The Best Free Video Conferencing Software Of The Year

Best Free Video Conferencing Software
Best Free Video Conferencing Software

A free video conferencing app is a service that combines video, audio, and other collaborative tools to conduct online meetings. A group video call is the best option when you need to discuss something with more than one person Online Meeting applications became more famous since the 2020 and everything shifted to the internet. In this article, we shall discuss the Best free Video Conferencing Software in 2023 to do the video call online.

There are hundreds of choices available today for everyone and the internet is surging every day with virtual meeting Apps & Other Free Software. Some of the best video chat apps are slack video chat, WebEx video chat, GoToMeeting video call, zoom video chat, and Google Meet are the most popular video meeting software.

Without further due, let us now move to our main topic.

Top 3 Free Video Conferencing Software:

Video conferencing software is more than just a simple application showing your face to people. Regardless of whether you need to have a quick talk with your associate or to have fun with your friends, a decent video conferencing application makes it easy to establish connections, share data with others, and add more members to ongoing calls.

Free Video Conferencing Apps

Video conference apps should provide features that let you change face time into proper interaction, for example, Screen Sharing, chatting, and live video group video chat. These highlights are crucial to making your virtual gatherings as beneficial as they would be face to face, therefore, we just included applications that help these capacities.

1. Zoom Video Chat App

Zoom became the best free video-conferencing application in the world. In case you’re searching for video conferencing software, you might have already heard about zoom. Zoom video chat app is the most famous video call application and in light of current circumstances, Zoom simply works for everyone.

Zoom Free video conference application is available for every OS, i.e. Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, And Web. Using the Zoom Video Chat App you can have video conferencing free for 1:1 video calls with no limit. And group calls with up to 100 people for 40 minutes. However, there are Paid plans available that let you chat with up to 1,000 people without a moment’s delay, a lot for pretty much every circumstance.

Moreover, the zoom conference call app is reliable; it is capable enough to keep your conference continued with low connection bandwidth. With apps like zoom, you can schedule your video meeting in advance. Zoom is no doubt the best video chat application in 2023.

2. Google Meet Video Conference App:

Google meet formerly known as Google hangouts meet is the online free video conferencing web application available for every Google user. Google Meet video conference web app is deeply integrated with Google’s other applications.

Whenever you start a video meeting in Google Calendar, you will receive a link that you and your video conferencing participants can use to join the web meeting. Furthermore, between online meetings, you can look for files and in Google Drive and share them right away in the online meeting.

If you add a large number of participants in the video conference call Google meet will struggle to handle the call. But, it will not degrade the quality of the video meeting, unlike Zoom. To deal with this issue you can add a massive number of 100,000 participants to the online meeting in view-only mode. The downside of this mode is that other participants will not be able to talk or share anything during meetings, but this mode is best for a lecture-driven environment.

3. Slack Video Conference Software

Today, slack is quite possibly the most mainstream group chat application, and its taken chats past text and pictures. Slack recently added 1-to-1 voice calls to its PC and Mobile versions in June 2016, after six months slack also added video calls.

To call an associate in Slack, simply open a channel or direct message and click from PC or tap on mobile on the phone icon. The call will start and notification shall be added to the chat. Using slack free videoconferencing software you can add up to 15 participants to a call.

There is a downside of the slack video conference app you can make a video call from the desktop but not from mobile. Slack video conference is best for small chats and talks. If you add more people to the video conference call the quality will drop and the call will end.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed the best video conferencing platforms that are considered the best free Video Conferencing Software in 2023. Virtual meeting platforms have become a necessity of every field like business or even education.  These applications are to some limit are free web conferencing applications. With every positive and negative aspect of each application, I leave the final choice to you.