Xbox One X Review: The Gaming Console With Wireless Controller

Xbox One X
Xbox One X

Is it worth procuring the Microsoft Xbox One X?

This console was released in 2017 and made the best gaming experience with 4K and HDR support. But nowadays, Microsoft announced that this console, Xbox OneX, is no longer in construction.

However, if you are selecting your next gaming console, so is not an easy task. Because it is a big purchase, you have to make sure of your options. That’s why we share our review of the Microsoft Xbox One for our audience.

Xbox One X Specs

ModelXBOX One X
Storage1 TB hard drive
Ports1 HDMI-in, 1 HDMI-out, 1 Ethernet, 1IR receiver, and blaster
Weight3.81 KG
Resolution4K 50 fps

Design Review of Xbox One X

Xbox One S and Xbox OneX both design vise pretty indistinguishable. However, the Xbox OneX is a rectangular box, and the scope of a large Blu-ray player is coated with matte grey color. At the same time, the visible difference between the One S and One X is the color change from white to grey. And the fluctuating of the disc tray from the upper left side of the gadget’s face to sitting subtly lower down the forward-facing.

However, this console also has 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM and a GPU engine that turns 1172MHz. These fluctuations are aesthetics. The disc tray plays the best Xbox games and 4k Blu-rays, also. Furthermore, you will see from left to right a power connector, two USB ports, HDMI in, HDMI out, optical Audio docks, an IR out, and an ethernet dock.

The controllers support a keyboard and mouse to control games like Gear 5 and Metro Exodus. However, it is not the first console to do that. So, these features are welcome by those gamers who prefer a mouse and keyboard more precise and approachable control system. Consequently, we can say that this Xbox OneX console is identical to Xbox One S.

4K Ultra HD Performance Review

Gratefully the Xbox OneX executes accurately as publicized. Games look great whether users use a 1080p television with the Xbox OneX. This console will do the supersampling to make improved-looking images.

Supersampling is actually a game purifier in 4k, thinking it is associated with a 4k screen. It means that frames are detail purified four times. The images look sharper, like a basic fog on XboxOne convert more authentic while using a One X.

The Xbox OneX 4k HDR TV feature releases its full power. Games render up to 4k, offering four times the detail of regular 1080p. Some games have an extensive collection of color options due to high dynamic range (HDR) technology. But fortunately, photographic advancements are not the only feature that Xbox OneX offers.

Another performance feature is the frames per second at which a game runs. Suppose you are playing a game, and the scene becomes ironic and filled with many objects, so the console becomes overcome. In these circumstances, Xbox OneX attempts to output games at 60 frames per second, which match the natural refresh rate of most televisions and the majority of monitors. But sometimes, the frames dropped and slowed down.

Xbox One X Enhanced Game Performance

Microsoft has not set the least standard for what constitutes an enhanced One X title. But developers use three broad categories: enhanced 4k visual assets, HDR visual processing, or higher frame rate. It is probable for games to offer HDR or 60fps framerate but not native 4k.

However, game developers can pick which enhancements make logic for their games. Moreover, nowadays, most games have an enhanced variety related to them. It means that playing games on your Xbox OneX are abundant.

Blu-Ray Feature Review

The XboxOneX is correspondingly a home cinema. All thanks to ultra-HD Blu-ray drive and support for 4k streaming on Netflix and Amazon prime video. Moreover, it supports Dolby Atmos for submerging sound.

Its playback performance has trod up a mark from the Xbox One S, where it was overestimated add-on. Its Blu-ray feature will give a sharper and more vibrant picture whether you are watching La La Land or Planet Earth II.

One X Interface Review

The Xbox OneX interface exclusiveness is whirling the idea of jots. On the home screen, the games and applications you are attached to will find in full rows. This guarantees that setting up your One X is no worry.

There is also an addition of a sidebar that makes skipping straight into recently played games or applications which is a faster procedure. Users have just to press the controller home button, and the job is done.

Xbox One X Price

So finally, here at the biggest conclusive factor. The packing price point is quite high for most people considering an Xbox OneX, about $500. However, the console often drives on sale; if you are enduring, you can discover them for about $300. You will get a One X controller and the essential cables in that deal.

Moreover, some inexpensive bundles consist of a game and some codes for free Xbox Live and a trial with the game pass. The game pass contains many enhance One X games. Therefore, it is cherry pie at only $10 monthly.

Xbox One X 1 TB Console – Reasons to Buy

Microsoft’s finest quality console cannot provide anything of value to the 1080p television. But then, fortunately, its performance is quite good while not able to excuse its price. However, to catch the differences between supersampled games in 1080p in 1080p on the Xbox one, there is a difference, but you need a sharp eye. Moreover, on a 4k Blu-ray with Dolby Atmos sound user will preserve the best photographic experience.

 The Xbox OneX was a peak gaming console. But now the Xbox SeriesX release, the situation is not prolonged.

Reasons you Should not Buy the Xbox One X

Despite this, the Xbox OneX has demanded the highest plug throughout its generation. Its competitor’s consoles, such as Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro, are around half of the price. In addition, these consoles have better performance, making them the first choice for most gamers out there.

Suppose these console does not exist, though the Xbox OneX would not be faultless. Because its 1 TB storage can be full almost overnight, the 100 GB+ downloads for Quantum Break, like massive games, will take quite a lot of time to install. But this Microsoft Xbox console can only store 10 triple-A games simultaneously.