Who is George Osric in Hogwarts Legacy

Osric in Hogwarts Legacy
Osric in Hogwarts Legacy

If you are an action-adventure game fan, it is impossible not to hear about Hogwarts Legacy. This is an upcoming action-adventure game based on Harry Potter Series. So, naturally, players have been expecting a lot from this game, especially Harry Potter fans. Another reason behind players’ waiting for this game is that there have been almost no big titles released this year, so players are eagerly waiting for Hogwarts Legacy. 

In an action, role-playing game, it is common to find several characters (NPCs) during your journey, and Hogwarts Legacy is no exception. George Osric is also an NPC that players can find in Hogwarts Legacy, and this guide will give you some details about this character.

George Osric Character Introduction in Hogwarts Legacy- Who is He?

Hogwarts Legacy, the name itself, indicates what the game is based on. Harry Potter fans don’t even take a second to guess the theme of the game. Though the excitement level of the players surpasses everything, there can be a standard problem players will face after the game releases- Crashing at Startup. This is a common problem that almost every game faces, and it prevents the game from launching. However, this is a simple issue and can be easily fixed. 

Harry Potter is one of the most famous fantasy novels and movie series worldwide, and Hogwarts is an inseparable part of that series. The fanbase of the Harry Potter series is uncountable, and this fan following increases every generation. So, naturally, fans have been expecting a lot from this game. 

If you have been a Harry Potter fan for a long time, you are probably expecting to see familiar faces whom you have seen in the movies or read about in the books. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. The game is set in a time that is 100 years before the time you have encountered in the novel. So, most of the characters will be new, and your familiar Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry may seem a little different in the game. 

George Osric is a high-rank official in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and this character is a newly introduced character in the game whom you haven’t encountered during the Harry Potter novels. This character is specially created for the game, so of course, George Osric will play a significant role in the game. This charming official lives in Hufflepuff.

George is not in the original Harry Potter Story, but in this game, George will be the player’s companion during their adventures in the school. He is basically a decade-old friend of Professor Fig and his wife, Miriam. Though Miriam is dead, she has found a puzzle and assigned George to solve it before her death. Though George loves to solve puzzles and he is capable of solving puzzles quickly, he still needs your help to solve the puzzle Miriam discovered, and this is why George will become an important character.

Well, the game has yet to be released, so it is impossible to say how much George will take part in your adventure or whether he will help you learn magic to catch up with other students. In this game, players join as fifth-year students without any knowledge of Magic. So, to catch up, the Hogwarts Ministry of Magic will grant you The Wizard’s Field Guide. We are unsure when you will get this and whether George will have a contribution to get you the book. 

Until now, we don’t know much about the game and its characters. However, it is certain that George will be a newly introduced character in the game, and he will approach you to help him solve the puzzle. Rest we can only say after the game comes on 10th February. Here also is some twist. Hogwarts Legacy will not be released on the same date on every platform. Only PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 players will get the game on 10th February. In April, it will come on PS4 and Xbox One. Finally, in July, Nintendo Switch Players will get the game. 

That’s all we know about George Osric in Hogwarts Legacy. Once the game comes, things will become more prominent, and the role of this character will be revealed. But, until then, you have to wait to know about this character.