What Are The Best CS:GO Weapons to Use in 2024

CSGO Weapons
CSGO Weapons

CS:GO is a shooter that has won the hearts of gamers around the world. The biggest fans of this game are in Russia (11,65%), the USA (10,66%), Poland (5,32%), Brazil (4,87%), and Germany (4,55%). To be successful, players need to be proficient with weapons, and the CS:GO world offers a fairly wide range of them. In this article, our expert Volodymyr Huda will look at the most effective guns in 2023. You can also find out more about the best players and teams in CS:GO with the Profilerr https://profilerr.net/services/steam-id/.

How Important are the Weapons?

A player’s success in CS:GO largely depends on shooting. Therefore, the correct choice of weapons is essential for the success of the player in a particular battle. At the moment, players have access to 34 types of weapons. The arsenal includes 10 pistols, 11 rifles, 6 heavies, and 7 SMGs. Each gun has its own rate of fire, magazine capacity, armor-piercing power, purpose, and other characteristics. The key to success in CS:GO lies not only in choosing the right gun for the player’s level, but also in the appropriate game mode.

CS:GO is a dynamic game, and therefore many factors influence the choice of weapons. In fact, there are no specific rules for choosing weapons for a particular scenario. However, the experience of many players allows you to form general rules that you can rely on when choosing a weapon.


This is one of the most popular weapons in both CS:GO and the real world. AK-47 is a frequent choice of players who play on the side of the terrorists. The assault rifle has high strength and efficiency. Due to its power and accessibility, this weapon is a great choice for players who are ready to eliminate the enemy in one blow.

This rifle has the potential to take down even armored characters. The AK47 has a high rate of fire, as well as negligible recoil on the first shots. This gun gives players a chance to fight decently against characters who own an AWP. The reload time of this weapon reaches 2,43 seconds and the armor penetration reaches 77,5%. Among the best skins for AK47:

  • Asiimov;
  • Vulcan;
  • Fire Serpent;
  • X-Ray;
  • Wild Lotus.

All skins have a Covert rarity and cost over $1000-$4000 for low float value versions.

Desert Eagle

This pistol is known for its high armor penetration. With good visibility of the target, the weapon provides high accuracy at which the enemy can be killed with one shot. This gun is used by both terrorists and counter-terrorists. The Desert Eagle has a high recoil and a small magazine capacity, although the weapon’s low cost can make up for these shortcomings. The reload time of Desert Eagle reaches 2,2 seconds and its armor penetration is 100%. Among the best Desert Eagle skins:

  • Sunset Storm (Restricted rarity);
  • Hand Cannon (Restricted rarity);
  • Ocean Drive (Covert rarity);
  • Crimson Web (Restricted rarity);
  • Emerald Jörmungandr (Restricted rarity).

All skins have incredibly beautiful designs that will emphasize your individual style of play. The cost of skins in Minimal Wear and Factory New exteriors exceeds $100.


This is one of the most effective counter-terrorist rifles. The magazine holds 30 bullets and the first 15 bullets give the owner a big advantage in accuracy when shooting. The rifle has high armor penetration, and among the skins of this category, there are extremely rare options. The reload time of this weapon is 3,1 seconds and the armor penetration is 70%. Among the best M4A4 skins:

  • Royal Paladin;
  • The Coalition;
  • Bullet Rain;
  • Howl (Contraband rarity);
  • Poseidon.

All skins have a Covert rarity, the cost of each skin can exceed several hundred dollars.


AWP is a weapon that brings pleasure. This is a powerful and accurate rifle that allows you to hit the target from a long distance. The use of this rifle requires great skill, but the high armor penetration of the AWP guarantees hitting the target. This is an expensive weapon that not every player should have. The rifle is used by representatives of both terrorists and counter-terrorists. The reload time of AWP is 3,7 seconds and its armor penetration is 97,5%. Among the best skins in this category:

  • Lightning Strike;
  • Oni Taiji;
  • Fade;
  • Dragon Lore;
  • Gungnir.

All skins have a Covert rarity and some have a souvenir version (Dragon Lore). The cost of each of these items can be several thousand dollars.


AUG is the most comfortable weapon for beginners. The owner of the weapon can master recoil control as well as aiming. With this weapon, the player can hit the opponent with multiple shots. AUGs are predominantly used by counter-terrorists. The reload time of this gun is 3,8 seconds and the armor penetration is 90%. Among the best skins in this category:

  • Flame Jörmungandr (Restricted rarity);
  • Hot Rod (Mil-Spec Grade);
  • Midnight Lily (Restricted rarity);
  • Akihabara Accept (Covert rarity);
  • Condemned (Industrial Grade).

Akihabara Accept is the most expensive skin, costing over $2,000 for the Factory New version.

What Weapons Should Beginner Use?

The best choice for a beginner is a weapon that harmoniously combines lethality, ease of use, and affordability. The most deadly guns are AWP and Desert Eagle. However, the cost of the AWP is likely to be quite high for beginners. It is best to pay attention to the Desert Eagle. In addition, the AWP is more suited to experienced players who have already mastered less complex weapons. For example, pro players Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov from the Cloud9 team or Andrew “Kaze” Khong from the Rare Atom team.

Beginners should understand that the right weapon is the only one factor that affects success in CS:GO. What is more important for the player is the skill with weapons, in particular aiming. Top-tier weapons can only be effective in the hands of an experienced player. Therefore, beginners are advised to level up the gun as their skills improve.


CS:GO, like any other game, requires an investment of time and money. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you pay attention to budget but worthy guns like the Desert Eagle and AUG. Regardless of the type of weapon, only regular training will allow you to achieve results. You can find out more information about matches, players, and advanced CS:GO settings using the Profilerr platform.