WhatsApp Now Allow Users ‘Silence’ Unknown Calls

WhatsApp now lets users ‘silence’ unknown calls

Irritated by spam calls on WhatsApp? No worries, as the app owners are working on a new feature to silence anonymous calls, as per the WaBeta info.

This new feature lets users put calls on silent from anonymous numbers while still showing them in the call list and notification center. The users will get this feature in a new update, bringing various benefits, such as reducing interruptions and avoiding spam calls.

Although, the feature is still in the development process and has not been released for beta testers. The WABetaInfo reports that “the silence unknown callers” feature is first being developed for WhatsApp’s Android Beta version.

Along with reducing disruptions, the feature helps users avoid anonymous calls, making it even more helpful. Users can access the feature by just toggling the “silence unknown callers” feature in the app settings. When activated, calls from wrong numbers will be muted, but they will still emerge in the call list and notification center.

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