4 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 15

Android to iPhone 15
Android to iPhone 15

Are you shifting from Android to iPhone 15? While upgrading to iPhone 15, you should move contacts to continue the communication. Transferring contacts to iPhone 15 will also create a backup of your essential contact information. Moreover, it will ensure secure synchronization on your new iPhone. After transferring the contacts, you can proficiently organize them. You can add notes, tags, and addresses for efficient communication.

This article will emphasize the top 4 ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. We will also mention their pros and cons to provide authentic details. Thus, consider this guide to know how totransfer contacts from Android to iPhone 15.

Part 1: 3 Basic Ways to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 15

In this section, we will provide 3 efficient methods to shift contacts. You can apply these solutions to safely move contacts from Android to iPhone 15. Thus, let’s dive into the further details:

Way 1: Move to iOS

Many trust the “Move to iOS” app to transfer files from Android to iPhone. This app lets you quickly move contacts from Android to iOS. It uses a safe Wi-Fi connection to initiate the transfer procedure. Moreover, it supports many data types, allowing you to transfer complete information to another device.

It also prioritizes the privacy of users by encrypting the data. Hence, you can download this app on your Android device to use this method. To proceed, here are the simple steps that can help in shifting contacts using Move to iOS:

Step 1: While setting your iPhone 15, you will come across the “Apps & Data” screen. While staying on this screen, tap on “Move Data from Android.”

Tap on Move Data from Android

Step 2: To move forward, ensure to launch Move to iOS on your Android device. Tap “Continue” and then agree to the displayed terms and conditions on the screen. Afterward, select the “Next” option to proceed with the process.

Select the Next

Step 3: Grab your iPhone 15 and hit the “Continue” button. It will generate a 6-digit code that will be used to create a connection between devices. After receiving the code, enter it on the Android phone carefully. Once done, choose “Contacts” from the Transfer Data screen. Select the “Continue” and “Next” options respectively. After some minutes, contacts from your Android device will be transferred.

Transfer Data screen


  • This method provides wireless transfer. It generates a safe Wi-Fi network to transfer the selected data from Android to iOS.
  • The app shows compatibility with a wide range of data types. You can transfer email accounts, bookmarks, calendars, media files, etc.


  • This data transfer tool cannot transfer data from an iPhone to Android.

Way 2: SIM Card

If you want an easy solution, you can use a SIM card. Through a SIM card, you can transfer contacts between devices flawlessly. However, ensure that your SIM card is in the required size for iPhone 15. You can use a SIM card to transfer contacts by fulfilling the prerequisites. Thus, you can find authentic steps below regarding this method:

Instructions: After removing the SIM card from the Android phone, you can insert it into the iPhone 15. While staying on your iPhone 15, go to Settings. Scroll down a bit to locate the “Contacts” and “Import SIM Cards” options. After selecting these options, tap on “iPhone/iCloud” to shift the contacts from SIM to iPhone 15.

Import Sim contacts


  • This solution does not require the installation of any app or tool. It’s a free method that can be executed via your SIM card.
  • You don’t have to place your devices nearby to transfer contacts for this solution. You can still move the contacts even if the Android and iOS devices are distant.


  • SIM card only lets you transfer a limited number of contacts. You may face storage capacity issues while moving contacts with a SIM card.

Way 3: Google Account

Google Account is an excellent platform for synchronization. This platform allows Android users to access their contacts on any device. Therefore, many people like to enable Google Account on their iPhone 15 to sync contacts.

For this method, you just have to make some modifications to the settings of your iOS device. To know more about how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 15 with a Google account, check the below steps:Step 1: First, open the Settings on your iPhone 15. Select “Contacts” from the given list of options. Afterward, choose “Add Account” and then “Google.” Once done, you can consider the on-screen instructions to sign into your Google account. Ensure to add your username and password correctly.

Step 1: First, open the Settings on your iPhone 15. Select “Contacts” from the given list of options. Afterward, choose “Add Account” and then “Google.” Once done, you can consider the on-screen instructions to sign into your Google account. Ensure to add your username and password correctly.


Step 2: Once you have signed into your Google account, turn on the toggle of “Contacts.” Select the “Save” button to save the changes. Now, you can go to the Contacts of your iPhone 15 to see all the contact information.

Google account


  • Google Account is a beneficial platform for accessing your backup data. This solution allows you to access your backup data from any device.
  • By enabling the Google account, your contacts and other allowed data will automatically be backed up. You don’t have to store the contacts on cloud storage platforms manually.


  • You will need an active internet connection to transfer data using a Google account. In an unstable internet connection, synchronization errors may occur.

Part 2: The Most Powerful Data Transfer Tool to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 15

Do you want a permanent solution to transfer contacts between devices? WondershareMobileTrans offers a straightforward approach to moving contacts from Android to iOS. Try its “Phone-to-Phone Transfer” feature to shift desired data from one device to another. It supports a diverse range of data for the transfer process. For instance, with MobileTrans, you can move your videos, photos, calendars, emails, etc.

Furthermore, the entire transfer process can be initiated with a single click. Using this tool, you don’t have to wait hours to conclude the transfer process. It uses a fast transmission speed to execute the transfer process within a few minutes. It can also shift installed apps from one device to another instantly. Moreover, this effective software lets you move iCloud data to any Android device.

Key Features

  • Backup and Restore: This tool can back up and restore up to 18 types of data. You can also back up your WhatsApp and phone data to the computer. It also lets you restore deleted WhatsApp messages effortlessly.
  • Export WhatsApp Messages to PC: Using MobileTrans, you can export your WhatsApp messages to your PC. You can convert the messages in the format of PDF and HTML. By doing so, you can view the messages on a PC easily.
  • WhatsApp Transfer: The WhatsApp Transfer feature can shift WhatsApp data across Android and iOS devices. Moreover, you can also shift WhatsApp backups from Google Drive to iOS devices.

The Most Simplified Instructions to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 15 with MobileTrans

Do you want to try this effective tool? This section will provide detailed steps to transfer contactsbetween devices.

Step 1: Go to Phone-to-Phone Transfer

Once you have launched MobileTrans, go to the “Phone Transfer” module. Once done, select the “Phone to Phone” option and connect the devices to the PC.

Phone-to-Phone Transfer

Step 2: Choose Contacts and Start the Process

The tool will display a list of data on the screen. Select “Contacts” and then click on the “Start” button. Keep the devices connected to the PC and nearby. After some minutes, the contacts will be shifted to your iPhone 15.

Choose Contacts and Start the Process

Part 3: Comparison Between the Methods to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 15 Conclusion

The methods discussed above can securely transfer your contacts to iPhone 15. However, if you want to apply the best solution, this section will help. You can find an accurate comparative analysis of the discussed methods. Once you find the best solution, you can quickly movecontacts from Android to iOS.

MetricsWondershareMobileTransMove to iOSSIM CardGoogle Account
Size IssueNoNoYesNo
Data Transfer SpeedFastFastMediumFast
Internet DependentNoNoNoYes
Factory ResetNoYesNoNo
WhatsApp TransferYesYesNoNo
iPhone to AndroidYesNoYesYes
Playlist TransferYesNoNoNo


Transferring contacts to another device may be time-consuming if you are a non-technical person. You should use an advanced tool instead of manually creating contacts on your new device. Therefore, we highly recommend using MobileTrans to transfer contacts between devices.

Moreover, after reading this guide you learned how to use this effective tool for the transfer process. Hence, you can move the contacts to your iPhone 15 within a few taps without complications.