Top 3 Wireless Earbuds To Buy In 2024

JLab Audio Go Air
JLab Audio Go Air

The Best Wireless Earbuds to Buy in 2024 leaves us with a huge list of different earbuds, with different features. Different features list as sound quality, durability, battery life, etc. All these great features offer a comfortable and high-quality sound for you to enjoy. All of the ones we’ll talk about are surely “True Best Wireless Earbuds to Buy”. What does that mean? I’ll tell you in a sec.

The prices of these headphones vary, but the best wireless earbuds under $100 are possible. This is because not only huge brands but small companies have managed to create great wireless headphones with so much better quality. In this reviews’ guide, we will be going over some of the best wireless earbuds to buy for android and IOS.

3 Best Wireless Earbuds
3 Best Wireless Earbuds

3 Best Wireless Earbuds You Can Get

We will be talking about the earbuds’ durability, sound quality, active noise cancellation, and battery timing. While the design and structure we have chosen to review here are extremely awesome. You would be able to see these headphones wherever you go.

Even though many of the best wireless earbuds have very good durability. You still have to keep that in mind that cheaper wireless earbuds can last only as much. Yes, I did say the durability and the sound quality are still amazing for most of them. Still, the battery that they run on has a life expectancy. But let’s say you spend a year with your $50 Earbuds, that still wouldn’t be a loss. Let’s see some of them.

Beats Fit Pro
Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro surely makes in the list of best wireless earbuds to buy, if you are looking to buy quality headphones. With that battery life of 6 hours with Active Noise Cancellation turned On. The battery case carries extra 18 hours of charge in your pocket, so this is not ending before the day. With only charging on 5 minutes Beats Fit Pro gives you an hour’s worth of juice.

Spatial Sound

Enough with the batteries, Wall-E! More on the features of these best wireless earbuds have the Spatial Sound which is a blessing in itself. The Spatial sounds move the sound configuring your head rotation and the sound quality it gives is unearthly.

The Wingtip

The next headphone quality it has is the Wingtip. As an earbuds user, I always fear the earbuds falling out of my ear whenever I’m doing an activity that requires movements. With the perfect battery life, great sound quality, and spatial sound, Beats can’t possibly stop there. They had to protect the earbuds from falling out when someone is doing an exercise. You can push the Wingtip in and up it pops inside your upper ear. That’s how it is stuck in your ear. No matter how exhausting your exercise is, Beats stick with you.

The Controls

Lastly, we have the controls of these earbuds. All these Active Noise Cancellations, Spatial Sound, and Transparency won’t work if you can’t tap into it, right? The controls are standard to all of the earbuds. The single tap on the wireless earbuds is pause/play/attend call/drop a call. The double-tap is the “Next” and the triple tap is “Previous”.


  • Size: 75 x 0.94 x 1.18 inches
  • Wireless Type: True Wireless
  • Weight: 146 pounds (Package)
  • Battery life (Rated): 6 hours, 18 hours (with charging case)
  • Special features: Active noise cancellation, Sound Isolating, spatial audio
  • Effective active noise cancelation
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Clean, balanced sound
  • Superb call quality

The Wingtip may hurt, test before buying.

1More ColorBuds
1More ColorBuds

1More ColorBuds

“Head in The Clouds” that’s what the makers of 1More ColorBuds are saying! Coming next in the list of best wireless earbuds to buy are the 1More ColorBuds. These are better, faster, sexier than the previous ones we talked about. If we talk about the features of these best wireless earbuds, there’s a long list.

The sound quality is terrific. The Bluetooth stability is beyond expectation The Active Noise Cancellation is shaped into its ultimate form and the software is just awesome. Let’s go over some of them.


The sound quality is unmatchable and at this price, this just makes them a whole lot better than most of the earbuds. These wireless earbuds offer you sound with aptX / AAC. These Bluetooth settings make this sound much clearer and the calls to be perfectly audible. The Qualcomm chip keeps the connection tight and secure, considering everyone hates a disconnected device.


These Wireless Earbuds’ sleek and dynamic design makes them attractive while keeping them extremely comfortable in your ear. The headphones must feel comfortable to wear, as many wouldn’t take them off for hours…or am I just speaking for myself? 😉


The four microphones in it will make it much easier to listen. The Active Noise Cancellation is made of high accuracy, all because of these microphones. As the Active Noise Cancellations work only because of the emergence of sound taken from outside and the sound inside. These microphones just do not give you the best audio calls but help you keep them clear as well for the other side.

Smart Playback

This is one of my favorite features because this offers something I needed most and you might too. When the wireless earbuds are taken out of your ears. They sense getting away from your ear and the music or sound playing pauses. Upon putting them back, the sound starts playing again. You can also adjust this in the settings as you like.

Battery Life

The battery life is a reason to consider it in the shopping cart. 15 minutes of charging gives you two hours of playtime. The case itself carries 22 hours of battery life which is much more than sufficient. This takes the cap off the problem of running out of juice.


This would top as Best Wireless Earbuds to Buy, why? Yes, this is another one of my fears. The earbuds will stick to me even if I go in the water and this is why this makes 1More ColorBuds the best ones. These bad boys are water and sweat-proof. No need to worry about getting them wet and all soaked up. You’re not going to fry them.


  • Size: 27 x 21 x 20 mm
  • Wireless Type: True Wireless
  • Gross Weight: 40.3 g (Package)
  • Battery life (Rated): 6 hours, 22 hours (with charging case)
  • Special features: Environmental Noise Cancellation, spatial audio
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • Super Comfortable
  • Superb Music Quality
  • Superb Call Quality

Charging the wireless Earbuds case takes 85 minutes and the earbuds take 45 minutes.

JLab Audio Go Air
JLab Audio Go Air

JLab Audio Go Air

These are the better version of JBuds wireless earbuds. Why? They’re 20% smaller and are better at battery timing than the previous ones, as the company describes them. Sleek design, small and unnoticeable feature puts them in the best wireless earbuds to buy category.

The Charging Case

They took my attention when I noticed their charging case which is quite unique. The charging case doesn’t have any lid on it but not to worry because they claim that they have pretty good magnets in there to hold the wireless earbuds in.

The Control

The controls are different from the previous ones I have shown you. This difference is rather a good one. Firstly, we needed these controls that nobody was talking about. Lastly, these control features in these earbuds are much more than just helpful.

  • Left Bud Single Tap: Volume Down.
  • Right Bud Single Tap: Volume Up.
  • Left Bud Double Tap: Siri/OK Google
  • RightBud Double Tap: Pause/Play
  • Left Press and Hold: Previous Track
  • Right Press and Hold: Forward Track

The Features are as good as to be listed in the top category of the best wireless earbuds to buy. With all the specifications and the quality control they have shown us. The quality for such price is pretty damn awesome! I sound quality shown. The battery life of these earbuds. And the design of these headphones surely places them in Best Wireless Earbuds to Buy in 2024 category.


  • Size: 3 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches
  • Wireless Type: True Wireless
  • Gross Weight: 5g per earbud, 50g charging case
  • Battery life (Rated): 15 min charging = 1 hour playtime (2 hours charging time)
  • Special features: Smallest Fit Ever, Dual Connect
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • 20% Smaller than JBuds
  • EQ3 Sound Quality
  • Three Different Sound Modes

For this price they are great, but will not last that long.

Conclusion For Wireless Earbuds

Before buying yourself the wireless earbuds, make sure you have researched them. Many of the wireless earbuds that people buy have features listen but only one flaw is enough to ruin it. Get yourself a pair of the best wireless earbuds from your research. That’s the most reliable source of information!