Xbox 360 Best Games (Top10 Games of All Time)

Xbox 360 best games
Xbox 360 best games

Xbox remains one of the most much-loved consoles of all time. As it became the home for the 3rd party games for the whole generation, & Xbox 360 best games took Microsoft to the next level. Thus, the Xbox has a vast library of games & considered the best gaming console of all time.

Moreover, some of the best games, such as Mass Effect, BioShock, Borderlands, and GTA, made the Xbox unforgettable. So, here in this blog, we will walk you through the Xbox 360 top memorable game’s so you can revert to some of your favorites. So let’s move forward.

Xbox 360 Memorable Games to Play

Xbox 360 Memorable Games to Play
Xbox 360 Memorable Games to Play

The Xbox One has become a haven for the best shooters, indies, adventures, and platformers. Thus, here, we will narrow down the best gaming lists. So what are you waiting for? Let’s play the best gaming series.

1. Red Dead Redemption

It is an incredibly successful game developed by the Rockstart team of GTA & again got a win with the red dead redemption. The game-themed follows a western action-adventure game that depends on its gameplay & storytelling vigor.

Moreover, the Game plays out as a feature film & it is bliss to step in the boots of the major character John Marston, an ex outlaw whose family is held captive by the Government & you have to do their bidding to get them back. So for this, you can fire in slow motion, ride a horse, and meet all kinds of colorful characters & desert animals while you are traveling. Some animals wish you died during the traveling. So you have to be careful while traveling. Hence, it is one of the best Xbox 360 game’s with great graphics.

2. BioShock Series

BioShock Series
BioShock Series

The BioShock is filled with science-fiction, horror, and shooting game that was beloved for its wonderful story & ambiance, along with its enjoyable game mechanics. When your plane crashes in the ocean in the first Game, your characters find out an underwater city known as Rapture. A utopian Atlantis went wrong. So you have to survive and run away from the city. Moreover, you can also use your weapons and guns, grow superpowers & make an abundance of moral choices that straightly affect your Game. Thus, it is one of the top-ranked and unique games ever produced.

3. The Batman: Arkham City

It is one of the best video games & its sequel, arkham city. The Arkham city makes upon the intense, impressive foundations of Batman: Arkham Asylum, convey players to soar into the Arkham city. The new safe home for all the Gotham City’s thugs, insane criminal masterminds, and gangsters that are hidden inside the high equipped walls of an extensive district in the heart Of Gotham. The vast & amazing open-World Gotham City consists of different challenges such as Myriad, quests & secrets that hide all over the gameplay.

Moreover, this great sequel sets up a brand new story that draws a new all-star cast of the characters, villains from the Batman world mutually, and a massive range of new & advanced gameplay features to bring the ultimate experiences as the Dark Knight.

4. Mass Effect Series: Best Games on Xbox 360

It is the most exciting fantasy adventure game with a deep, appealing plot with incredible characters & abundance of choices next to the way. You can play as Commander Shepard (he/she), relying on what you choose, start a race from planet to planet to rescue the Galaxy from a race of vile mechanical beings known as Reapers. That’s the frame, and the Game’s authentic story will be the one you generate.

Moreover, the trilogy is a special thing that provides you with all three parts of the Mass effects. So, in each part, you have to make relationships & go on the Galaxy adventures missions packed with dangerous aliens. Hence, every Game is different from the other.

5. Call of Duty 4: Modern  Warfare

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Call of duty is one of the most dominant & best games ever, as it comes with various versions. But Modern warfare was part of the fantastic 2007 that saw many other best games released. As in modern warfare, you have to take the call of duty franchise out of a historical setting & into new times.

Further, it is developed by Infinity Ward. It takes players to many conflict zones & gives out one of the most unforgettable call of duty missions. The real function of modern warfare is that it is multiplayer and has different features such as custom loadsout, Killstreaks, and the capability to earn XP towards the new guns & gears. Hence, it is the remake version of modern warfare that release numerous years back, so you can also play it on Xbox One & series X.

