What’s Wrong with Snapchat 2024 [Time to Tweak It]

What’s Wrong with Snapchat
What’s Wrong with Snapchat

Ask anyone what are your 3 favorite social media apps in your phone: Snapchat will be one of them. But, often, some of them reported what’s wrong with Snapchat? Means why it stopped working or acting weird? Well, after reading this article you will get the complete picture of what’s wrong with Snapchat and how to solve them?

Below you will find several ways to make your Snapchat get back to work. The below guide is a problem-solver for any Snapchat-related headache (read: problem).

Let’s dive in!

Snapchat Global Outage is New Normal

Often, Snapchat users are in a fix. Their accounts went dark without a visible problem. This is because Snapchat’s global server is down, which is recently, perhaps, not uncommon. To check whether the Snapchat server is down or not would be through two ways.

One, a website with the name of Down Detector. This is the site where you go to check the status of a website; whether running, under maintenance, or, in our case, DOWN. Besides, a map which is called Live Outage Map can also inform you about the outages in specific regions.

Meanwhile, the second is the place to find out about the Snapchat-down news or any related news to Snapchat: visit their Twitter support account. The account Is instantly-updated with the news about Snapchat. Hit the follow button there, JUST IN CASE.

Do the Most Used-Hack: Re-Install SC

The ‘RE’ will be applied on three steps continuously in an order:

  • Open
  • Login
  • Install

Put ‘RE’ in front of each of the steps to check whether it works or not. Stop short on any step which starts to work the Snapchat.

What’s Wrong with Snapchat: Look for Updates

Old versions of Snapchat are usually the culprit of making your Snapchat experience less fun. Often, people complain about their Snapchat is not working up to the mark is due to the older version of the app.

In this case, go to the Play or App Store to check for updates, and, if found any, tap the update. This will update your app to the latest.

Restart Your Phone

The old hack from the playbook is vital to solve any of the issues which plague your phone’s Snapchat. Although it does not work every time, though, YOU CAN BE LUCKY.

Have a Check on your Internet Connection?

The prime reason for your ‘what’s wrong with Snapchat’ problem may be the internet problem. To check the internet working is to open any internet-powered page. Be it Google, Facebook, or YouTube.

If the problem is true, in your internet connection. Then simply, reset your router to smooth out any glitches. However, VPN can also disable your use of Snapchat due to the app discouraging any third-party apps use, in particular, VPNs.

Another problem related to the Wi-Fi would be the network administrator. It could be the case Snapchat is not working due to the network administrator is blocking its access. This scenario, often, occurred in an education-related place like schools and their libraries where NO SC FUN is ALLOWED. To bypass this ditch: switch to the DATA.

Look at the App Network Permission Option

After sorting out the internet issue, however, the problem persists then it may the problem of not granting Snapchat permission of certain apps. An example of it can be found in the black screen of Snapchat; when you opened it; instead of the usual camera view. The areas of granting access or permission in Snapchat are:

  • Phone
  • Location
  • Storage

This will lead us to explain how to edit permission in Snapchat

  1. Go to the Snapchat
  2. Through your avatar go to the profile
  3. Tap on the settings on the right corner of the top
  4. Press Permissions
  5. Push Enable to open up all the system settings
  6. There enables the permission of Snapchat for everything

What’s Wrong with Snapchat: Wipe Out the Snapchat Cache

The cache is only the second data found in abundance in your apps, especially Snapchat. Apart from that, if any of these files somehow get corrupted, they end up obstructing Snapchat. So, clear them as soon as possible to root out any problem and YES, your data will be secured even after you wipe the cache out.

Clearing Snapchat Cache

  1. Go to the Snapchat
  2. Through your avatar enter your profile
  3. Tap the settings icon
  4. Press Clear Cache
  5. Tap on Continue

What’s Wrong with Snapchat: Snaps Are Not Sending

Some reported that their snaps are not going to their friends. The solutions for it are pretty simple. For one, restart your phone. If it won’t work—the next option would be clearing your conversation. They will make unopened snaps to remain unopened.

Clearing Conversation in Snapchat

  1. Go to Snapchat
  2. Through your avatar go to the profile
  3. Scroll to the option of Clear Conversation
  4. Pick the conversation to clear it by entering Clear

After clearing the conversation and your snaps are not going still. Then the removal and then addition of that friend should be the solution. Though it will delete the snaps you sent to him/her, however, it will fix the problem.

What’s Wrong with Snapchat: Remove a friend in Snapchat

  1. Go to Snapchat
  2. Through your avatar go to your profile
  3. Press My Friends
  4. Remove it by pressing on the friend
  5. Tap More
  6. Press on the option of Remove Friend
  7. Tap Remove