Alpha Bosses in the Palworld (5 Easy Ways to Beat Them)


When playing your favorite game, defeating these strong Alpha bosses is hard. Isn’t it? Well, no more; we are here to guide you with the easiest ways to beat them.  

Describe the Alpha Bosses in Palworld: 

Alpha bosses are the powerful pals that are under the command of skilled Pal Tamers. The ones who are not kindly to the newcomers. While they can pose a challenge, we have the boss strategies you have to take all of the main bosses down without breaking a sweat. Moreover, we also have a collection of free-roaming boss Pals to keep an eye on your behalf when you are busy exploring the Palpagos Island.

The main challenge for the boss in Palworld requires you to defeat all the Palworld pals and their tamers within a set time limit, so the key is that you have to maximize your damage output. If you are part of a community-driven Palworld server, then the Palworld multiplayer will help you.

To eliminate alpha bosses for the first time, first of all you will need Palworld Technology points, which are invaluable for expanding the Palworld base. Moreover, if you want to progress in the Pokemon PC game or you only want to test your Palworld fighting prowess.

Field Alpha Bosses in the Palworld Game

Chillet Lv.11  Gumoss Lv.11  Sweepa Lv.11  
Dumud Lv.14  Penking Lv.15  Grintale Lv.17  
Azurobe Lv.17  Nitewing Lv.18  Felbat Lv.23  
Kingpaca Lv.23  Katress Lv.23  Bushi Lv.23  
Broncherry Lv.23  Ouivern Lv.23  Fenglope Lv.25  
Petallia Lv.28  Beakon Lv.29  Elphidran Lv.30  
Broncherry Warsect LV.30  Mossanda Lux Lv.31  Elizabee Lv.31  
Univolt Lv.31Relaxaurus Lux Lv.31Lunaris Lv.32
  Verdash Lv.35  Mammorest Lv.38  Wumpo Botan Lv.38
  Vaelet Lv.38  Sibelyx Lv.40  Ice Kingpaca Lv.43
  Menasting Lv.44  Jormuntide Lv.45  Suzaku Lv.45
  Anubis Lv.47  Dinossom Lux Lv.47  Asegon Lv.48
  Blazamut Lv.49  Lyleen Noct Lv.49  Necromonus Lv.50
  Paladius Lv.50  Jetragon Lv.50  Frostallion Lv.50

Alpha Bosses in Palworld and How Can You Defeat Them


Here are all the Palworld main alpha bosses and their locations on the Palworld map. All about their appearance and the ways in which you can defeat them.

1. Zoe & Grizzbolt

Location: Rayne Syndicate’s Tower (112, -434)
Challenge requirement: 30K damage in ten minutes

You should pick ground-type pals like Gumoss and Fuddler into the battle, as they are super effective against these Electric-type alpha bosses. Grizzbolt gunfire’s electric missiles at full-blown. However, it does prefer to get personal and close with its claws. You can avoid those melee attacks by placing a pillar between you. Watch out for the triple ground slam attack by Grizzbolt, which is initiated immediately after running up to you.

You can easily avoid it with a well-timed dodge trio. Zoe aims with her laser bolts, and before she takes a shot, you only have a short window to duck behind the cover. To dish out the melee damage with a club or spear, you can get behind the Grizzbolt while your Pal draws the aggro, but take care to stay out of his electric AoE (area-of-effect) attack range.

2. Lily & Lyleen

Location: Free Pal Alliance Tower (185, 28)
Challenge requirement: 69K damage in ten minutes

First of all, populate your team with the strongest Fire-type Pals. Lyleen is a Grass-type pals. We highly recommend Vanwyrm for this fight as you can ride it to get better maneuverability. It can also manually direct its attacks while using it as a mount. However, this means that Lily and Lyleen will not split their attention between you and your Pal. So, ensure that you remain on the defensive when using this tactic.

Lyleen can release poison clouds directly of her so try remaining at a distance and aim for Lyleen’s head for critical hits. You must avoid its homing bubbles and hurricanes at long-rage. Also, the seed grenades scatter across the battlefield. Moreover, it fires off a swift three-shot missile that can be avoided with a well-timed dodge or by ducking behind the pillar.  

3. Axel & Orserk

Location:  Tower Brothers of the Eternal Pyre (-588, -518)
Challenge requirement: 130K damage in ten minutes

Ground-type or ice-type pals are excellent counters; we recommend the ice-type, given the additional chance to freeze it in place. Also allowing you to welcome to get In and use the Palworld medical supplies. Orserk is an Electric/Dragon-type; it is partial to a thunder trident projectile that throws it either at you or the Pals, which will split of in three directions on impact.

Furthermore, it summons a poison cloud attack regularly that tracks the player. So, ensure to keep on the move until it disappears. The lightning beam it has is tough to dodge on the fly, so duck behind the pillar during the brief pause before the Orserk lets rip. Also, you must try to avoid standing directly in front of the Orserk since it’s responsible for unleashing its Draconic Breath to punish you.

Stay warned if it closes the gap between you, as it may be gearing up to trigger a close-range AoE that will take a few quick dodges to avoid. By now you must have unlocked the heavier artillery necessary to make a dent in Orserk’s enormous health bar and making your distance with long-range weapons and must aim for head as much as possible. If you are having trouble to survive Orserk burst damage you can upgrade your armor and also by bringing a pal along with abilities like lifesteal will certainly be helpful.

4. Marcus & Faleris

Location: Tower of the PIDF (561, 334)
Challenge requirement: 147K in ten minutes

It is a Fire-type boss so the water-type pals and Heat Resistant Armor are obvious counters to this battle. Now this angry firebird loves to throw fireballs, tornadoes and many other projectiles, so you must use the arena for your advantage and try to keep a pillar between you and it. Faleris’ Ignis Breath sends out a plume of flame directly so try to stay in the mid-to-long range from it.  If this isn’t enough, Faleris often positions itself directly to unleash Fire or AoE.

Moreover, it also has additional thunderbolt attack that inflicts debilitating Shock status effect that can also leave you as sitting duck so stay on for the fight and rely on your pals to draw aggro. Now the Marcus and Faleris spend the entirety of the battle in the air so you shouldn’t be expecting to make a dent in their sizeable health pool with any melee-focused Pal of small stature. Just for how much you have to eat to defeat Marcus and Faleris within the time limit, therefore we also recommend inflicting a poison DoT (damage-over-time) for supplementary damage.

5. Victor & Shadowbeak

Location: PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower (-149, 445)
Challenge requirement: 200K in ten minutes

Victor and Shadowbeak form the greatest boss challenge in the Palworld game. So don’t scare and bring in the heaviest artillery for the occasion. The Rocket Launcher is by far your best bet but its low fire rate and expensive ammunition mean that its important to ensure that every shot counts. Shadowbeak is the dark type so be sure to unleash your most powerful Dragon-type Pals and fighting against them. Their dark-based attacks comprise a quick-fire forward beam, and a massive wave of homing orbs that inflict dark damage upon the impact.

Just like all the previous encounters you can avoid all of the bosses by ducking behind the pillars. It also relies on the several ice-based attacks, including a bomb, wave, ice and beam. You can keep off any Freeze status effects by equipping Cold Resistant Armor. You are likely to have this deal with the cold outside the bosses’ room anyway.  We recommend you to bring along a Pal with lifesteal abilities to keep your team ticking over. However, if you are finding it difficult to make a dent in Victor and Shadowbeak, it may well be that you’re under-leveled and are unable to unlock the best Palworld weapons from tech tree.