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If you are wondering what Xresolver is, then this blog is for you. Xresolver is a great discovery tool, but do you know that gamers and hackers could use this tool to recognize your IP address and location without letting you be aware of a breach.

In today’s fast-paced world, there are multiple ways to get the IP address of a person. One includes using the Gamertag of the said person and finding them on X-resolver. It is a constructive online tool that provides to the needs of Xbox and PS users. Hence, this Xbox IP grabber helps players pull any players’ IP addresses from their respective Gamertag and let them see if other gamers are authentic.

Hence, Xbox resolver is a database/website that has developed a status for all the wrong reasons. We explore what it is and how it relates to you.

About Xresolver

Xbox Resolver is a well-designed tool to solve issues with games that are not working or have been corrupted and assist you with an IP puller. It can simply grab the IPs of players and help them.

However, Playstation, a part of X-resolver, does the same for gamers who use Sony’s PS. This website is a double-edged sword; it can assist you in recognizing if your fellow anonymous player is a hacker, alongside with revealing your details to potential hackers and imminent DDoS attacks.

This tool is created with a positive agenda, and in the past week, Xbox resolver Xbox has had amazing features. With this tool, users, domain names, and titles are fixed and transformed into IP addresses. There are two benefits to switching gamer tags & usernames to IP addresses.

Hackers can also hide from gamers since they can keep in mind IP addresses more simply than they can name. But the huge advantage of X-resolver is that it protects your data against hackers and other shady characters. Hence, it is a great program with all the features you will require to keep safe and protected while playing online games.

Key Specs

  • Advanced Heist Editor
  • Multiple Money Options
  • Free Updates Often
  • Crashing & Kicking Options
  • Advanced IP puller
  • IP lookup database with millions of users
  • RID spoofer
  • Custom LUA scripting API
  • Entirely undetected, and many more

How Xresolver Works?

How Xresolver Works
How Xresolver Works

X-resolver is accountable for storing publicly available data about the IP addresses and their connection with the Gamertags. Particularly, this type of information or data is accessible publicly. This means it is not technically illegal to share it on a website that anyone can access. But the only issue is the person who wishes to match the IP address with your profile may not have a good purpose. The risk is that a hacker may be concerned about your PS4, PC, or Xbox profile and linked IP address.

Hence, Xbox resolver lets you access your Private details to interested people. This confidential information ties your physical network connection with your identity on the web. And once they have access to your data, they can target you in various ways. It may include DDoS attacks.

For instance, let’s assume you beat a player harshly in a competitive game, and an opponent player gets angry and wishes to get even. So, they may go to x-resolver.com, enter your Gamertag, get your IP and then target your network connection to make it slow.

Xresolver Features

Here, I will let you know some cool features of this tool that will help you understand how this tool functions.

IP Recorder

Xbox resolver lets you spot your opponent’s geographic location. You can get this with the IP lookup service. This is one of the essential data regarding the player’s IP address; hence, this feature becomes the most fascinating.

IP Logger

Moreover, it allows you to create custom links. You can get their IP addresses by sending these links to people. These custom links are used to recover browser and location information. IP recorder adds functionality to X-resolver and assists detect incognito mode.

Gamertag Resolver & PSN username

Xresolver proposes a range of amazing features and functionality for Xbox and PS users. Existing tools ease the extraction of data relating to IP addresses. You don’t have to search the web for bots to crawl Gamertags & usernames. However, artificial intelligence in it makes things quite simple and more convenient.

User-Friendly Interface & Functioning

The working process of this tool is pretty easy. You can spot the IP address of your opponent in just minutes. Moreover, finding Gamertag is also pretty simple.

Blacklisting Of Personal IP Addresses

Blacklisting is one of the essential features you can buy separately with an Xbox resolver. This feature allows you to conceal personal data and the IP address from your opponents. Whatever their tech, they can’t find your private details.

Step-By-Step Guide to Use Xbox Resolver

Step Guide to Use Xbox Resolver
Step Guide to Use Xbox Resolver

Mainly, this tool is deliberately built for PS and Xbox users. The interface allows users to get the advantages of resolvers (changing IP addresses). Here are the steps to use the tool.

  • Open the Xresolver on your system.
  • Choose the console from the list on the left of the screen.
  • Enter the IP address or hostname of the game server you want to link to.
  • Tap on “start.”
  • If needed, tap on “resolve IP” to resolve the IP address for your game server.
  • Tap on “connect” if the server emerges in the list on the right.

How to Blacklist Yourself on Xresolver? (Most Asked Question)

Blacklist Yourself on Xresolver
Blacklist Yourself on Xresolver

After purchasing a blacklist, you will able to blacklist one Xbox Gamertag and one PS network username. But alluring yourself how to blacklist your IP address and link data from X-resolver Xbox. So here is a step-by-step instruction for blacklisting your own IP address

Note: blacklisting from Xbox resolver means permanently deleting your IP address, Gamertags data, and username from the database. You would be needed to pay small charges to do so. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Launch the Xresolver web app on your system.
  • Tap on the option “Remove data” to keep the blacklisting process.
  • Select your gaming console and offer the information that may be asked.
  • You can buy using “a credit or debit card” or “cashApp” to finish the blacklisting payment process.

