Unit conversion in seconds with FoxConverter: instant and accurate answers for free


Whenever you need a unit converter,FoxConverter is always your best bet. See for yourself—it works wonders both on computers and mobile devices, its interface is easy to understand, and it has more than 30 converters with US, UK, SI, and even ancient units of measurement. The best part is that this unit converteris completely free: no subscription, no logging in, and no mandatory advertisements to watch. You can perform as many conversions as you need for free, with no restrictions.

An introduction to FoxConverter

To find a conversion calculator you need or just check out what the site has to offer, click the link “Unit Converters” in the header. The page you will go to has a quick start panel with the most popular calculators, such as those for length or temperature. 

If you are using a mobile phone or a tablet, the panel will adapt to the specific parameters of the device screen, so that your work on measurement conversion will not cause you any inconvenience. 

If you do not see the converter you need, scroll a bit further. You will see clickable icons for all the available converters, neatly classified for your convenience into five groups:

  • common;
  • engineering;
  • radiology;
  • light;
  • magnetism.

There, you can find any metric conversion calculator you need, from data storage to radiation exposure. After you found the suitable one, choose the units you want to convert, and enter your value. The answer will appear momentarily in the corresponding section of the calculator. If you wish to do a reversed operation, click the dedicated button to switch the measurement units (it has arrows on it). The “plus” button will copy the result so you can paste it into a message or a document.

The benefits of FoxConverter

FoxConverter is a free calculator. You will not encounter a demand for payment or subscription. Its interface is really user-friendly but also very moderate and unobtrusive. It will give you the result in a split second without the need to painstakingly wait until the page uploads. The range of provided converters will satisfy the most inquisitive user, and the accuracy is guaranteed by a verified calculating algorithm. FoxConverter can be used anywhere, on any browser, and you will always get correct answers fast and for free.

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