Where To Use Discreet Surveillance Cameras In Your Home?

Discreet Surveillance Cameras

If you think your home is the safest place to keep your belonging, then you need to give it a thought. Although this might have been true in the older times, such is not the case now. In the present times, you cannot trust anyone completely with your home. 

Especially when you are going on a vacation with your family, or everyone goes to the office, leaving the house alone, you will need someone to look after your home. Not even your dog can help you because all they would do is bark, but they can’t wholly save your house from a mishap. 

For such situations, always having a camera to keep an eye on your house, even at home, will multiply your safety. You can use the camera both outdoors and indoors to safeguard your belongings. Besides recording the actions in and around your house, there are other reasons for the need for a camera at home. 

Reasons For The Need For A Camera At Home

Surveillance cameras at home are very much in use these days. If you want to know the importance of keeping a security camera at home, there are enough reasons. Below are five reasons you should keep a camera at home. 

  1. Keep An Eye On Criminals

A camera can prevent burglars from entering your house if they are visible. But a hidden camera may not do so. The burglar will enter without knowing the camera’s presence, but it will allow you to keep an eye on them. This will work as visual proof during the investigation. 

  1. Prevents Fire 

Besides preventing break-ins and recording activities in and around your home, it also has another facility. An advanced surveillance camera will give you fire warnings whenever it detects heat or smoke. This feature will prevent the house from loss of property and other belongings, giving you a heads-up way before. 

  1. Use Of Electricity

It is a standard human error to leave your lights or fan off or any electronic appliances running when you are not at home. But this can be controlled. Few advanced surveillance cameras have remote access and allow you to control your electricity usage even if you are outside. This will enable you to check your home correctly by switching on the light whenever you want. Additionally, it switches it off if left on, saves electricity, and reduces electricity bills. 

  1. Keep an Eye On Kids

If you are a working professional, a camera at home can help you look after your kids. Few advanced surveillance cameras have features where you can allow your children to enter the house after school through remote access. Remote access is key to the house and also keeps your home safe. 

  1. Helpful As An Evidence

Anytime a crime occurs, a video of the incident captured by a security camera is handy. Words can lie, but videos can’t. They serve as a piece of evidence during police investigations. Also, the chances of catching hold of the criminals increase, and you may get your things back too. 

Pros And Cons Of Hidden Camera 

Now that you know the reasons for installing a surveillance camera at home, you should see the advantage and disadvantages of a hidden camera. Even though the camera will help you boost your safety measures, some specific pros and cons come along with it, which have been listed below. 

1Hidden Camera Are TrustworthyAudio Cannot Be Recorded On Hidden Cameras
2Improved FeaturesWireless Transmission Can Be Trapped
3Most Hidden Cameras Can Be AdjustedOperational Issues Are Common
4Available At A Cheaper CostLacks The Ability To Intimidate
5Hidden Cameras Have Picture Mode SettingPrivacy Concerns
6Hidden Camera Can Be ConcealedSmaller Angle Of Vision

Importance Of Placing The Camera In The Right Place

If you think you place the camera anywhere and yet get access to the activities in and around your home, then you need to be corrected. The camera should be kept in a place that is well connected to the Wifi. A proper flow of the internet is necessary for the appropriate functioning of the camera. If the camera doesn’t receive adequate internet, you will not receive correct information on your phone. Along with this, a proper angle is necessary to capture the required surroundings of the house. Since this is a hidden camera, flashing it in front will not serve the purpose. It is better to keep it in a place where it is hidden from public view. 

Where To Place The Cameras?

Before installing the camera, you should know the place where you will keep the camera that can capture all the activities. You should think properly before choosing the right spot. If you are confused about where to place it, we have three ideas to help you choose the right place.

  1. Entrance

Your entrance is the first point of access to your home. Hence it is the correct place to install the hidden camera. Consider placing it inside and outside the entry gate, as it will help you keep track of anyone coming in and out of the house. 

  1. Living room

You are missing a few facts if you think the living room doesn’t require a camera. Your living room could be the first place after your entrance. Anyone trying to break in will have to cross over this place. So even if your entrance gate camera cannot capture the miscreants around your house, the living room camera will capture provided he/she enters using this door. You can also keep track of your kids if they are spending a lot of time watching television after school hours. 

  1. Bedroom and Bathroom

The bedroom and bathroom are the most private spaces in your home. Thus, installing a camera in these places is unethical and illegal. Consider only installing a camera in these places once something is wrong in your house. However, installing a camera at home while you’re on vacation is ideal. 


Discreet Surveillance Cameras or hidden cameras are like pinholes that can be hidden in the eyes of a stuffed toy, an artificial plant, alarm clocks, or clothes hooks. This new micro-technology makes it easier to track everything in and around your house while you are away, keeping you in peace of mind. Nevertheless, wherever you place the camera according to your needs, it should not be used for any wrong intention. 

Meta Description: Installing a surveillance camera at home while you are away keeps you tension free. But you should know the right place to capture the entire view. 

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