After successful payment, your data will be removed from their database, and you will no longer be able to find your system and cannot access your data. To start the blacklisting process quickly, enter “Xresolver blacklist link” into the search bar.

Pros & Cons of Xresolver

X-resolver is a well-known Xbox, PS, and IP resolver that many users useThe key drawback of this site is that it can be expensive to use.
This site is simple to use and can be configured to function with any device.It takes a lot of time to process an IP address
The site is authentic and can resolve any game or IP address.It is tricky to find compatible software.
It has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to find what you need.In the beginning, you will find it hard to use.
The navigation on the site is fast and efficient, making it an amazing choice for gamers who want to resolve their games instantly.———————-

Top Xresolver Alternatives

Sometimes, you may encounter glaring X-resolver issues that can affect your identity online. Here are some of the best and safe alternates that provide similar services as X-resolver. So have a look. 

Note: remember that using these tools is not an ethical practice. If you must use any of them, just ensure you have a good reason, like booting an abusive player or cheater off the server.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc remastered IP puller
Lanc remastered IP puller

It is a free Xbox/PSN resolver, a Gamertag IP puller, and a network monitoring app. It pulls & sniffs IP addresses from Xbox and PSN live gaming sessions. Further, assist you in easily resolving the Gamertag of your opponents to IP addresses.

You can set this free resolver conveniently as it is compatible with Xbox, PC, Playstation, and any video game you play. It comes in the form of an app that can be downloaded to your system. Its database can be accessed online. Hence, considered to be one of the amazing Xbox resolver alternatives supported by most browsers. This app has been used by round1.5 a million users and includes 15+ IP puller tools to employ for free.

No registration is needed, and no payment is requiredExtra software to install
Easy-to-use interfaceTake time to solve issues
Quick gamertag IP puller———–

Xbox Booter

Xbox Booter
Xbox Booter

This app provides the ultimate IP Booter, IP puller, and IP grabber for users who use the Xbox console. Its IP booter consists of solid layer 4 & 7 that attacks to boot gamers offline; its IP puller allows you to sniff and pulls IPs from the Xbox console. The IP grabber that it features allows you to extract IP addresses via a network monitoring or logger app.

This software has been created to boot people off your gaming sessions and provides detailed tutorials for everything you want to do with such a program.

Price, performance, and usability are amazingSlow site
Best VPN for users at a discounted priceThe process is quite typical
Allow gamers to boot people offline 



It is an IP sniffer that allows you to optimize your gaming connection. It has a huge set of amazing features like simple installation, abundant tutorials, and 24/7 support. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for you to learn to access it. However, this resolver is free from malware.

This software allows you automatically identify packets. You can detect which packets are the IPs of game servers and which are coming from Xbox chats. This is the only tool that offers PS4 username AI functionality. This feature allows you recognize the association of packets with their respective owners.

It offers you a trial period; after that, you have two plans, which start at $19.99, and the ultimate plan is just $29.99 to access all features.

Supports ps3, ps4, ps5, Xbox all models and windowsHigh price
User-friendly interface and simple installation————
Malware free software————

Console Sniffer

console sniffer
console sniffer

It is a network research and monitoring tool that functions for all consoles. It allows you to see the IP address and username of the people you compete with within the gameplay. It does not need any jailbreaks.

The console sniffer comes with an easy setup and doesn’t need cables. It is compatible with VPNs. Once you have bought it, you can instantly install and start using it. This IP sniffer functions on all gaming consoles and does not need any special software or hardware equipment.

You can install and use this app at the discounted price of $20, and it accepts payments through credit cards, Paypal and Bitcoins. It’s compatible with VPNs and most Xbox and PS consoles.

No jailbreak neededOnly works for Windows Computers
Works on all consoles——————-
Compatible with VPNs——————

PS4 Booter

PS4 Booter
PS4 Booter

The other similar tool to the Xboxbooter is PS4 Booter. It’s the PS4 similar to the Xbox web tool that has the same developers. It pulls, boots, and grabs the IP addresses of players on the PS network. It also guides gamers on how to boot other players online and the importance of a VPN on a PS4.

Final Words

Using Xbox resolver is a default choice for most gamers, as it’s lots of fun to get to know your fellow gamer through these network monitoring sites. We have mentioned the top alternatives of X-resolver that you try. If you find that Xbox resolver doesn’t meet your needs.

But first, the level of security and precaution to avoid the resolver’s dark side is necessary. Hope, this blog helps you know about Xresolver and its top alternatives.

Tip: it is advised not to share your username or Gamertag with anyone. And try to change your Xbox Gamertag frequently.