Youtube Music Roll out “Radio Builder” Feature, Let Users Create Own Custom Radio Stations

Youtube Music Roll out Radio Builder Feature
Youtube Music Roll out Radio Builder Feature

According to the reports, the radio builder feature started rolling out on Tuesday. You can access the feature from your “Music Tuner” section on the Home page.

Google will let Youtube Music users make their own custom radio stations and let listeners choose their stations based on particular artists, thus tuning the Youtube algorithm to settle what songs should be played.

Moreover, listeners can select up to 30 artists and opt whether they only want to listen to music from them or add other similar artists. People can also prefer the artist variety level and opt for songs from familiar, discover, and blend. Users can also merge & add filters to tune the songs accordingly.

With the ability to set up to 30 artists and custom filters that change the station’s theme. Youtube Music’s “Radio Builder” offers a lot of flexibility, such as the option to improve results by using particular filters such as chill songs and new discoveries.

The most well-known streaming platforms, such as Apple Music and Spotify, offer radio features that allow users to make a playlist based on a specific song or artist, But Youtube gives more flexibility than its competitors.

Although Youtube has been testing this feature since last year, it’s now rolling out. You can use the feature for free.