What Is Microsoft Exchange And Why Microsoft Exchange Server Are Used?

microsoft exchange server

The Microsoft exchange is an email server of Microsoft. In general terms, it is just a piece of software that manages all emails including incoming, outgoing, calendars, saved, draft emails.

There are different methods through which your emails can be managed like the internet email protocol POP3.

Most organizations manage the emails with POP3 email protocol. The POP3 email protocol saves all the emails on individual computers by downloading email on every computer on the network.

The reason why the Microsoft exchange email server exists is that the POP3 protocol is that saves all the emails on individual computers if one computer goes down all of your emails would be gone. The Microsoft email exchange server is the solution to keep your email safe all in one place.

Ms Exchange email is a central database to keep your emails on a central server. Unlike the web-hosting company on computers, it is a better and more professional approach to keep everything in one place.

The exchange email works like a cloud. Most organizations use exchange servers use this exchange emails servers to reduce the infrastructure cost, license fees, and maintenance and training costs.

microsoft exchange server login
microsoft exchange server login

Significance of Microsoft Exchange:

Most of the organizations use Microsoft email exchange to keep everything safe and accessible in real-time. The Microsoft exchange sends the emails to individual workstations of the organization from where the staff can access the emails easily.

microsoft exchange server outlook
microsoft exchange server outlook

Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server:

  • Centralized Email Storage: your risk of email loss if you are using POP3 email protocol because it does not store emails in one place and does not create a backup of emails. The email exchange Microsoft server keeps every email in one place with backup.
  • Secure Your Emails: Email exchange effectively protects the emails from spam and email phishing attacks. The multiple anti-malware engines work 24/7 to protect emails from viruses.
  • Shared Calendars to Organize Tasks: shared calendars help staff to be more organized and productive and keep track of every upcoming scheduled task.
  • Out-Of-Office Reply: keep your colleagues and clients informed with an “out of office” reply that you are out of the office or away for some time.

Challenges of Microsoft Email Exchange:

Upgrading the Microsoft email exchange server is a difficult task. You have to buy the latest version to upgrade, backup old emails, and install the latest purchased version. This can be a tricky and tough task.

However, all the email setup is on a server, the maintenance can be a bit tough for local staff. It is better to acquire a hosted exchange and give the maintenance responsibility to the IT professionals.

microsoft exchange
microsoft exchange

How to Implement Microsoft Exchange Successfully:

There are three major requirements to successfully implement the Microsoft Exchange server model.

Carefully analyze the requirements and then select the Microsoft exchange server model.

There are 3-ways to install and manage mail.exchange server.

  • You can select a local version of Microsoft server exchange; the requirements are different for different versions.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2016:
    • The server with 2 CPUs with 2 cores on each CPU.
    • Intel and AMD CPU supported.
    • Minimum 8GB memory (16GB RAM or higher recommended).
    • Disk partition system MUST be NTFS File system.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2019:
    • Either of the two Processors; Intel 64-bit Architecture, or AMD 64-Bit Processor.
    • 128 GB MINIMUM for Mailbox, 64GB MINIMUM for Edge Transport.
    • Disk Space up to 30GB where you are installing the ms exchange.
    • The file system MUST be NTFS.
  • You can choose which Microsoft exchange cloud is compatible with Microsoft office 365.
  • Choose a local Partner to host your Email exchange server.
server outlook
server outlook

Installing the Email Exchange Servers:

Most of the organizations naturally use the POP3 email protocol. To move the emails from POP3 to Microsoft Exchange Server you need to export all the emails from POP3 to the MS Exchange mailbox. I hope you remember the suggestion of hiring an IT professional for this task. The ms exchange provides more ease to manage the emails of organizations with a central source.

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