disabled and displayed in maintenance mode in black screen mode, making it impossible for the end user or viewer to see what’s happening on the device. Businesses may always secure their corporate privacy with this tool.

  1. App Management

With the AirDroid Business AMS functionality, IT managers may install apps without relying on public app stores. They can also remotely control and monitor apps on employees’ devices, as well as keep track of app versions, security upgrades, and security updates. Thanks to the AirDroid Business AMS function, which provides a summary of installed apps and updates, businesses can simply centrally manage app usage and maintain control of corporate data.

  1. Policy & Kiosk

AirDroid Business has policy and kiosk features depending on the plan. Policy and Kiosk mode provide SMBs more control over their devices. It allows administrators to configure devices based on their individual needs and constraints, ensuring that users may only access approved apps and websites. By allowing managers to set precise controls and limits on the devices, these capabilities assist avoid the misuse of company resources, address security issues, and increase productivity.

  1. Geofencing

Depending on the plan, AirDroid Business includes geolocation features. Businesses can use this functionality to define geographical boundaries for their devices. This is especially important for enterprises that rely on location-based activities, as it ensures that devices remain within defined boundaries. AirDroid Business MDM includes a detailed travel history that lets you see when and where the device was placed. To increase overall efficiency, identify atypical activities and idle time and find better routes. Devices that leave the exclusion zone will be notified in a timely manner to guarantee the safety of company assets and device data.

  1. File Transfer

Your organization is sharing more vital documents as it goes mobile, and you are concerned about jeopardizing confidential information. AirDroid Business provides quick and secure file transmission for Android devices, allowing administrators to move files on remote devices in a flexible and efficient manner.

These features improve device management capabilities, streamline processes, and increase productivity for enterprises with multiple devices. AirDroid Business MDM is a low-cost all-in-one device management and remote access solution. 

MDM Solution for Different Industries

Below are three industry examples of how SMBs can maximize the full potential of AirDroid Business to improve productivity and save operating costs!

  • MDM in Services and Retail

MDM systems can be used by retailers to automate a range of monotonous operations. It allows them to offer self-service kiosks where customers can purchase and pay online. They can use MDM to limit enterprise device usage, making it easy to monitor the equipment’s proper operation at all times.

  • MDM in Transportation

By limiting device usage and notifications, MDM remote management can help reduce driver distractions on the road. Admins can remotely monitor and control drivers’ device usage, as well as track and adjust their delivery status. Using AirDroid Business remote help, administrators may easily resolve technical concerns.

  • MDM in Communications

With AirDroid Business, you can remotely access all types of Android devices via a single interface. You may get a real-time pulse on the overall operation by examining a screenshot of each device’s home screen state and taking preventive measures if you observe anything out of the ordinary.


Are you seeking for a dependable solution to simplify mobile device management and boost productivity? AirDroid Business is the answer! This revolutionary platform enables you to remotely manage and control multiple devices, transfer data with ease, and communicate with your team. It offers flexible pricing arrangements, particularly for SMBs. Increase your operational efficiency and propel your company to new heights with a 14-day free trial today.