6. Grand Theft Auto IV: Best Games on Xbox 360

As the Grand theft Auto 3 brought the gamers to the New York City Proxy Liberty City. But, the next generation GTA 4 can see the city in its true grainy glory. In the Game, Niko Bellic’s character is an intricate character, disturbed by the memories: he made in Eastern Europe while concurrently trying to start a new life in the Us. The great supporting cast encloses him, with the standouts such as Brucie Kibbutz & little Jacob helping to serve as the foil for Bellic’s deliberate personality. Moreover, the dark & gloomy view of the Game makes the Game more incredible & classic.

7. Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 has become the most successful & goes so far and is the most excellent video game ever made. As Los Santos is an extensive sun-soaked city that is full of self-help gurus, starlets & the essentials stars. The city was jealous of the western world but is now stressed about staying relevant in an era of financial uncertainty & reality TV.

In the mid of chaos, different criminals plan their own opportunities for survival & success. Frankin, an ex-gangster, is now searching for new chances & fat stacks of money. Another criminal, Michael, whose departure is essentially less rosy than he expected it would be. The last criminal, Trevor, an aggressive maniac driven by the opportunity of a cheap high & the other big score. Hence, the open-world chaos of GTA additionally broadens the gap between the GTA and closes everything else.

8. Dark Souls

Dark Souls
Dark Souls

Dark souls are one of those unusual games that truly ask you to learn, fail, and commit along the way. In the beginning, it will make you hate the souls, and then the video games, and then your own self, but after a few times, this hate will turn into love & likeness. Dark souls consist of the large, beautiful universe teemed with top secret and unseen paths. Its missions are so special & challenging as well. The mode that turns the characters into friends or foes is complicated, witty, and an agent for experiences you can not get anywhere else.

Sometimes, it may irritate you and make you cry, but if you attach to it constantly, you will see why it’s rabid and upholds it as one of the best game ever present on Xbox 360.

9. Orange Box: Best Games on Xbox 360

The orange box set includes the Game: The original half-life 2, where the players again choose the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who discovers himself on the Alien-infested earth being selected to the bone, its resources tired, and its public declining. Therefore, the freeman is pushed into the unpleasant role of saving the world from the wrong. He unleashes back at the Black Mesa and many individuals he cares about, including him.

Each game that the orange box brings executes outstandingly on the Xbox 360. The game is so great and original that gamers called it the Game of the Year based on its own merits and includes the 5 hit games from the FPS gurus at Valve Software, like Half-Life 2 and Episode 1, which were released independently. Making this a must-have for any shooter lover. Hence, the orange box is full of delicious humor and attractive gameplay.

10. The “Gear of War” Series

You will see that Aliens crawled out from under the earth & clean out most of the humanity at the start of the game. Gear of war merges the tactical action along the survival awfulness & thurst gamers into a profound & disturbing story of humankind’s epic clashes for survival against the Locust Horde—a terrifying race of creatures that surface from the insides of the planet.

Gear war 2 was the largest, better, and more versatile gorier package than its forerunner. Which resulted in a game that was a flash to have fun with friends or even alone. While gear war 3 comes with a major advancement to the multiplayer modes. The story of this much-advanced sequel is also easier to emotionally spend than the original. The story focuses on Dominic Santiago as he is badly looking for his wife, Maria. When they finally come together, the scene leaves everyone teary. Hence, the war gear was sold to Microsoft, which is now emergent the series through the Coalition Studio. The game was later remastered for Xbox One and is accessible to play through the Game pass.


We have personalized our choice of the best Xbox 360 games, as they are the most successful games of all time, and you just have to try them before it’s too late. So, in this blog, we have mentioned our top ten best games. So share your experience with us regarding the games mentioned above. Did you enjoy the gameplay? Do comment to us.