Top 10 Apps to Create Animation Cartoon Characters for Free

Create Animation Cartoon
Create Animation Cartoon

Technology has opened new windows for multiple fields to grow the business swiftly. Cartoon characters are an eminent source to promote the business and attract lucrative profits. Therefore, video automation is the most promising idea by using various apps.

Besides this, animation also provides bunches of entertaining stuff since you can create your own cartoon character simply by using cartoon actions for Photoshop or other programs.Similarly, there is an opportunity to create cartoons and market the products electronically. Underneath are the 10 best apps that are offering video automation.


1. Doratoon

Doratoon is one of the finest animation services for cartoon characters. The website’s specialty is its specifications and cartoon character is the top-notch feature. There are tons of cartoon characters available that you can use as per the desire of work.

You can explore the three main types of cartoons i.e. business characters, common characters, and professional characters from Doratoon website. It is pertinent to mention here that all the characters displayed a special look concerning the specific field. In addition to this, every character comes up with several interesting expressions and actions such as thinking, walking, and celebrating.

Doratoon is a free cartoon maker that gives a chance to make cartoon videos comfortably. It comes up with several editing options that help in developing a distinctive and unique cartoon video for business or professional use.

Apart from that, the services of doratoon are not limited to this aspect only. There are various other attributes also that assist the user in making the video animation more interesting. Similarly, the wide range of templates is another wonderful option to use for automation online. You can open this link to check more.

We recommend you to open this link of doratoon and unbox the countless specifications about the automation online. However, to make the access easy, the following are the main attributes;

Artificial Intelligence Dubbing Characteristic

This is a competitive advantage that doratoon has over its rivals. The user can convert the written text in the voice-over without placing any effort here. During the video automation, this facility proves very valuable since the cartoon can speak words and attracts the audience towards the subject matter.

  • Subtitles

Subtitles or closed captions are something that appears at the bottom of the video. Consequently, it assists in understanding the discussion if you are communicating with an audience of an unknown culture. Hence, this option is available for the users to satisfy the purpose of understanding the audience.

  • Create Cartoon or animated character

This is one of the astonishing parts of doratoon’s services. The visitor can create the cartoon character of his choice without working. There are readily available cartoon characters with multiple actions and expressions. Therefore, these can be used to make video automation more charming.

  • Sound, Effects, and Music

These three are an integral part of any automation and are considered essential elements for a video creator. Thus, doratoon provides an opportunity to make use of this aspect and make the cartoon videos more attractive.


2. FlipaClip

This app has exclusively been created for cartoon videos since the main interface also tells the same story. There are a few tools available that need to be brought together to formulate the cartoon video. Additionally, you are also awarded an animation timeline.

Other key specifications are drawing tools, audio library, pressure-sensitive support, and above all creating videos and posting them on social media. People will open this link and can view the productive work.

Draw Cartoons

3. Draw Cartoons

As the name of the app implies, this app has a specific tribute to cartoon video. There is no need of having technical information in this field. Make an idea in mind and open this link of the app to make the automation online.

Keyframes of the app are very helpful since they favor the user while making the cartoon video. Similarly, templates and existing cartoon characters are the additional features.

Stick Nodes

4. Stick Nodes

Stick nodes is a famous cartoon animation app that has been created to assist users with video automation. It is pertinent to mention here that the auto frame tweening feature attracts an easy way of formulating the cartoon video.

On the other hand, cinematic effects and a large variety of sounds also make the final product more effective. Businesses and professions used this animation service for automation.


5. Toontastic

Toontastic is a marvelous option for cartoon animation. In addition to this, you can draw an animation online and decorate it with the songs of various cultures. It depends on the video which sounds suited to the cartoon character.

Besides this, the interface of the app is so user-friendly and it provides an opportunity to perform the video automation convincingly.

Animate it

6. Animate it

The name of the app tells the entire story and subject matter of it. This app is full of creative effects and frames that can make automation brilliant. You only need to touch the area of the app to make the cartoon video.

It is imperative to highlight here that the photo editing tools of this app are very impressive. It provides you a great range of variety to make video automation successful.

Rough Animator

7. Rough Animator

Many people who love to do the job with their hands. For sketchers or artists, this app has been specially created for these types of people. There are customized brushes that can be used to make the automation online.

In addition, frame control and resolution are among the top specifications of the app. The app is available on the play store and app store.

Pixel Animator

8. Pixel Animator

This is a quite simple cartoon creator app which is recommended to beginners as it can train them to use the premium apps for video automation. There are several links on the app and the user has to open this link to reach the best part of the editing.

GIFs and small-scale cartoon videos can be created by using Pixel animator. Similarly, it also has both the versions available i.e. PC and mobile app.

Animation Desk

9. Animation Desk

It has presence of 46 different brushes and drawing patterns help you in making the gigantic sketch of a cartoon first and afterward give it animation. You can consider it as the first video automation service that made videos in plenty of formats

Furthermore, the videos can also be converted into drawings. The app never compromises on the quality and this is why the online automation of the service is counted as best.

Puppet Pals HD

10. Puppet Pals HD

This is a simple and user-friendly animation app that can create a cartoon video of you. Moreover, the user has to select the image for the cartoon, and based on the image it converts it into video automation without compromising the quality.

However, the apps characteristics are limited to the basic specifications only yet the performance is good. You need to double-tap on the screen to flip the character.

Final Comments

Creating an animation of cartoon characters is a wonderful job but finding the right option for this purpose is tedious and hectic work. All the above-stated 10 apps are wonderful but doratoon is an amazing source to create cartoon videos.

The characters of the cartoon are available in large quantities with joyful activities. Undoubtedly, a great video automation takes time along with money-spinning benefits since the paradigm has shifted altogether on digitalization. Therefore, it is recommended to use doratoon software for cartoon video and make the business marketing more effective and result-oriented.