The Modern Sneaker Reseller: The Technical Side of the Business

Technical Side of the Business
Technical Side of the Business

The Michael Jordan/Nike collaboration is really what changed the selling of sneakers today. Everyone wanted a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s that he wore on court. Selling sneakers started a new industry of reselling sneakers, and that’s where we pick up today.

I know what you’re thinking, buy a pair of sneakers, sell them online for a little more than you bought them for; job done. That’s a huge NO. The geek of today has the empire of tomorrow.

The reselling of sneakers is a lot more intricate than us simpletons think. I will attempt to explain the resell market to you; I will be using words like bot, Proxydrop, sneakerhead, and cop. By reading this article, you should understand what the modern sneaker reseller entails.

Cop or Copping

Copping is successfully buying a pair of sneakers. This is especially true when it comes to limited-edition sneakers.

Copping is a fiercely competitive business, as the more sneakers you can get hold of, the more money you can make.


A sneakerhead is a collector, trader, or admirer of sneakers. A sneakerhead can distinguish between real and fake sneakers; this is who you would like to have on your side when purchasing legit kicks.

The Sneaker Bot

A sneaker bot can buy sneakers on your behalf. Bots are software programs that perform repetitive automated tasks, so the sneaker bot logs into the website that is releasing (dropping) a new pair of sneakers. These are usually limited editions or collabs. The more valuable the shoe, the more likely you will need a bot or multiple bots to get a pair.

In seconds, the bot does what a human is not capable of doing manually; it adds the sneaker to the cart and checks out before one even manages to input your details. Sneaker bots can also get around the “one pair per customer” deal by using proxies. The more tasks you run, the better your chances.


If you would like to buy valuable sneakers online, you will need to use sneaker proxies. Now, the sneaker bot goes online and tries to get you as many pairs as possible. This sneaker bot needs a disguise to buy more than one pair; the proxies are various IP addresses that make you look like multiple people. Proxies provide resellers the opportunity to buy more than one pair of sneakers.

Proxies hide your IP address. Purchasing proxies means that you are less likely to get banned from a store site as they do not know that you are attempting to buy more than one pair because proxies hide that you are copping multiple pairs. Take a look atProxydrop and similar services for sneaker proxies.


Delays are how often your tasks are going to be checking or retrying the site. Delays are measured in milliseconds. Each site requires different speeds. Check the sites you intend to cop from to know whether you need higher or lower delays to avoid being detected while still copping sneakers fast.


A server is like a separate computer that you can connect to and run your bot on. Servers increase the speed at which you reach the site you are botting. A bot is run on a separate computer for faster speeds. You use your computer to connect to it, so you would not be working on your Internet speed, but that of the server. Running multiple tasks slows down the Internet speed, so to run various tasks, use one server per task.

To Rent or Buy a Bot

It is recommended that when you are just starting in the reseller industry to rent a bot. Always do your research first and make sure to read reviews or ask on forums for feedback from other users, but you can rent a bot from Botmart or Tidal. Always use an intermediary and make sure that the middleman is legit. Never send money or keys outside of the bot marketplace.

Cook Groups

A cook group is a Discord group designed to help with reselling and botting. They provide information about drops, like stock numbers, early links, and monitors. Monitors notify about new drops and older sneakers that have been restocked.

Cook groups are essential when starting. Start at one of the lower groups and work your way up, as the higher groups are pretty hard to get into. Good groups to try; AKChefs, Notify, and Hidden Society. Cook groups help you to learn, provide lots of information, and are generally suitable for botting.


You can also check Twitter to see what people are having success with in terms of tech. This article is a breakdown of the sneaker reselling market; it always helps to read up on and research the avenue you would like to take. Clearly being a sneaker reselling thug in the XXI century requires you to be a geek.