What Is Super Alexa Mode – How to Activate & De-Activate it

What Is Super Alexa Mode

If you don’t know what is Super Alexa Mode? In this article, we will guide you on super Alexa and how to activate it. On the other hand, as you would know from our blog post collection of Alexa, such as: “can Alexa call 911” and funny things to ask Alexa, we enjoy discovering everything the voice assistant can do.

Alexa is able to do anything from research to sing you a birthday song. This person’s personal assistant also has personality. Asking Alexa, the right questions or saying the correct phrases can do a lot. But, above all, we are curious about the Super Alexa Mode and how you can activate it.

The Backstory of Konami Code 

what is super alexa mode mean
what is super alexa mode mean

Konami is a household name in the gaming industry. So, you must have heard of it if you are a gamer. Super Alexa is an easter egg, and the trigger phase of Alexa is also known as Contra code.

Additionally, the Konami code was discovered by Kazuhisa Hashimoto in 1986 by the developer of the Nintendo entertainment system. The code allowed players to start with the game fully upgraded. As a result, the code simplified testing all levels without worrying about enemies and obstacles.

Since the Konami code has been used in many games, including those not developed by Konami, such as Fortnite, Tetris effects, and BioShock infinite. You can even use it with Google Assistant and Siri to evoke a varied response.

what is super alexa mode from
what is super alexa mode from

Gradius players could take a more leisurely pace to play with Konami’s code. Consequently, Gradius was more accessible to inexperienced gamers, which attracted more game heads. However, it followed the expansion of the Konami viewing audience.

When the super Alexa code became a standard feature of the Konami Contra series. Moreover, it was notoriously difficult to play due to its steep difficulty curve. So, players started to enter the code. Those who entered the code received 30 extra lives with more goodies in the first attempt.

Super Alexa Mode – What is it

what is super alexa mode do
what is super alexa mode do

Super Alexa is a hidden cheat code and fun easter egg. That causes a one-of-a-kind response from the Alexa speaker you are using. When this Mode is activated, Alexa will say, “Super Alexa Mode Activated.” Moreover, this Mode will do nothing. It pays homage to the old “Cheat Codes” that appeared on many Nintendo games.

Super Alexa Code – What is it

what is alexa super mode
what is alexa super mode

You must have the Super Al-code command to activate the super Al-code. The Konomi code used by Amazon developers was designed for gamers to experience. Moreover, many Nintendo games were enhanced with the Konami code to make them more accessible. In contrast variation of this code was added to other Nintendo games. Still, Konami was one of the most famous cheat codes of the Era.

How to Activate the Super Alexa Mode

what is the password to turn off super alexa mode
what is the password to turn off super alexa mode

If you want to activate super Alexa mode, you need to say, “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.” Once Alexa hears this command, the device will respond to Alexa Mode Activated. Reactors are now online. Providing online access to advanced systems, Donger raising, Exception, Dongers is absent, Aborting.” Then, silence followed. It appears that Alexa Mode cannot activate fully until the dodgers are found, another gamer inside joke.

This Alexa mode can be activated in a new tab by any Echo device, such as the echo show or Echo DotOpens. In contrast, it also works with the Alexa app, available in the Google & Apple app store.

How to De-Activate the Super Alexa Mode

How to stop super Alexa mode before it is too late since the only danger in Super Alexa way is that you will remember the fun you had as a kid playing video games and see how much they have changed.

There is no need to worry. Alexa mode won’t harm you, your family, or your home. You can terminate it by simply allowing it to time out after about 10 seconds. It’s just a fun easter egg added by Alexa developers to the device.

How Does Super Alexa Mode Work?

what is the code for alexa super mode
what is the code for alexa super mode

There is only one purpose of super Alexa mode: to make gamers laugh with answers to their funniest questions. Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant devices don’t change or upgrade after using the Alexa Mode. The idea is to trick gamers into believing they have found something unique. It’s a shame that Alexa Mode doesn’t give Alexa any new capabilities.

How Dangerous Is It – Alexa Super Mode?

This super Mode is not intended to cause harm and serves no practical purpose. After about 10 seconds, the process will run its course independently, and no further action will be taken. The Alexa Mode closes itself after about 10 seconds, so there is no need to do anything to turn it off. It will complete the task entirely on its own.


Q: Does Alexa have a game feature?
A: Several Alexa skills on an Echo device, notably the Echo Show, function as games, especially RPGs that teach you how to explore and make decisions.
Q: What other gaming Easter eggs does Alexa know?
A: She certainly does, while none are as detailed as this one. You could, for example, ask her, “Alexa, do you know GLaDOS?” (Hint: she does.) You can also say, “Alexa, all your bases are ours,” which is another bite mark from gaming culture.
Q: What is the best way to make Alexa curse?
A: You can do this by giving Alexa the command “Alexa announce” and then saying your uncensored profanity. After that, Alexa will repeat it to everyone the same way you said it.

Final Thoughts

We enjoyed a lot to write the blog post because day by day, we are exploring Alexa. Now we explored Alexa mode, why it works, and the background story of the Konami code. In addition, Super Alexa is a hidden cheat code and fun easter egg that cause a one-of-a-kind response from the Alexa speaker you are using. When this Mode is activated, Alexa will say, “Super Alexa Mode Activated.” I hope you enjoy the Super Alexa easter egg and have fun with it.

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