Apple Future AR/VR Headset Technology Help People With Eye Disease

Apple VR Headset

Apple’s upcoming VR/AR headset technology is highly admirable and lets users participate in FaceTime calls with realistic VR renderings.

However, Apple’s upcoming VR headset could help people with eye diseases. Apple has a special XDG team discovering next-generation tech, AI, and the future AR/VR that assist people with visual eye issues.

Moreover, as per rumors, the first version of the AR/VR headset will have dozens of cameras. Most of them are used for mapping the area around the user. The features can let the headset project extra visual details to those who are blind or have other eye disease issues, and it could also offer audio directions to those with no sight.

Those with AMD disorder (Age-related Macular Degeneration), which results in blank areas in vision, may be able to use certain functions. As per the reports, floating lenses in Oculenz AR wear glasses can be used to change the real-time streaming video and move items into the areas where AMD patients can see.

According to Bloomberg, unlike other headsets that include hand controllers, the device, which is expected to be dubbed Apple Reality Pro, will let users run their AR and VR set using only their hands and eyes.

However, the new headset’s external cameras will track the user’s hand, and the headset’s sensors will track the user’s eyes. This will let the user control the device with their stare or just by pinching their thumb. “The eye- and hand-tracking features will be a primary selling point for the device.”

Apple’s first VR/AR is ready to come out this year. Further, if you are looking for the best games to play on your VR. Here is a Guide: Best VR Games to Play on VR Headset in 2024.