Tiktok is Not Indeed Limiting Kids’ Time on its App

Tiktok not limited to kids
Tiktok not limited to kids

On Wednesday, 1st March 2023, TikTok released a feature that allows users under 18 will be limited to 60 minutes of screen time and accumulation of new parental controls.

With the growing fears and proceedings about social media’s influence on children’s mental health, this platform adds these limits. However, these limits are certainly more like recommendations. Since there are ways the jr. users can remain to use the app even later, the screen time limits have been conceded.

This news arises within a larger argument about social media problems on children and as per the study on TikTok itself over its just bonds to China.  

In the coming weeks, some users will have a 60-minute screen time edge functional by default, at which point a rapid pop-up screen in the app alerts them and give them the option to endure. Moreover, for the user under 13, a parent must enter a passcode every 30 minutes to give their kid extra screen time.

Thus, if there is no parent code, there is no TikTok.

Meanwhile, users 13 to 17 can enter their passcode and continue using the application. They can correspondingly leave the 60-minute default screen time limit. But if they apply more than 100 minutes on this app daily, they will lose the vigor to set their own limits, which they can avoid with their code.

Furthermore, they will also get a weekly review of their consumption on TikTok. The app believes these trials will alert teens to the time they employ on this app.

Parents who connect their TikTok accounts to their kids will have extra controls and statistics. Such as perceptive how much time their kids spend on the app and how frequently it is being unlocked.

However, TikTok has extended complaints about its addictive nature, which origins some users to spend hours stupidly scrolling through the app. the app has set in several screen time organization tools throughout the years and presently lets users set their own time confines and put-up prompts to take a break.

These new-fangled controls will let them convert those settings especially. Tiktok says those controls will soon be accessible to adult users as well. But adults would not get that time notice by default comparably the children will.