What Does Dexterity Do in Elden Ring? [Patch Notes 1.07]

what does Dexterity do in elden ring
what does Dexterity do in elden ring

Elden Ring is famous for being a challenging game during combat, and for combating this difficulty, the game offers lots of options, from weapons to armor pieces to builds. To finish an entire playthrough, you must carefully design your build depending on your play style and equipment. It means you must know about each Stat and its purpose. Dexterity stat is the most popular build of elden ring; it helps you during combat in many ways. Read on further to know what actually Dexterity does in the game, how valuable it is, and some of the best dexterity weapons.

However, Dex boosts the speed of casting spells, incantations, and sorceries. It does not increase the speed of the attack of your character. Thus, a game has eight stats, so you have to understand what each attribute does & how it controls your current build. Remember that bad selection will cost you a lot and get you killed often. Let’s jump to the next section to know about the Dex stat.

What Actually Dexterity Stat Do in Elden Ring?

Dex is one of the elden Stat that will boost the effectiveness of your armor spells and weapons. You will get extra scaling boosts if your dex level is higher. Not only that, but Dex can also decrease the casting time of particular spells, decrease fall damage, and makes it more tricky for enemies to knock you off from your horse.  

Among all other game activities, making weapons will certainly be the top task; this is where Dex is essential. It is nothing but one of the two melee stats in elden ring & helps in making the most intricate weapons, such as Katanas, twin blades, and curved swords. However, dex weapons are usually popular for their quickness. Most of the Dex weapons require 12 Dex to get exerts, but for more powerful weapons, you will require more points. And surely, you will need Faith, Arcane points, strength, and Dex for certain weapons and spells too.

However, dex weapons and builds are perfect for those wishing for faster-paced gameplay, and these builds are strong in both PvE & PvP in Elden ring. It offers some advantages with non-combat mechanics that make it simpler for users to survive in a game for a long time. But it does not make you swing faster in a game.

Why is Dexterity Important?

Dexterity lets players cast their spells rapidly and decrease overall fall damage. Weapons in elden rings that need dex stat can only be wielded once a minimum dex need has been met. If the weapon has a dex scaling of S, it will benefit from having higher dex points.

As we have already mentioned, having a high Dex and gear that is compatible with it can offer you boosts in attack, decreases the chances of your character getting knocked, and decrease the casting time for spells too.

How to Boost Dexterity in Elden Ring?

How to Boost Dexterity in Elden Ring
How to Boost Dexterity in Elden Ring

Dex is a formula-based armament and acts as the main modifier & influencer of the harm that weapons cause in a game. If you wish to wield dex weapons, you must meet the minimum Dex needs to move ahead. And, if you do not have sufficient Dex, then the only way to make dex weapons is to increase Dex. But how to increase Dexterity? You can boost the Dex in a game:

  • When you first meet Melina right after beginning the game, you will unlock the ability to level up Dex.
  • You can also increase Dex at any site of Grace after unlocking. However, when you level up every character level of the elden ring, the number of runes will automatically boost, which will help you to elevate your attribute. But to get runes, you must defeat opponents and bosses.

Items that Increase Dexterity in a game are:

  • Radagon’s Scarseal.
  • Radagon’s Soreseal.
  • Millicent’s Prothesis.
  • Godrick’s Great Rune.
  • Flask of Wondrous Physick Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear.
  • Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom.
  • Okina Mask.
  • Consort’s Mask.

Top Dexterity Weapons of Elden Ring

Elden rings give players numerous avenues for building characters. There is no lack of weapons, such as hammers, axes, or flashy spells to opt for in the game. Every weapon has its uses, and the Dex weapons in a game are a cut above the rest. If players are looking for a faster-paced, critical build and high damage, then the dex weapons are definitely the way to go. Below I have mentioned some of the best dex weapons.

1.      Rivers Of Blood

Rivers Of Blood
Rivers Of Blood
Damage typeSlash/Pierce
Stat RequirementsStat Requirements
Stat ScalingStrength E, dexterity D, arcane D
Weapon AbilityCorpse Piler
Upgrade MaterialSomber smithing stones

If players find a hybrid build involving both arcane & Dexterity, then Katana Rivers of blood is definitely the best dex weapon of the game. Regardless of its weapon combos and devastation, the katana is popular for bleeding Dexterity builds because of its weapon rate and instant buildup of blood loss.

The river of blood weapon rate causes players to use the sword very smartly while a trail of blood chases every move. It does tons of devastation, but it also builds up bleed rapidly and is a brilliant way of going through an enemy’s health pool. Therefore, the weapon is tremendously good for both PvP & PvE.

