Android Boosts Privacy Measures with Two Vital Improvements

Android Boosts Privacy Measures with Two Vital Improvements
Android Boosts Privacy Measures with Two Vital Improvements

The reports show that Google has officially announced two major and key improvements to how Android functions and what it will need from developers to enhance user privacy. However, these changes will be added to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro and other phones running the Android mobile operating system.

Google is taking one step ahead in privacy changes to assist in keeping people safer. In a way, the first change needs all applications that allow accounts to be created and will also allow them to be deleted, whereas the other change involves restricting apps from gaining information about personal contacts and photos.

Prioritizing Privacy

Both changes in the system related to accounts, with Android Central denoting the new policy. The policy describes how developers should make it easier for people to delete their accounts, including their associated data.

The apps that ask for your account creation, developers will soon need to provide an option to create an account and data deletion from within the app and online.” mentioned in their blog post.

A user can request account and data erasure without reinstalling an app thanks to this online requirement, which you will link in your data safety form.

This follows the same requirement made by Apple for all apps installed via the App Store. Likewise, Google developers will need to have their duck in a row in December 2023, with the latest changes anticipated to be introduced in early 2024. However, developers who require an extension can request one that extends through the end of May 2024. Google also prevents personal loan apps from accessing users’ photos or contacts to stop predatory loan behaviors.

A few more details on the Google Play forum about Google says it is revising its personal loans policy to prohibit apps from accessing user contacts or photographs to provide or facilitate personal loans. The new policy will take effect on May 31, 2023.

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