How to Buy Microsoft Office Suite

Buy Microsoft Office Suite
Buy Microsoft Office Suite

If you are considering buying an original version of the Microsoft Office suite, you may wonder what you need to know to ensure you get the most for your money. While the cost of the software can be prohibitive, downgrade rights can help ensure that you’re not locked into using an older version that isn’t compatible with your new computer. And while the software will be compatible with devices that aren’t designed to run such a complex piece of software, you might also want to be careful about buying it on the gray market, which is a goldmine for thieves.

Method to Purchase Original Version of the Microsoft Office Suite

When Microsoft releases a new version of its products, it typically includes changes to the licensing model. This can create compliance problems. To ensure you’re compliant, you should know which versions of your Microsoft software are eligible for downgrade rights. Here’s another updated guide explaining everything about Microsoft Office.

  • Visit the official Microsoft Office website.
  • Select Microsoft Office product criteria like for Microsoft Home or Business.
  • Choose a suitable plan with additional features.
  • Fulfill the payment requirement and get your MS Office 365.

Buy MS Office Suite from Gray Market Stores

You can find great deals on Microsoft Office products if you know where to look. The market can be a good place to find inexpensive versions, but it’s also risky. This is because gray market stores don’t always guarantee the quality of the product and can be used by criminals.

These stores can be run by individual sellers or larger companies like eBay. It’s important to check if the credit card you plan to use will be able to process orders outside your country. If not, you might need to pay an extra fee to protect your purchase. Purchasing software keys from these sites will not give you any warranty protection.

The best way to avoid buying from gray market vendors is only to buy OEM keys. They are special licenses that can only be installed on one machine and aren’t as attractive as retail ones.