Video Games Finally Streaming on Netflix


Netflix is launching its first public test of its streaming games. Some subscribers in the UK and Canada can access the limited beta test. Netflix created a gaming experience in 2021 for its subscribers. Well, now, starting 14th August 2023 for some subscribers.

Back in 2021, you could only play Netflix games on the phone; now Netflix games can be streamed on TV but can be operated with selected devices for Netflix’s initial partners, starting with LG TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Samsung Smart T.Vs., Walmart ONN, Amazon Fire T.V Streaming Media Players, Roku, Nvidia Shield T.V, etc. Further devices will be added on an ongoing basis.

In the next weeks, Netflix will let its users play games through a browser on both MacBook and PC. Two games will be a part of this initial test Oxenfree from Night School Studio, a Netflix Game Studio, and Molehew’s Mining Adventure, a gem-mining arcade game.

To play the games on your TV, you already have the controller on in your hands all day. Wondering what it could be? It is time that you can play games on your TV using your Android phone as a controller. However, the controller will be accessible through the Netflix App.

If you are an iOS user, you must download a special controller app. MacBook and PC users have access to play the game on the web; they can play games with a mouse and a keyboard.

By making games available on more and different devices, Netflix makes it easier for thei8r members worldwide. They have just started their gaming journey for their subscribers. As Netflix has just started the beta test in the UK and Canada, hopefully, they will soon announce it in other countries as well.