What is Crypto Twitter? 3 Important Use Cases of X For Cryptocurrencies

What is Crypto Twitter

Do you want to know what crypto Twitter is? Crypto Twitter can help you stay informed with real-time updates, news, discussions, and controversies that are precious in cryptocurrencies.

In this blog post, we discussed the importance of Twitter in the world of crypto and did our best to let you know the answer to the query, What is Crypto Twitter?

What is Crypto Twitter?

Crypto Twitter, or Twittercrypto, is a modern term that describes the powerful and active cryptocurrency community on X. This community includes crypto experts, traders, and enthusiasts on the platform.

The concept also describes the lively activities of the crypto community on Twitter. You can also think of it as a world for sharing crypto insights, viewpoints, and projections and promoting cryptocurrencies.

As you know, the crypto industry and blockchain technology have various branches. But despite this multitude of environments, X provides a uniting community for all in the industry. This Twitter community unites tech developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and crypto analysts—people from different backgrounds interested in cryptocurrencies.

Members of the Twitter crypto community are proactive, sharing and taking advantage of information about price changes or coin offerings. This information is spread among members via real-time discussion in Twitter spaces and posted updates.

Why is X Important for Cryptocurrencies?

X, formerly known as Twitter, plays a vital role in the crypto community, offering a platform for real-time discussions, breaking news, and giving valuable insights into the crypto world. It has become the hub for investors, traders, enthusiasts, and crypto industry experts to share their opinions and analysis. By following influential X crypto accounts, people can stay updated about trends, gain valuable insights, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Some crypto beginners accidentally discover the crypto Twitter community after searching for their projects on social media. At the same time, others were interested in monitoring crypto-related news. Most likely of all, new market wanderers start searching for investment or trading opportunities.

Crypto X has a lot of use cases, and it has everything for everyone. To understand why everyone uses crypto Twitter, we will highlight its three most important use cases.

1. Speculation

Speculation is a dynamic force in the universe of blockchain. Twitter crypto is filled with speculation and both novices and experts enjoy predicting which way the market will go next.

Due to its large audience and extensive diversity, Twitter is a powerful social media hub for identifying and expressing trading ideas. For instance, you can use hashtags #Ethereum or the dollar sign along with an asset’s ticker ($ETH) to find charts, fundamental analysis, and discussions regarding a particular coin.

2. Community

Who does not like being part of a group? Crypto investors are the most isolated social community in the world since their experiences and challenges are not equivalent to those of the average person. It is hard to connect with someone who is not a part of the crypto market, and therefore, most crypto enthusiast feel like they are alone in their journey.

As an outcome, traders use Twitter crypto to search communities and connect with like-minded people who may be just as beginner as them. Crypto Twitter community is diverse and you can find about anyone there.

Some influencers want to gain a large following, such as micro traders with only a few hundred followers, individuals who have stuck around for many years, etc. Even if X is not suitable for you, it is possible to find a mini-community that shares their opinions on a Telegram group or private Discord server.

3. News

On crypto Twitter, developers, investors, industry leaders, analysts, and even insiders break news about cryptocurrencies all the time. Individuals who spend most of their time on Twitter crypto are usually the ones to discover the project update, exchange closure, or network bug within minutes of it happening.

Why is this a great thing? News plays a vital role in investing, and since markets are violated because of news, it is possible to take advantage by reading significant news right on time.

For instance, a DeFi project that you are invested in might announce that it faced a flash loan in which it lost millions of dollars. If you read this is happening within minutes, you can take action and sell your coins. By doing so, you easily avoid high volatility and walk away without almost any losses.

Which Cryptocurrency is Trending on X?

trending cryptocurrencies

If you follow the crypto community on X, you will see related trends on the Explore tab. Under the For You page, the social media network personalizes the trends that match your interests. Similarly, the What’s Happening section next to your timeline on the desktop browser can also display this information.

Which cryptocurrency is trending on Twitter? Generally, the two top currencies tend to be popular at all:

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin (BTC) is the oldest cryptocurrency in the market and trends all time on X. Its popularity rises when BTC prices fluctuate or swing in either direction. On March 14, 2024, this digital currency hit an all-time high of $73,794. It shows on the trends card when influential personalities talk about this virtual asset. Moreover, news about the adoption or regulation of this virtual asset makes it a trend on Twitter.
  • Ethereum: Ethereum (ETH) is another famous cryptocurrency. It offers features like smart contracts, advanced security against fraud, and decentralized applications. Powerful developers, strong community support, technological advancements, and practical applications are some factors that have gained high popularity.

Other digital currencies trend on X regularly. However, if you plan on purchasing these coins, you should always do your homework. Although crypto coins are not new, the market is highly fluctuating and unpredictable. As we know, public interest in new coins can impact their pricing. In other words, prices can fall as quickly as they can rise.

Use Cashtags to Get Real-Time Prices of Cryptocurrencies on Twitter

use Cashtag

In April 2023, Twitter partnered with eToro as part of Elon Musk’s mission to provide X users with financial services. You can check the prices of cryptocurrencies on this social media platform in real time with the Cashtags feature.

As the financial community is active on Twitter, it makes sense for the firm to offer this handy utility. The graph on the search results page displays the price change over 24 hours. You can click on the chart to look at the digital currency’s evaluation.

Additionally, there is also an option to see the coin on eToro and buy it directly from this financial trading platform. Below, we mentioned how to use this Cashtags functionality for cryptocurrencies.

  • Go to the X platform using the mobile app or a desktop browser. Sign in to your account.
  • Tap on the search icon in the navigation panel at the bottom of the X application. If you are using X on a desktop browser, left-click the search bar in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Type Cashtag in the search bar. Use the $ sign with the ticker of the cryptocurrency. If you want to search the price of Bitcoin, search like this: $BTC.

Final Words

Crypto Twitter is a community of individuals who use X to discuss cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This community includes developers, investors, researchers, and enthusiasts who share insights, news, analysis, and opinions about multiple projects and the industry. We hope this article best gives you the answer to your question: what is crypto Twitter?