What is iTop VPN?

What Is a VPN
What Is a VPN

There are loads of VPN providers out there that offer unique products. One of these is iTop VPN. This VPN was launched in 2016, and is free! Since then, it has attracted millions of users thanks to its persistent advertising about how it is the best free VPN on the market. Naturally, premium quality VPNs that offer customer service and all the other bells and whistles come at a price (a monthly subscription). However, people would much rather not pay for software, such as the digital world! Most cyber security experts classify this VPN service as mid-tier, meaning that it is an average VPN that is not necessarily a bad one. For this reason, it is important to scrutinize new VPNs to see if they are worth their salt! It is also unfair to judge a relatively new company based on its name or reputation, so second chances should always be warranted.

What Is a VPN?

Is iTop VPN Worth It? This is a difficult question to answer, however, we can attempt to do so. First of all, remember that this is a free VPN. In fact, the company claims it is the best free VPN on the market! This is a tall order, no doubt.

First of all, let’s look at what VPN technology is. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network to give it its full technical name, is a new type of proxy network security software. The concept is not new, and hails from Microsoft’s 1990s PPTP (Point-to-Point-Tunneling) protocol. Essentially, what you do is route your internet connection through a VPN provider’s software. These come in the form of an app these days and are straightforward to use.

Modern VPNs are a far cry from earlier iterations such as PPTP, with advanced encryption and multiple other features usually available with the premium versions like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Cyberghost, PIA, Mullvad, and Surfshark (and several others). The threat landscape (viruses, hackers, etc) is so much more comprehensive and advanced these days, as is the internet itself. Hence, modern problems need modern solutions! Enter the VPN.

A VPN is a network security software that “encrypts” the internet connection leaving your smartphone, laptop, or whatever device you have installed it on. This is usually done with a proprietary encryption protocol that randomizes your data into unreadable junk (like your internet browsing) for anyone trying to snoop in. Otherwise, a VPN also flips your IP (internet protocol) address to one of its own (depending on the server you choose in the app). This means you are both secure and anonymous with a VPN.

About iTop VPN

Since 2016, iTop has been offering VPN services. With a few significant drawbacks, it’s a reliable mid-tier VPN. Also, its security configuration appears to be adequate, and its no-logging policy is also sound. It also has a built-in ad blocker and a few more security features. 

The 1,800+ servers that iTop VPN has worldwide are sufficient to guarantee the respectable speed and little lag. However, it functions a lot better on adjacent servers. It offers servers designed for torrenting and can unblock geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Remember, VPNs can change your IP address which means that you can get around geographical broadcasting limitations and blockages. People love to use free VPNs for this reason!

On the other hand, there are problems such as DNS leaks, an ambiguous approach to VPN protocols, and the price structure that needs improvement. Additionally, there is no live chat, which is necessary for prompt customer service. Then again, it is a tall order to expect customer service from free software.

After all of that, uploads were rather astounding which is another big plus! Due to this, iTop VPN is a fantastic solution for secure video conferencing and content streaming on Twitch. 

Except for Brazil, Japan, and Australia, the pings (the delay in connection) were satisfactory. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to nearby servers if you intend to use iTop as a gaming VPN. Surfshark is a great premium alternative that provides faster bandwidth and lower latency on faraway servers. 

iTop was not exactly ideal because the connection times varied from 14 seconds to more than a minute. Again, to prevent speed drops and protracted connection periods, stick to nearby servers.

Is iTop secure? Perhaps this is the question of the day when it comes to testing free VPNs. The answer to that may not satisfy you. The security of this app has been rated as exactly average. This is because, even though its encryption is all right, iTop VPN leaks data about you while being unclear about the technology behind its VPN protocols. The big issue is that the proper VPN protocols like WireGuard and IKEv2 are missing from the feature list. 

The fact that iTop VPN is a Hong Kong-based service is not exactly positive news at the moment. Hong Kong is no longer the VPN sanctuary it once was because of persistent pressure from China. 

Additionally, the business applies US law to its US-based clientele. Given that the US is a part of the 5 Eyes surveillance alliance, there are risks associated with this. The only way iTop VPN can guarantee the security of its users is by enforcing a strict no-logging policy. Despite not being a true zero-log VPN, iTop does a fair job of staying away from risky logging procedures.

The final question is: is iTop worth it? For one, anyone that is a security or privacy-conscious person should not be using iTop. There are much better free VPNs out there like Proton. If you value your privacy and security, you want the top of the class. This would be a VPN like NordVPN which has just recently proven it knows nothing about its customers’ browsing information. However, for something simple with a few features, it is fine. Just don’t give it any details and use the free version if you must!