What Does Poise Do In Elden Ring (Detailed Guide)

what does Poise do in elden ring
what does Poise do in elden ring

Poise in the elden ring is a sort of HP mechanism that measures the duration of your knockout when the enemy attacks you. However, having a high count of Poise reduces your chances of being stunned by the enemy though you get the opportunity to smack them back in the stupid face.

There are a bunch of mechanics you need to learn in elden rings before getting into play though one of them is Poise. This is essential knowledge since when you are fighting against another player, trading hits are bound to happen.

But the question occurs How come you know about the poise damage of each weapon? Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you about this, but we have your back. Keep reading this article because we’ll let you know everything about Poise.

What poise points actually are in elden ring?

You can assume it to be an HP point, like when you play a game. An HP pipeline shown above the game character is a poise stat. However, poise HP aka poise stat, is slightly different in the elden ring. Here you have the bonus given that you can increase your poise points in aspect to tank a harder hit without having too much damage.

How many poise points do I need to make it worthwhile?

In my opinion, you at least need to increase the Poise points from 70 to 80 % to make the work done. Because with the lower Poise count, you wouldn’t face hard attack weapons, but you need to make a play by dodging those weapons to survive.

How Can You Increase Poise Points in Elden Ring?

The poise point depends on your armor shield, which means the better your armor better your poise stat. However, we will tell you about some of the best armors names that will surely increase your poise points. The name of these armors is as follows.

  1. Bull goat set = 133 poise
  2. Lionel’s set = 100 poise
  3. Veteran’s set = 95 poise
  4. Beast champion set = 76 poise
  5. General radhan set = 75 poise

How does Poise Work &What Breakpoint For Each Weapon Class in Elden Ring

What Breakpoint ForEach Weapon
What Breakpoint ForEach Weapon

I personally tested out each weapon type on my own to discover how much poise damage each one of them does and assembled it into a handy list for you. That being said, I only tested the poise damage of one-handed and two-handed r1 attacks.

However, no jump attacks, rolling attacks, r2s spells, and weapon notch though I am not a scientist but just simply trying to convey a basic understanding of the system. We are trying to impart practical knowledge before we begin the breakdown though I’d like to mention a few important things.

It’s possible that certain special weapons might have a boost to poise damage that goes beyond its weapon type, but if I were to test every single weapon in the game. This will consume my whole life writing it.

However, don’t assume that just because passive Poise now exists doesn’t mean that hyper armor is a thing of the past. For the uninitiated, in dark souls 3, Poise was tied to the weapon you used, and its animation that system still exists. But more testing is required

6.     Poise takes 30 seconds to refresh

While playing the elden ring, if you got hit but didn’t stun. The game stores that poise damage for 30 seconds. You can tank another hit once that time has passed.

7.     Bull-Goat talisman

The amount of Poise is decided by you’re wearing armor. However, an additional item will boost your Poise the Bull-Goat talisman. This talisman does not give a flat boost but rather a percentage, so the more Poise you have. The better this talisman gets.

8.     Decimal points exist

I know you might be wondering what the math is in it same situation is with me either. I am also not a big fan of maths, but there is more you need to explore behind those whole decimal numbers. You sometimes jump up a poised point when equipping a different armor. A one-handed charger attack with a dagger staggered me even at the most Poised I could possibly muster.

9.     Poise damage points of each weapon

Poise damage of various weapons is different. However, the long sword of the R1 does 50 poise damage. Suppose I have 50 poise, so when I get hit by a long sword, I get stunned, but I can tank a hit if I increase the poise point to 51.

When two hands a weapon, the poised damage increases by roughly 10%, so a long sword does now 55% poise means you need 56 points to tank a hit. The weapons with 50 to 55% damage are

  • straight swords
  • katanas
  • curved swords
  • axes
  • first weapons like zesters spears and twin blades

However, the chart below shows each weapon’s poise points and how many poise points you need to tank a hit.

Poise damage points of each weapon
Poise damage points of each weapon


Which armor in the elden ring has the most poise stat?

According to a current survey, bull-goat is the best elden ring poise armor taking the lead with a poise stat of 133. However, this armor is the best unless a big cat comes and captures its rank.

What weapon causes the highest poise damage in elden ring?

According to our survey, a long sword of R1 has the most damage poise stat of 50. Its increases to 55 % with two handing swords. However, this was a rough figure because every weapon category has different damage power.

How can you damage enemy poise?

You can use these several tricks toelden ring poise break of your enemy
·         Staggered enemy with heavy attacks.
·         Attack repeatedly without giving the opponent a turn to hit you back.
·         Hit them with a flurry of light attacks.

What does Robustness do in elden ring?

Robustness is a stat crucial for resistance to hemorrhage and frostbite and is a self-protective stat in the elden ring. However, you can equip various things like the item, equipment, and armaments to increase Robustness.

What are Elden ring poise thresholds?

There are some elden ring poise thresholds taken from the official site of eldenring.wiki
·         31 poise to endure a dagger light hit
·         34 poise to endure a dagger two-handed light hit
·         51 poise to endure a standard light hit (endures most PvE enemy attacks without flinching)
·         56 poise to endure a standard two-handed light hit
·         61 poise to endure 2 dagger light hits, and 1 curved sword running light hit
·         67 poise to endure 2 daggersand two-handed light hits
·         101 poise to endure 2 standard weapon light hits
·         111 poise to endure 2 standard weapon light hits
·         101 poise to endure a great weapon two-handed light hit (note that some attacks in the chain may deal greater poise damage, strong attacks cannot be endured even with 133 poise)
·         111 poise to endure a “great weapon” two-handed light hit