Getting Unknown Calls: Find Scammer and Block It Quickly

Unknown calls
Unknown calls

If you are among those getting unknown calls, you must have undoubtedly been frustrated with frequent calls from hidden or unknown contact numbers. Considering how to restrict such unknown calls, let’s learn to discover ways to help resolve your issue within a few steps.

As we all know, these unknown calls are the worst thing to happen to mobile users because they have a chance to get trapped. But you don’t know how to resolve this issue if you can’t recognize an unknown number and block it. This blog will briefly explain unwanted calls and some tricks to find out who’s calling you and how to prevent these spammers.

What do Unknown Calls mean?

Unknown calls are those without any caller identity from an unknown number. Spam spammers or scammers attempt to trap people using unknown numbers. As the word “unknown” determines itself clearly, you cannot get the caller’s identity. Furthermore, since the network is not getting information while making the calls, callers who don’t want to show their identity appear as unknown callers.

  • Reasons To Hide Calling ID

Callers hide their number by the “No Caller ID” feature. Usually, this feature is used to prevent tracking; however, people misuse it for illegal activities. Calling from a blocked number is a common trick to steal time and data to blackmail anyone. It takes seconds for this trick. Just enter a few digits. Those digits are (*67) placed before the number you have dialed.

  • Unknown Calls are Worth it or Not.

It is better to pick an Unknown number if you don’t recognize it. You’ll get the message if the caller is genuine or has essential information. Otherwise, you have paid a hefty fee on receiving an unknown call. For Example, in 2020, scammers tricked Apple’s support number.

blocks calls
blocks calls

How To Block Calls From Unknown Numbers?

Now, here the question arises: why callers hide their numbers, and how? These calls are meant to harass or commit illegal activities. There are a few methods to prevent these scammers. First of all, find out who the unknown caller is and how we can identify him. You can then take cautious steps to prevent it. Next, find out who the scammer is and then block it quickly.

Contact Your Phone Company

As phone companies have all your cell phone data, whether contacts, call recordings, files, images, or much more, you can easily contact them to help with the occurring issue of anonymous calls. Usually, phone companies offer this service by entering a code of (*57) to their user to activate this feature easily.

Unfortunately, not all companies provide this service or charge a fee often whenever they use this service. If this technique does not help unmask unknown callers, you can use another method described in the next section.

Trap Call Application

The most accessible and most reliable service to block unrevealed unknown numbers is downloading the Trap Call app. You can get all the information like an anonymous caller’s photo caller. Furthermore, you can record incoming calls and spam them.

The method to use this application is given in the below section. It takes a few minutes to activate and use a free trial.

  1. Just subscribe to the service on the official website by signing up.
  2. After signing up, decline the incoming call of an unknown caller id’s incoming call.
  3. Trap call application redirect is connected with the No Caller ID. You get a notification that gives the complete profile of the caller having the exact number, name, and photo.

This application can be active in Android and all iPhone series. But this application is not available on the premises of the USA.

android calls
android calls

Steps To Block Unknown Calls On Android/iOS Devices

There are multiple methods to block and unrevealed Caller ID and unwanted calls through company service, application, and built-in features of Android or iPhones.

Android and iPhone have different ways to block incoming calls and particular numbers. Some phone companies also provide features to block unwanted calls. To unmask the Caller ID, follow the subsequent section.

Block All Incoming Unknown Calls On Android

Here are the steps to block; follow them for your convenience

  1. In Android, open the <Dialer> screen.
  2. A new screen will appear; vertical press ellipsis (three vertical dots) on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Now press <Settings> from the menu and click the <Block Numbers> option.
  4. Then toggle the <Block Unknown Callers> button.
  5. Now, unwanted incoming calls have been stopped.

Block Particular Number on Android

On blocking a particular number, the caller doesn’t know about it. It takes no time to follow the method for your ease to block a particular number.

  1.       First, open the <Dialer> on your Android.
  2.       Select the <Phone Number > in the recent tab in your call log.
  3.       Then click the option showing <i> with a circle.
  4.       A new screen will appear and press the <Block> option.
  5.       In the end, tap <confirm> on your Phone.
  6.       Done with the process.

Block all Incoming Unknown Calls on iOS

Follow the below steps to block unknown numbers.

  1.       Open the <Settings App> on your iPhone.
  2.       Select the <Phone> option from the menu on the new screen.
  3.       Click <Silence Unknown Callers>, toggle the button and turn it on.
  4.       Now, your issue has been resolved.

Block Particular Number on iOS

By the instructions below, iPhone users can easily spam unwanted numbers.

  1.       Open the <Dialer> in your iPhone and choose the number you want to block.
  2.       Click the circled <i>on the right side of the number.
  3.       Press the <Block this Caller> option on the new screen.
  4.       Once this process ends, the caller gets a message or voice mail of not receiving his call or something like that.


Stealing something physically or through the internet is common nowadays. Unknown or unwanted calls are common tricks to trap people and steal data from your cell phones. The above section of solutions might help prevent these scammers or spammers. All Sort of cell phones, whether Android or iOS, provide this facility safely. Now no need to worry about this issue.