How to Use Twitter Advanced Search Feature on Desktop and Mobile

Twitter advance search feature

Want to find out the most relevant hashtags and keywords for your business, or are you looking for a post you once saw precisely but found yourself lost in the world of Twitter X?

In this article, we will guide you to navigate Twitter advanced search tool to discover specific posts in a storm of posts.

What Is Twitter (X) Advanced Search?

Twitter advanced search is tailored to customize your search experience by applying multiple filters. It practically lets you discover your specific search utilizing hashtags or keywords to get to your wanted tweets.

With this search posts feature, you can search posts from a user, including a selective word, hashtag, or phrase. Moreover, you can preclude certain keywords or search on posts from specific accounts. The feature lets you filter results based on engagement metrics, search posts by date ranges, and other parameters.

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search Feature on Desktop

Advance search

It is a valuable tool for research; however, it is essential to note that the X advanced search feature is unavailable within the X application on Android and iOS. However, mobile users still have the option to use advanced search when accessing Twitter X via any mobile web browser.

You can find Twitter advanced search feature by following these below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the Twitter X website and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the search bar at the upper right corner of the page.
  • This will spread out the search results page with the search filter options.
  • Here, you can see the advanced search feature by clicking on it.
  • It will open up the advanced search option, where you can enter your desired search benchmark.
  • Use the specific fields to reduce your searches, like keywords, hashtags, phrases, account names, language, and location.
  • You can also set out a date range parameter by type of content, like photos and videos, and search for posts, including links or questions.
  • Once you have filled out your specific search parameter, click on the search button to show the results.

Using Twitter X, this useful feature can help you discover specific posts or topics more proficiently. It can especially benefit businesses and people looking to monitor their brand or industry. With this advanced search option, you can also see sensitive content on Twitter X by clarifying your search criteria. You can find more relevant and desired results.

How Twitter Advanced Search Filter Works

  • Words: The X advance search allows you to add all the words you want to search for to find a specific keyword or phrase. Moreover, you can exclude results that mention unwanted words and hashtags.
  • Accounts: You can choose the profiles from which you want to search the tweets. Another option is to search for posts that mention specific accounts.
  • Filters: In this option, you can decide if you want to see only the original post or along with replies as well. It allows you to discover only posts that have links, too.
accounts and filters
  • Engagement: In this section, X enables you to look for Twitter X regarding the minimum number of likes, reposts, or replies. It is a great feature to uncover trends keywords, and discover popular profiles.
  • Dates: Choose the dates you want to see the posts. For instance, you can use a parameter to search for posts posted on this day, week, or month.

Advantages of Twitter Advanced Search

twitter advanced search features

X advanced search is a remarkable weapon that empowers you to uncover relevant posts by applying specific filters. It is an essential instrument tool for business owners, marketing researchers, and anyone who desires a more detailed search on the Twitter X platform. It also saves time by providing more accurate results than a standard search. Here, we define some main advantages of this feature.

· Discover Important News and Updates

The advanced search feature helps to find important news and updates relevant to your interest quickly. You add specific keywords to track real-time events and information posted by reliable sources.

· Finding New Profiles or Organizations to Follow

By refining posts that contain specific hashtags or phrases, you can find leading accounts, industry leaders, and the latest talents in your working field. It opens opportunities for latent collaborations, partnerships, or finding industry insights.

· Discover Trending Topics

Twitter advanced search allows users to find and analyze trending topics easily. It is typically beneficial for content creation, enabling your business to stay updated with relevant, trending conversations and engage with audiences frequently.

· Tracking Mentions of Your Personal or Business Account

The tool is vital for reputation management. With this remarkable feature, you can track what is being said about your business, monitor mentions of your business or personal account, and take steps appropriately, helping to build strong customer relations and service.

· Doing Market Research or Monitoring Competitors

X advance search can effortlessly modify your marketing decisions based on customer preferences. The instrument allows you to analyze sentiment toward your brand, products, or services by monitoring potential keywords and hashtags. It also offers a way to keep an eye on competitor strategies and activities, helping you to stay one step ahead.

· Refining Post by Location, Language, or Date

Twitter’s advanced search language and location-based filter help you to enter into regional trends. It is especially beneficial for businesses seeking to expand their business into new locations. Moreover, the date filters provide a complete historical outlook on trends, topics, and discussions, allowing for good informed planning.


Q: Does twitter advanced search show deleted posts?
Yes, you can find someone’s deleted posts with the help of an advanced search tool by applying the correct targeted keyword and relevant information.

Q Can you backdate a post on X?
No, there is no way to backdate a post on X. Twitter X is built for real-time updates.

Q: Does Twitter X show who viewed your profile?
Unfortunately, you can’t see who viewed your profile. However, Twitter analytics only shows the number of people who viewed your profile.

Final Words

Twitter advanced search is a secret weapon that can help you cut through the noise and find relevant content on the Twitter X platform. You can uncover the information you need quickly and proficiently by using advanced search parameters and combining them effectively. Don’t hesitate to navigate and experiment with advanced search features to make your X experience even better and valuable.