Yandere Simulator For Enthusiastic Gamers

Simulator For Enthusiastic Gamers
Simulator For Enthusiastic Gamers

There is a gamer in everyone. Whether it is in the real world or the virtual world, humans love to play games. There are literally tens of thousands of game titles of varying genres. It is unfortunate, but many of these titles will never come close to reaching the number one status. It does not help that some gamers refuse to step out of their realm to try something new. Once they find a game they like, that is all she wrote. For those who like to delve into the unknown, Yandere Simulator Mobile may be worth checking out. Learn more by reading the content provided in the article below.

Stealth Video Game

The title fits the video game genre, stealth game. If you are a hardcore gamer, you are most likely familiar with stealth video games. The layout requires players to utilize stealth to avoid detection. In this game, players must maintain a good reputation among classmates while working undercover to stop girls from confessing their love to Senpai. Sounds easy does it not? Well, you better believe this will be a non-stop virtual challenge like never before.

End Goal

Players play as AyanoAishi, a female student with a deep infatuation for Taro Yamada, better known as Senpai. Ayano is tasked to take out 10 girls before they have the opportunity to profess their love for Senpai.

The game goes much deeper than just stopping 10 girls from telling Senpai how much they love it. Each girl is viewed as a threat to Ayano because her love for Senpai runs deep.

If Anyano fails to stop all 10 girls, she will lose Senpai forever

Stopping A Love Connection

The game gives players ample options when it comes to stopping a love connection from forming between Senpai and another girl. As mentioned previously, this will not be an easy task, but still possible if you set your mind to it.

Your options range from nonviolent to violent, the choice is yours. The best approach is always going to be nonviolent, which will still be scarring. For example, Anyano takes out a girl by ruining her reputation at school. Senpai will find the girl’s bad reputation a turnoff.  If this attempt fails, you can take a more drastic approach, such as kidnapping. The most violent approach is murder.

In The Meantime

While you master your skills in taking out the girls who are trying to reach Senpai, you must remain under the guise. In other words, your reputation is a matter of the utmost importance. If you recall, you can ruin a girl’s reputation to turn Senpai off. Well, the same applies to you. If your reputation is ruined in the process, Senpai will find you repulsive as well. So, it goes both ways.

Gain Physical Education Points

Once you grow tired of taking down your female classmates with a Senpai attraction, you can focus your attention on Akademi Academy teachers. Like the real world, virtual schools have a reputation to uphold. Akademi teachers keep order at the school, but they are not invincible.