List of Top 1900 USA Universities That Provide EDU Email

EDU email universities

Having an EDU email address is important for a variety of reasons. For one, it allows you to access exclusive discounts and deals on products and services. Many companies offer discounts to students who use their official school email accounts. It also helps verify your student status when applying for certain jobs or internships, as many employers require a valid EDU email address to establish eligibility.

Additionally, having an EDU email account can give you access to research databases and materials that may not be available to the public. These resources are often restricted to students and educators of accredited universities or colleges, so if you want to take full advantage of them, it’s important to have an EDU email address.

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Top 1900 Universities

Here is the list of over 100 universities that you can read. But if you feel any missed ones, please add them in the comment box, then I’ll add them to the list. But specially for you, we have included over 1900 universities in the Google Doc.

List of Schools & Universities Website Google Doc

University of Alaskahttp://alaska.eduAK
Alaska Christian Collegehttp://alaskacc.eduAK
National Park Community Collegehttp://npcc.eduAK
University of Alaska Fairbankshttp://uaf.eduAK
University of Arkansas – Fort Smithhttp://uafs.eduAK
Alabama A&M Universityhttp://aamu.eduAL
Athens State Universityhttp://athens.eduAL
Auburn Universityhttp://auburn.eduAL
Auburn University at Montgomeryhttp://aum.eduAL
Birmingham-Southern Collegehttp://bsc.eduAL
Calhoun Community Collegehttp://calhoun.eduAL
Enterprise State Community Collegehttp://escc.eduAL
Faulkner State Community Collegehttp://faulknerstate.eduAL
Gadsden State Community Collegehttp://gadsdenstate.eduAL
Huntingdon Collegehttp://huntingdon.eduAL
Jacksonville State Universityhttp://jsu.eduAL
Lurleen B. Wallace Community Collegehttp://lbwcc.eduAL
University of Montevallohttp://montevallo.eduAL
Northeast Alabama Community Collegehttp://nacc.eduAL
Northwest-Shoals Community Collegehttp://nwscc.eduAL
Oakwood Universityhttp://oakwood.eduAL
Samford Universityhttp://samford.eduAL
Southeastern Bible Collegehttp://sebc.eduAL
University of South Alabamahttp://southalabama.eduAL
Trenholm State Technical Collegehttp://trenholmstate.eduAL
Troy Universityhttp://troy.eduAL
Tuskegee Universityhttp://tuskegee.eduAL
University of Alabamahttp://ua.eduAL
University of Alabama at Birminghamhttp://uab.eduAL
University of Alabama in Huntsvillehttp://uah.eduAL
University of North Alabamahttp://una.eduAL
Snead State Community Collegehttp://snead.eduAL
Arkansas Northeastern Collegehttp://anc.eduAR
Arkansas State Universityhttp://astate.eduAR
Arkansas Tech Universityhttp://atu.eduAR
Central Baptist Collegehttp://cbc.eduAR
Harding Universityhttp://harding.eduAR
Hendrix Collegehttp://hendrix.eduAR
Henderson State Universityhttp://hsu.eduAR
John Brown Universityhttp://jbu.eduAR
Lyon Collegehttp://lyon.eduAR
Mid-South Community Collegehttp://midsouthcc.eduAR
North Arkansas Collegehttp://northark.eduAR
Northwest Arkansas Community Collegehttp://nwacc.eduAR
Northwest Technical Institutehttp://nwti.eduAR
Ouachita Baptist Universityhttp://obu.eduAR
University of the Ozarkshttp://ozarks.eduAR
Phillips Community College U of Ahttp://pccua.eduAR
Pulaski Technical Collegehttp://pulaskitech.eduAR
Southern Arkansas University Magnoliahttp://saumag.eduAR
Southeast Arkansas Collegehttp://seark.eduAR
University of Arkansas Community College Batesvillehttp://uaccb.eduAR
University of Arkansas at Little Rockhttp://ualr.eduAR
University of Arkansas for Medical Scienceshttp://uams.eduAR
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluffhttp://uapb.eduAR
University of Arkansashttp://uark.eduAR
University of Central Arkansashttp://uca.eduAR
Williams Baptist Collegehttp://wbcoll.eduAR
University of Arizonahttp://arizona.eduAZ
Arizona State University
Arizona Western Collegehttp://azwestern.eduAZ
Bryan Universityhttp://bryanuniversity.eduAZ
Central Arizona Collegehttp://centralaz.eduAZ
Glendale Community Collegehttp://gccaz.eduAZ
Grand Canyon Universityhttp://gcu.eduAZ
Maricopa Community Collegeshttp://maricopa.eduAZ
Mesa Community Collegehttp://mesacc.eduAZ
Northern Arizona Universityhttp://nau.eduAZ
Northland Pioneer Collegehttp://npc.eduAZ
University of Phoenixhttp://phoenix.eduAZ
Phoenix Collegehttp://phoenixcollege.eduAZ
Pima Community Collegehttp://pima.eduAZ
Prescott Collegehttp://prescott.eduAZ
Rio Salado Collegehttp://riosalado.eduAZ
South Mountain Community Collegehttp://southmountaincc.eduAZ
University of Advancing Technologyhttp://uat.eduAZ
Yavapai Collegehttp://yc.eduAZ
Academy of Arts Universityhttp://academyart.eduCA
Adance Computing Institutehttp://advancedcomputinginstitute.eduCA
Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Collegehttp://aimc.eduCA
Alliant International Universityhttp://alliant.eduCA
Allied American Universityhttp://allied.eduCA
Anaheim Universityhttp://anaheim.eduCA
Angeles Collegehttp://angelescollege.eduCA
Antioch University Los Angeleshttp://antiochla.eduCA
Argosy Universityhttp://argosy.eduCA
Art Center College of Designhttp://artcenter.eduCA
The Art Institutehttp://artinstitutes.eduCA
Ashford Universityhttp://ashford.eduCA
ATI Collegehttp://ati.eduCA
Antelope Valley Collegehttp://avc.eduCA
Bakersfield Collegehttp://bakersfieldcollege.eduCA
Barstow Community Collegehttp://barstow.eduCA
Berkeley University of Californiahttp://berkeley.eduCA
Berkeley City Collegehttp://berkeleycitycollege.eduCA
Brandman Universityhttp://brandman.eduCA
Butte Collegehttp://butte.eduCA
Cabrillo Collegehttp://cabrillo.eduCA
California Institute of the Artshttp://calarts.eduCA
California Baptist Universityhttp://calbaptist.eduCA

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