What Are the Fixes of WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk Usage?

waasmedic agent exe
waasmedic agent exe

WaasMedic agent exe primary purpose is to serve to smooth running update service; also, it works for windows 10.

However, you must be wondering how it works for the windows update?

You can’t install or uninstall it, and the benefit is that it is a windows component.

Why WaasMedic agent exe is Essential for the Windows:

waasmedic agent exe high disk usage
waasmedic agent exe high disk usage

WaasMedic agent exe is new in Windows 10 and allows you to execute Windows Update without any problems.

Windows updates typically involve software patches, security updates, and other features. The WaasMedic agent exe makes you update smooth-running operation, so you don’t have to face any of this.

Although, It is not suitable for the third-party program. It has few security concerns, so it doesn’t run with third-party software. It takes that as a threat.

So, while working on third-party programs, you can disable the WaasMedic agent exe to perform smoothly.

WaasMedic agent exe has become an essential component of the system, and if you don’t update your system for a long time, you may be susceptible to a range of security threats.

Follow the inwaasmedic agent exestructions below if you want to disable the WaasMedic agent exe:

Most Windows operations may be disabled via the ‘Services’ menu, while some operations will notify you with an ‘Access is denied’ pop-up window if you attempt to disable them.

It doesn’t disable that easily. Also, windows don’t suggest this if you regularly update your windows.

WaasMedic agent exe can interrupt your windows updating and might crash your windows due to the load on the update because Its is a windows component that smoothes the update operation.

However, this might also trouble you if you are working on third-party programs because this will keep shutting that down due to security concerns.

To disable the WaasMedic agent exe, you can use Windows Update Blocker, a third-party software. With this program, you may effortlessly disable any Windows service with a simple tap.

  1. Download the tool ‘Windows Update Blocker
  2. Extract it to acquire three files
  3. Read Me text document, an application.exe file, and a Wub.ini file.

What’s more?

To understand how to disable WaasMedic agent exe, follow these steps:

  1. Go through the windows update blocker
  2. Pick windows services from the given inventory
  3. After loading, look for Windows Update Medic Service
  4. Click twice and copy the ‘service name.’
  5. Enter the ‘ini file’ in a notepad in the Windows Update Blocker folder.
  6. Insert the Service name under ‘dosvc=2,4.’
  7. Add ‘=3,4’ in forward-facing of it.
  8. Click ‘Apply’ in the Windows Update Blocker window.

After the above instructions, we will successfully disable to WaasMedic agent exe. Now you can enjoy using third-party programs that will not be interrupted due to security concerns.

Conversely, if you wish to enable it back, open Windows Update Blocker, choose ‘Enable Service,’ and press Apply to ‘allow’ your service again.

And, you should be aware of the threats if you forget to enable it before the windows update. Your PC might face some errors or go through interrupted operations.

Waasmedic Agent. Exe – Recovery from errors:

The Windows components can sometimes get errors due to viruses or threats from third-party programs.

Following are the solutions for your errors:

Uninstall Antivirus:

Windows Update WaasMedic agent exe’s primary function is to prevent system files from being altered with certain security apps that may not be suitable for various concerns.

As a result, if the process uses a lot of disc space, you should consider removing your third-party anti-virus to see if it solves the issue.

Disk cleanup function:

The other problem could be a lack of space on your hard disc.

As a result, we recommend that you utilize Disk Cleanup to remove any unnecessary transient files:

  1. Go to disk cleanup.
  2. Go into your main drive (C ).
  3. Tick the checkboxes next to Temporary files in the list.
  4. Click Clean up system file.

Hold on to your update:

If you face any issue regarding the update or see an error or your work got disturbed by some case, you should hold on to the update. Because, it helps you smooth your update operations, and if that is also going through an error, that might affect your updating.

Here is what you can do to delay your update:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on update and security.
  3. There is the option to pause the update.
  4. Change the option, and you are good to go.

Pausing updates will buy you enough time to resolve the issue regarding WaasMedic agent exe and update your windows later.

How to Fix the High Resource Consumption?

As noted above, ‘max. system resource utilization error’ often annoys people when comes to the executable files. Hence, the executable files needed to be uninstalled. Though, in the windows component, you cannot be able to uninstall the file. Alternatively, you have the option of disabling waasmedic agent. Exe which was running in the background. Thus, it will smooth out your problems. There’s a reminder for you too that when you disable the Windows Update Service, it will, however, automatically allow it in some time.

Conclusion – WaasMedic Agent Exe

The above article was to provide useful information about WaasMedic agent exe and the use of this component in windows 10. Plus, the errors that bug your update, and how to handle them.I hope this article may help you understand the WaasMedic agent exe, its importance as a windows component, and how you can’t enable it for third-party programs.