11 iOS Apps That Will Help You Be a More Productive Student


Navigating college can be tricky for many reasons. It is a completely new environment with its own rules and requirements. Many students start to live on their own for the first time. And they have to deal with lots of responsibilities besides the college curriculum.

Luckily, it is quite possible to make one’s life easier with several excellent apps. Technology is a great helper when it comes to education and overall productivity. A simple app can help take notes properly, connect with peers, reference, or keep track of all deadlines.

Having a smart schedule is a necessity to keep everything on point, including essay deadlines, important dates, chores, or bills. For example, if you want to ask professional paper writers for help with an assignment, it is easy to do online. But you still need to have a reminder to do so on time. Although they can work extremely fast, it is always good to be organized with your time.

If you are looking for some apps that will make you a more productive student, search no more. Here is the list of the best ones for iOS.

iWork Suite

It is by far one of the best productivity tools for Apple users. And the best part is that it is free for iDevices with iOS 7 (including iPhone 5c). In its nature and functionality, it is a lot like Microsoft Office Suite. One can do several things here:

  • Create documents, like essays or research papers;
  • Create spreadsheets;
  • Prepare presentations and slides;
  • Documents with pictures, hyperlinks, tables, etc.

It works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the best solutions in terms of time tracking and scheduling. No wonder it is so popular among students and professionals. And it is completely free. It works perfectly with other Google products.

It is simple yet practical. Here, one can organize the classes, lectures, events, and assignments. You can set deadlines and reminders both on your phone and laptop.


If you struggle to keep focus when studying, this one might be for you. Forest is an iOS app that can also be downloaded as a Chrome extension.

When you are ready to study, you open the app and plant a tree in a digital forest. While you are studying the tree is growing. But if you close the app to do something else, the tree dies. The longer you focus, the more trees you can collect and grow in your forest. And the company plants real trees all over the world as well.


Todoist is excellent software for time management. It has a free starter plan, but the advanced features are available with subscription. Here is what it offers:

  • Different to-do lists;
  • Various lists for separate projects;
  • Reminders;
  • Different priorities to tasks;
  • Set single or recurring tasks (like doing laundry every Sunday).

Overall, it is simple to use yet extremely efficient. Those who thrive on organization will love it.


As a college student, you’ll be taking a lot of notes. And it is better to keep them all organized neatly. Evernote is one of the best solutions out there. There are a multitude of useful features.

It allows taking notes, of course, but also retrieves text from pictures, makes to-do lists, scans papers, and saves web articles. With this app, one can create or edit notes straight in Ok Google or Siri.

It works with all types of devices – you can enjoy multi-platform access to the documents at any time. One can even record voice memos here and take pictures. But the advanced functionality comes with a paid subscription, although there is a basic free plan.

iStudiez Pro

This planner is created specifically for classes and homework. It costs $2.99 on iOS and has all the essential functions. Here one can create a schedule of classes and keep teacher/professors’ contacts.

It is also easy to set reminders on upcoming assignments and tests. There is an opportunity to create to-do lists.


Documents is a great and free app for iOS that allows managing all your files from one place. There is no need to keep track of everything in Dropbox or Google Drive when you have Documents.

It integrates with all of those major solutions and shows all the documents you have. You can edit them, even Microsoft documents. One can also annotate PDF and read an e-book in the app.

Scanner Pro

With this solution, one can turn anything into a PDF. All one needs to do is use their iPhone camera as a scan. The files can be saved to cloud storage after.

And it is possible to turn previously taken photos into editable PDF files. It costs $3.99 but the quality of editable PDFs is worth it.


It is a simple yet effective app for to-do lists. It is free to use and easy to start with. There is an option to create multiple lists and collaborate with other users of the app, which is great for group study projects. Or for people living together and sharing chores and household responsibilities.

You can also set reminders here to not forget something.


This one is a life-saver for students. It is a free reference application for all academic papers. Just scan a barcode of the book and get a ready-to-use citation in one of the academic styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc).


And last but not least is Pocket – software designed to save articles or web pages for later viewing. One can use it on iOS or a laptop to save pages or videos for offline reading. It syncs across various devices, so if you’ve saved something on a smartphone, you can access it on a laptop later.


Technology makes everyday tasks much easier. Being productive in college is all about time management and organization. With these solutions, one can stay on top of all deadlines and chores. It is also easy to work with different documents and files.