Two is Better Than One: Check Who Can Apply For Joint Home Loans and Why?

Two is Better Than One

Buying a home requires efficient planning and restructuring of your finances but is a rewarding milestone to reach. Since it can be a substantial investment, you may be looking to avail a home loan.

There are multiple benefits of using credit to buy a home. It not only helps you split the cost across your preferred timeline but also offers you tax benefits. However, home loans also entail paying interest, which can add up to quite a hefty sum.

This can be a significant financial commitment that can be challenging to manage alone. A joint home loan with a co-applicant can ease your repayment burden. What’s more, it can help you get a high home loan amount more affordable.

To understand the dynamics of a Joint Home Loan along with its benefits, read on.

Who is eligible to apply for a home loan jointly?

A home loan can be taken jointly by spouses or family members. In such cases, the co-applicants are responsible for repaying the loan and are liable for the debt together. Usually, 2 to 6 people[EW1]  can be co-applicants, but this may also depend on the lender you choose.

The creditworthiness of all co-applicants is considered by the lender when approving the loan and determining the terms. A home loan co-applicant must be a close relative, such as your spouse, sibling, son, unmarried daughter, or parent.

Here’s more information about who is eligible to apply for a home loan jointly.

1 – Married Couple or Spouses: A husband and wife are eligible to apply for a home loan even if they do not co-own a property. This is applicable whether the wife is an earning member of the family or not.

However, if the wife is a co-owner, she will need to be a co-applicant. If the wife is working, her income and credit score will also be assessed for home loan eligibility.

2 – Father & Son/s: A father and two or more sons can be co-applicants for a joint home loan. However, the father in this case cannot be the main owner of the property but may be a co-owner or not an owner at all. Here, the father’s income may also be considered to assess the home loan eligibility.

If a father and his only son are applying for a joint home loan, the father needs to be a co-owner. In this case, the father’s income is also considered.

3 – Mother & Son: When the mother is a co-owner of the property, whether or not she is a working professional, the son and mother are eligible to apply for a home loan jointly.

4 – Mother/Father & Unmarried Daughter: A mother or father can be a co-applicant for a home loan with an unmarried daughter. However, the daughter should own the property to prevent legal hassles. In this case, the mother or father’s income is not considered.

5 – Siblings: Two brothers are eligible to apply for a home loan only if they co-own the same property or if they are sharing the home and staying in it together.

However, two sisters cannot apply for a home loan, and neither can a brother and sister. Two sisters also cannot be co-applicants. 

How is a Joint Home Loan Beneficial?

There are numerous benefits of a joint home loan such as:

  • Increased chances of getting approval due to shared repayment responsibility
  • Increase home loan amount in cases where more than one co-applicant’s income is considered
  • Home loan tax deductions can be enjoyed by all co-applicants who are also co-owners

As you can see, applying for a joint home loan can be a great way to save more when purchasing a home. This is particularly true when applying with a women co-applicant as lenders offer incentives such as reduced interest rates to women.

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