2.      Uchigatana

Damage Type115 Physical (Slash/Pierce), 45 Bleed buildup
State Requirements15 Dex, 11 Strength
Stat ScalingD Str/Dex
Weapon AbilityUnsheathe
Upgrade MaterialSmithing Stones

It is a great dex weapon that is very appropriate for beginner-level gamers. The best part about Uchigatana is players can easily customize the weapons as per their needs, and the specialty of this weapon is that it can create heavy blood loss in a short time. Thus, it is the best, fast, high damage, and most amazing scaling weapon.

3.      Hand of Malenia

Hand of Malenia
Hand of Malenia
Damage Type117 Physical (Slash/Pierce), 50 Bleed buildup
Stat Requirements48 Dex, 16 Strength
Stat ScalingE Str, C Dex
Weapon AbilityWaterfowl Dance
Upgrade MaterialSomber Smithing Stones

Malenia is often considered the hardest FromSoft boss of all time, and the hand of Malenia is a strong dex weapon, one that has everything from its extended length to its great special attacks, and these special attacks make it stronger in PvP since foes cannot run away once caught in the middle of it.

Hence, it is the best boss weapon, but the only issue with it is that the weapon art is very slow, and in most scenarios, players will not be capable of using it during fights. This is both unexpected and unacceptable.

4.      Moonveil

Damage Type73 Physical (Slash/Pierce), 87 Magic
Stat Requirements18 Dex, 12 Strength, 23 Int
Stat ScalingE Str, D Dex, C Int
Weapon AbilityTransient Moonlight
Upgrade MaterialSomber Smithing Stones

Another powerful FromSoft is Moonveil, which will make the gameplay simpler for you. It helps the players to enfold their weapons and release extremely powerful attacks followed by strong magic shockwaves. That’s why the Moonveil can break even the powerful health bars within seconds.

Even then, Moonveil is a strong weapon for builds such as Dexterity & Intelligence. The weapon art “Transient Moonlight” hits like a truck & can be used in both PvE & PvP.

5.      Hookclaws

Damage Type89 Physical (Slash/Pierce), 60 Bleed buildup
Stat Requirements14 Dex, 8 Strength
Stat ScalingE Str, C Dex
Weapon AbilityQuickstep
Upgrade MaterialSmithing Stones

It is absolutely one of the most unique dex weapons players can use in a game. The worth of this weapon comes from the ability to move ahead with vast speed and quickness. The Hookclaws also build blood loss on opponents with repeated blows. While they don’t bleed as quickly as the Uchigatana, the blood loss still comes in clutch when merged with the claw’s quick attack rate and high DPS. The only drawback is that the weapon takes tremendously close to the bosses, which can be dangerous.

Elden Ring New Update: Patch Notes 1.07

Elden Ring New Update
Elden Ring New Update

Elden ring update 1.07 is now available to download on Xbox, PC, PS4, and PS5. As per the official elden ring 1.07, the latest update resolves numerous issues and brings lots of balance adjustments to improve the stability of the gameplay. Along with several changes to spells, skills, incantation & weapons to cheer more flexibility in terms of gameplay. It also includes stability and performance fixes.

Earlier, elden ring update 1.06 also added new changes, improvements, and fixes. But unfortunately, some players are still facing a number of issues with the game; now, patch 1.07 will fix all the remaining issues. So Go and update your elden ring to enjoy new features and stability of gameplay.

Note: Online play requires the players to apply this latest update of elden ring.


Does Dexterity increase the Attack speed in elden ring?

Elden ring dex stat only speeds up the casting of sorceries and incantations. It does not affect the attack speed of melee or ranged weapons. It does profit from multiple non-combat mechanics that can make the game simpler for you.

Is Dex better than Strength stat?

If you want more powerful attacks & your character is bulkier, opt for the strength build, as strength weapons are better at breach poise and deal with more damage. But if you desire to play quickly and test a lot of multiple combinations, a dexterity build is the way to go.

What is Max Dex in elden ring?

Dexterity is one of the stats you will get in elden to boost the effectiveness of your weapons & spells. Dex has a soft cap of 50, which means that once it begins to exceed this, you will not get as many benefits.

What increases the attack speed in elden ring?

The only way to increase the attack speed of your weapon in a game is to switch to a light weapon. There is no stat or item that can vary or increase the speed of any weapon; however, players have to select a light weapon that is faster compared to the heavier, slower swing weapon.


To play Elden, you must devote all of your attention to surviving in a game, creating your own path to progress, and creating your own weapons to overcome all obstacles to killing enemies in order to achieve the game’s goal. However, Dex is the best Stat in Elden; dex build makes the most valuable weapons, increases the casting time, and decreases the fall damage. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for you. Now make the best use of the dexterity attribute in the Elden Ring. Please tell us about your preferred Elder Ring stat. Share your experience with us.