Why Is My Instagram Profile Picture Blurry?

Instagram Profile Picture Blurry
Instagram Profile Picture Blurry

Many of us might have been victims of blurry Instagram photos or profile pictures. Sometimes, while uploading a profile picture, due to various reasons, the profile picture might turn out blurry. Although the profile picture is not so visible, and most people might not notice it, it is still a prominent part of your Instagram profile. It is the first picture everyone will see while visiting your profile; it leaves the visitors’ first impression of your profile.

It might seem like a small photo, but many of us care about having a good profile picture. So, for you wondering about your blurry Instagram profile picture, this article will take you through the reasons for the Blurry Instagram profile picture.

Reasons for Blurry Profile Picture

1.   Your Picture is not supported

Always make sure that the image file is compatible with Instagram before uploading. Instagram supports JPEG/JPG or PNG format. If your photos are in another picture format, they might turn out blurry when you post them on Instagram.

You can check your photo format and convert it to a compatible format before posting it on Instagram. The best photo file you can use on Instagram is JPG, as it has better processing and can support high-quality images at smaller file sizes. PNG also works best for Instagram as it does not lose any quality while compression and ensures your photo stays the same quality even after being compressed by Instagram.

2.   Oversized/Undersized Photo File

Everyone might know that low-quality photos will lead to blurry images, not just undersized ones. Oversized photo files might also lead to blurry pictures on Instagram. Undersized or low-quality images already have a low pixel rate which might make the photo blurry. The minimum requirement for the Instagram photo is 110 by 110px, which will give you the best quality profile picture, but if you use a 50 by 50px image, it will blur your profile picture.

You might also get a blurry profile picture on Instagram if you have an oversized photo. Instagram compresses all images larger than 1MB, leading to low image quality and blurry the profile picture.

3.   Unoptimized Photos

The images on Instagram can also be blurry when the picture is not optimized. The picture should be optimized for Instagram, including a suitable format with the right size, aspect ratio, and resolution. Your profile picture might turn out blurry.

The best size for Instagram is 110by110 pixels having an aspect ratio of 1:1. If you have the ideal size and ratio for your image, your profile picture will look great.

4.   Uploading from the wrong device

The photo quality of Instagram highly depends on the device you’re uploading the image to. The Instagram app runs better than the desktop app. Uploading profile pictures from your desktop might not turn out as good as uploading from a mobile device, making your image blurry.

Additional FAQs

Can I download my Instagram picture?

If you are wondering if you can directly download your Instagram posts, then no, you won’t be able to do so. You can take the help of other third-party apps or websites to download your Instagram photos with just a few clicks. If you want to save your future Instagram posts, you can also turn on the settings to save the picture to your gallery when you post them.

How to view other people’s Instagram profile pictures?

You cannot directly view the profile picture of other people on Instagram. You can only view it as it is displayed on their profile. But other apps let you view or download the Instagram profile picture. You can easily view the profile picture in the third-party apps by entering their profile or the profile link.

Does Instagram ruin photo quality?

If you upload photos according to the best Instagram compatibility, your photos will mostly remain the same without any compression or downscaling. Since it is not practical for Instagram to store big images on their server, they compress the photos before posting them on Instagram.

All the images are resized to their maximum size with 1080px width and 1350px height, depending on your photos.

So, posting high-quality, huge photo files on Instagram will ruin the photo quality according to their compatibility. Also, make sure you use the correct photo format to avoid much loss in photo quality.

What is the best image size for Instagram?

Initially, the ideal size for Instagram posts were 1080px by 1080px with a 1:1 aspect ratio for square posts. Now, Instagram also allows landscape posts which can be posted at a resolution of 1080 px by 566px at an aspect ratio of 1.91:1. If you are posting a vertical image, an image size of 1080px by 1350px with an aspect ratio of 4:5 would be perfect.

Instagram allows photos of the maximum file size of 30MB but compresses all images above the size of 1MB.

How do I stop Instagram from compressing?

To avoid Instagram compressing and downscaling your photo, you can post your photo in the Instagram compatibility size and resolution. When uploading an image of a larger size, Instagram might compress the picture and even look blurry. Also, use a suitable format, preferably JPEG/JPG or PNG, instead of HEIF or other formats. Using other tools might also lead to Instagram downscaling the photo, so use your Instagram app to post pictures.