Three Simple Tips On Creating A More Effective Email Newsletter (With Examples)

Effective Email Newsletter
Effective Email Newsletter

While many content marketers use an email newsletter as a popular form of engagement, developing an outstanding one can be difficult. Many business owners make simple mistakes that can lead to dull, irrelevant newsletters that can cause clients to switch off and unsubscribe. This article will outline the three main ways to avoid making these mistakes so that your clients look forward to when your newsletter lands in their inbox. The examples of newsletters in this guide will also demonstrate how other brands have kept their subscribers through more compelling email content.  

What Is An Email Newsletter?

An email newsletter is one form of content marketing that can inform, update and entertain existing subscribers. It could include:

  • Sales/discounted offers
  • News, announcements, or updates about a business
  • Helpful tips or tricks relevant to an industry
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly news digest summaries
  • New product/service arrivals
  • Content round-ups (link to YouTube videos or blog posts your brand created recently)

To help your content reach a wider audience, your email newsletter must be sent daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. As well as enticing your clients to stick around for something special, email newsletters can also build your brand. Let’s look at the benefits of developing a more compelling email newsletter for your business.

The Benefits Of Using Your Email Newsletter To Attract Clients

Creating and sending a regular email newsletter will improve your client’s trust in your business. For instance, a recent Adobe study showed that 71% of global consumers would trust a brand more if the right personalized content were delivered to them at the right time. So, in addition to this advantage, here are some other benefits of creating a better email newsletter.

Improves Your Authority

Email newsletters can build your credibility in an industry and help you establish yourself as a thought leader.

Represents A Low-Cost Content Marketing Solution

As your existing clients have already opted in to receive a newsletter, you can immediately start implementing your content marketing strategy with minimal costs. On the other hand, other e-commerce marketing tactics like SEO optimization can take time to show results, while paid ads can be expensive and unpredictable.

Becomes An Excellent Way To Garner More Online Traffic

As part of an email marketing strategy, consistent email newsletters can also contain internal links to your website, social media sites, blog posts, and other landing pages. This way, you can encourage more traffic and sales rather than just depending on organic search efforts.

What Makes A More Effective Email Newsletter For Getting and Retaining Clients?

Now that you understand what an email newsletter is and appreciate its varied benefits, it is essential to learn how to create an effective email newsletter that can continually delight your clients. Here are the top components of a successful one, with examples of newsletters that do it best.

Eye-Catching Copy

Your reader will only want to open your email newsletter regularly if your content is exciting and relatable. This example from Punchy Drinks demonstrates how you can stand out from the crowd using an inviting subject line as part of your email campaign. Nothing is better than asking a subscriber to ‘Press For Sunshine’ during a typically miserable month. The preview text of ‘No January Blues here’ motivates the reader to open the email.   

Next, the main body of the email newsletter contains two clear, concise calls to action (CTA’s) of ‘Last Chance To Enter’ and ‘Shop Now’ gives you the fear of missing out (FOMO) on its competition and their discount code for your next order. It also uses active, compelling language, such as ‘Get Your Fix Of Liquid Sunshine,’ which encourages a purchase, especially if a subscriber cannot go on holiday to get some sunshine.

Lastly, rather than just using a standard ‘Press For Sunshine’ button, Punchy Drinks has linked this copy with a happy image of an employee. Then, when you click on these words, it aims to improve the brand’s online traffic by directing you to an Instagram video of its recent event in London.

Clear-Cut Newsletter Design

An effective newsletter design can also help you influence and retain your clients. For instance, starting with a strong subject line and preview text, this newsletter example from FitOn captures your reader’s attention with its company logo used as a header.    

Then its layout contains several sub-headings divided by lots of white space, avoids long paragraphs, and adopts displayed CTA’s so clients can easily find what they need. Next, this design is responsive for those viewing it on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone.

Finally, FitOn’s high-quality images can quickly deliver essential facets of its newsletter and attract readers using happier images of workouts, healthier food, and trainers.   

Personalize To Retain Attention And Stand Out

It is so difficult to find a skincare solution that works for you. This email newsletter example from Frank Body can successfully show you how to make your email newsletter more personal.

Following the catchy subject line, Frank Body uses an interactive quiz within its newsletter to improve engagement while still selling its bestsellers. Best of all, it promotes finding your skincare soulmate just in time for Valentine’s day, which makes this newsletter timely and relevant. So, while other brands are doing regular promotions for this occasion, this business easily links their products with dating using a friendly and humorous tone rather than promotional, which is also in line with their overall brand position.

An email newsletter can convert and prepare your clients for a sale as it can help you produce high-quality content about a topic or industry in which you specialize. In addition, it can improve brand awareness and compel client loyalty if done regularly. Use the examples of newsletters within this guide to help you develop a more effective newsletter for your subscribers.