What You Stand to Gain from Passing Certbolt Microsoft MS-101 Exam and Earning Prestigious Certification

Microsoft MS-101
Microsoft MS-101

With a combination of Microsoft Office applications, cloud services, and a strong security system, Microsoft 365 is one of the most recognized cloud products in the world. As these products are designed to cater to any clientele, individual, business, or enterprise, the variety, and depth of services provided are quite extensive. As of now, Microsoft 365 has over 258 million active users all around the world and this number is projected to continually increase. So, with this soared usage, organizations require knowledgeable specialists who are able to manage such products with expertise and efficiency. The badges issued by Microsoft enable you to gain the necessary knowledge and presents a myriad of opportunities to practice and perfect your craft in cloud services. One valuable certification that is worth your attention is the Certbolt Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert accreditation. This credential will require you to nail two mandatory assessments, MS-100 & MS-101 by code, however, in this post, we will shed light on the details of MS-101 only.

MS-101 Microsoft 365
MS-101 Microsoft 365

MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security Test

Particularly, MS-101 exam is intended for Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators. Candidates for such an assessment are required to have experience in managing a minimum of one Certbolt Microsoft 365 workload as further on, they will need a working knowledge of the services provided. Overall, MS-101 is based around the main elements of Microsoft 365 enterprise administration, namely, device, compliance, and security management. But what can motivate you to study for such an extensive Microsoft exam? For more visit https://www.certbolt.com

MS-101ValidatesYour Skills

As you now know, MS-101 is the last test for getting a prestigious expert-level Microsoft certification. At the moment, Microsoft is a globally recognized technology corporation and the credentials provided by it are well respected and valued within the industry. Thus, passingMS-101 will demonstrate and validate your expertise in the areas of Microsoft 365 device, compliance, and security management to existing and potential employers. In addition, you will be accepted as a subject matter expert in the organization and the industry as a whole.

This Test Provides Job Security

Well, the usage of Certbolt Microsoft 365 has been consistently growing since 2015. As it accelerates further, many companies will bein need of skilled professionals who can wield these services to their fullest extent. This means that as a certified professional, you may enjoy increased job security as the market expands.

It’s Great Stepping Stone

Successfully completing both MS-100 and MS-101 exams makes you eligible to pursue the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification that is the pinnacle of this Exam-labs learning path and will present you with even more extensive opportunities for growth. This should be your ultimate goal and completing MS-101 will bring you closer to it.


Microsoft 365 is one of the most used cloud productivity services in the world. Completing the Certbolt Microsoft MS-101 exam will validate your skills and open up a world of opportunities for you to pursue. In addition, provided that you also pass MS-100 assessment, you will also be eligible to attain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification which will significantly boost your career.