4 Tech Must-Have’s for Remote Businesses

Remote Businesses
Remote Businesses

When you own and operate, manage, or simply work for a remote based business, you know as well as anyone how important it is to have innovative technologies. In today’s world it is simply becoming unacceptable to have antiquated processes and programs be what you rely on for your daily operations. While change can be hard, being left behind is going to be harder and it is critical for growth that you consider and adopt some of the most recent trends popping up for small business. Below are four examples of tech-based trends that can help in so many areas ranging from employee monitoring and productivity to virtual communications, to customer service.

Fleet Monitoring and Management

Any company that has the element of transportation in the mix is certainly considered to be a remote company. Although you may have some in-house staff, recognizing that many of your employees are going to be on the road and moving around throughout the day is crucial for optimized operations. Start using GPS based solutions to identify and solve any existing inefficiencies in your current processes. Being able to solve challenges and inefficiencies without the help of technology is going to not only be the harder road, it will take longer, leaves room for human error, and also does not allow for any type of real-time or automated data collection. Implementing GPS systems as a daily practice provides real-world savings and safety enhancements that you simply cannot take advantage of without the use of these systems.

Communication Software

When you have employees that are working remotely, even if it is only part time, it is essential to provide and utilize the right kinds of communication software programs. Cloud-based solutions are excellent for collaboration as well as allowing autonomy for your employees and an opportunity for managers to pull back on their micromanagement. Beyond that, video conferencing tools are another key piece of tech that needs to be considered.

The best free video conferencing software allows your team to hold meetings and operate as they would if they were all in the same physical environment. Additionally, these programs can give you the chance to engage with clients without having to be in the same place at the same time. If this is new to you there are tons of tutorials online that you can watch so that you understand how to use these programs correctly. It is worth the time you will invest in the training because in many cases using these platforms are quick and easy to learn and can be painfully obvious when people have not prioritized that training. The last thing you want is to launch a new piece of tech software that you are completely unfamiliar with yourself.

Artificial Intelligence

If you want to be sure that you are covering all your bases with a team that is all working independently from one another, consider implementing some AI technology into your operations. Many people have the fear that by doing so, robots will replace humans. That is not entirely untrue however what many fail to recognize is that the elements of work that these bots would replace in turn means that your human employees have more time in their day to handle other responsibilities. Using AI for small business is a wonderful solution for companies that feel bogged down the tons of administrative tasks day-to-day. These systems can help with things like improving customer service, data collection and analysis, recruiting new talent, and even certain aspects of accounting. 


When your business relies on computers and the internet almost exclusively it is simply not an option to have the best possible cybersecurity technology implemented. A breach can happen at any moment, in varying sizes and degrees, and in some cases through no fault of anyone on your ends. Hackers are very sophisticated in how they can identify and manipulate sensitive systems and eventually take advantage of them.

Protecting the integrity of your employees, your clients, and your business overall can provide you with the peace of mind needed to continue with your remote model. You can choose between having an IT department in-house that works on cybersecurity solutions, outsourcing this responsibility, or relying on programs that you can install yourself. It is recommended though that you air on the side of the highest level of protection your budget can handle because the aftermath of a security breach can be quite devastating, and prevention is your best defense.