Wired Xbox One Controller – How is it Work for Your PC


If you want to use a wired Xbox One controller for your PC, it is hard to beat the convenience of the Xbox gamepad. If you want an effortless plug-and-play game experience. In this case, the Xbox One controller is the logical choice – Microsoft improved its controller after the launch of the Xbox One by making its rollers more comfortable and adding Bluetooth connectivity.

THANKS TO THE BUILT-IN DRIVER; your PC and most games will immediately recognize the pad as it comes built into Windows. So, why do we need guides in the first place? – Let’s take a look more.

Xbox controller inspired me a lot; therefore, we decided to tell you more about the controller, such as how it is used, whether a wired controller is better than wireless, and how responsive it is. You should know about the various iterations of the controller and how they will work with your PC.

What is Xbox One Controller

The Xbox One is a video game console that makes your game more flawless and comfortable. It was first launched in different parts of North America in November 2013 – Then launched in other European countries in September 2014. This game was the first Xbox console launched in Shanghai -China.

The Xbox One Controller is the primary controller for the Xbox One, and it maintains the overall layout of the Xbox 360 controller. In contrast, this console has many tweaks according to its design, revised shape, shoulder button analogs ticks, and triggers. The trigger of this console has vibrating features inside that allow directional feedback.

The Xbox controllers are capable because they work for all Xbox models, including Windows 10 PC, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. In addition, the premium version of the Xbox One Controller was launched in 2015. In contrast, the updated model of the elite was in 2019. The Xbox One Elite Controller has interchangeable parts plus paddles on the back of the controller.

How to wired Xbox one controller used

How to wired Xbox one controller used
How to wired Xbox one controller used

As long as you are not worried about tethering, it is simple to get it and use a wired Xbox One controller for your PC. By following the given method – connect your micro-USB cable to the controller and a USB port on your computer. In addition, the necessary driver should install in the window, and the center guide button of the Xbox One should light up. It indicates that you are ready to go.

Before playing this game console, you need to know the following; window 10 allows you to connect up to eight Xbox One Controller. While window 7 & window 8 allow you to connect up to four controllers. On the other hand, you can only connect four controllers in window 10 if you also connect an Xbox chat headset to the controller. You can connect two if you connect a stereo headset. The audio throughput in Windows 7 and 8 is not supported.

If you face any troubleshooting problem, that’s why we guide you. The majority of USB ports or cables carry no problem. Many manufacturers sell cheap USBs and produce only charging cables in the consoler’s market. Try another one if you are having trouble with a USB cable from a drawer.

Is Wired Xbox Controller Better Than Wireless?

You cannot even access your console’s menu without a gaming controller, one of the essential gaming accessories. When purchasing a new game controller, you must choose between wired and wireless controllers. Before you decide, you should determine whether you prefer a wired controller or a wireless controller. Would you mind following some points that make your mind select which controller is better?

Is Wired Xbox Controller Better Than Wireless
Is Wired Xbox Controller Better Than Wireless
  1. Modification of Wireless Controllers

Wired controllers are not superior to wireless controllers because developers constantly improve wireless technology. The use of wired controllers ensures a quick response – it means no battery charging issue and no signal interference. However, wired controllers limit your movement and are easily damaged.

A wireless controller making game more enjoyable. It means you will have more freedom to move, less lag, and a better design. Short battery life and signal interference are two potential drawbacks of using a wireless controller.

  1. Long-Lasting Battery Performance in Wired Xbox Controller

A wired gaming controller eliminates the need for batteries, making it a deal for gamers who wish to play for hours without pause. You do not have to pause your games to recharge the controller’s battery when using a wired controller. To improve the performance of wireless controllers, developers have increased battery life.

If we compare it with a wired controller, the main drawback of wireless is charging it regularly. You have to charge the controller using a USB cable and connect it to the console or PC during or after the game. So, most gamers prefer a wired controller, and it is the best choice.

  1. Move around in your room by using wireless controllers

You are not constrained to a small gaming area with a wireless controller because it gives you room to move around. The majority of wireless gaming has a range of gaming of more than ten meters. If you are within a ten-meter range with the console and controller and there is nothing in between. You can play the game flawlessly.

The USB cable on a wired Xbox controller is 3 or 2 meters long. Therefore, you must make sure your gaming system is set up to accommodate that distance. In addition, if the light from your television affects your eyes. You cannot move further from the console or gaming PC.

  1. Wireless Controllers have a Great Design

The majority of wireless gaming controllers have an excellent design that fits perfectly in your hands. Another great wireless controller is the DualShock 4 Wireless controller. On the DualShock 4, a light bar changes color depending on which player is using it. Wireless controllers are ideal for gaming on a single console with multiple people because there are no piles of cable on the floor to make your room appear disorganized.

Additionally, some wireless gaming controllers can function as both controllers – wired & wireless. You can continue playing on a console or gaming PC while your wireless controller charges or you can wait until it is fully charged.

How responsive is a wired Xbox Controller?

Online multiplayer games are highly competitive, and the more responsive your controller, the better your odds of winning. Most online players rely on the responsiveness of a controller to win tournaments, especially professionals. While looking for a new gaming controller for playing online multiplayer games. You might wonder whether a wired controller would be more responsive.

How responsive is a wired Xbox Controller
How responsive is a wired Xbox Controller
  1. Wired Controllers Responsiveness – Signals

The signals from the controller to the console are not interrupted or interfered with by wired controllers, which allow for a more responsive experience. With a wired Xbox controller, you are able to press a button and you have to travel along the cable without interference.

It is possible to respond less with wireless controllers due to multiple interferences or interruptions. Similarly, place too many items between the wireless controller and the console. If you move too far away from the console, your wireless controller may be less responsive.

  1. Television will dictate the Next Controller Button

The outcome on your television will determine which button on your controller you will press next. If the result on your television takes a long time to appear after you press a button on your controller, you may be left guessing what to do next, costing you a win.

When you play a game with a wired Xbox controller, you get a quick response and can easily predict which button to press after seeing the intended effects on the screen.

  1. Slow response of Console During Gaming

Your console and television may have incompatible frame rates if your game is lagging. Ensure that your console and television have the same frame rate as well.

Were you playing a game on your console at 60 frames per second? Make sure your television is also running at 60 frames per second. In addition, you should lower the resolution of your television to reduce input lag since most games use a 1080p resolution, whereas most players have a TV with a higher resolution.


This article will guide you on Xbox controller work for the PC. The Xbox One Controller is the primary controller for the Xbox One, and this controller works for all Xbox models, including Windows 10 PC, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. In addition, you must choose between wired and wireless controllers. Before you decide, you should determine whether you prefer a wired controller or a wireless controller. Therefore, we will guide you on how controllers are responsive and better – wireless or wired.