iPhone Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

iPhone Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

What will you do when you find out that your iPhone is not charging when plugged in and it issues an emergency warning of iPhone liquid detected in lightning connector?  No worries, this article is a detailed guide to solving this issue.

1. The Lightning Connector Should Remain Dry

Not all iPhones are waterproof but only water resistant. So, if you get an alert for iPhone liquid detected in lightning connector, then this must be accurate. The water can get through the charging port; therefore, you must clean the iPhone charging port. In addition, you can purchase a waterproof iPhone cover case and cover your phone entirely.

2. The Lightning Cable Troubleshoot

Lightning Cable Troubleshoot

Sometimes, the phone does not recognize the accessories correctly, so you have to reinsert it. Moreover, in case this method does not work, you can also opt for a different lightning cable. However, if the alert pops only by inserting that particular cable, then the problem is not with your iPhone but with the cable.

In addition, it is best if you buy the official one or made-for-iPhone accessories only to prevent the troubleshooting related to the capability that might damage your iPhone.

3. Your iPhone`s Lightening Port Must Be Clean

iPhone`s Lightening Port Must Be Clean

Debris lodged in the Lightning port of your iPhone may also result in problems with charging. Try carefully cleaning the charging port on your iPhone with the SIM-eject tool to see if that fixes the iPhone liquid detected in lightning connector.

Moreover, when cleaning your iPhone, avoid using compressed air or immediately sprinkling cleaning solutions on it.

4. Restart Your iPhone

Restart Your iPhone

You can soft reset your iPhone as a next solution. Another name for the process is a forcible restart. Almost all small technical issues can be resolved by restarting any device; thus, trying to remove the iPhone liquid detected in lightning connector message is probably worthwhile.

5. Update Your iPhone

Update Your iPhone

If you haven’t already, it’s advisable to update to the most recent version of iOS on your iPhone. iOS updates may help prevent needless alerts like this one from appearing by fixing bugs and enhancing efficiency.

Moreover, to see if there is an update available, then follow the steps below:

  • navigate to Settings
  • go to General
  • then, Software Update on your iPhone.

Is It Advisable to Charge Your iPhone Using Emergency Override?

Is it safe to charge your iPhone using the Emergency Override option provided by the iPhone Liquid Detected in lightning connector alert? You shouldn’t try to charge your iPhone using a cable charger if you know it’s still wet since it could break irreversibly.

Moreover, wireless charging is a safer option if you really must charge your smartphone, but make sure the rear of your iPhone is completely dry before doing so.

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