Apple Issues Emergency Warning to iPhone Users

Apple Issues Emergency Warning to iPhone Users

Apple has alerted millions of iPhone users about a pop-up notification that shows when water is detected in the phone’s charging port. If you neglect the notification, this will result in the pins on the lightning port or the cable corroding. This can lead to undying damage or connectivity issues.

iPhone users will encounter two different types of notifications with a yellow warning triangle and a blue water drop inside. The first alert warns that “Charging not available,” while the second notification shows “Liquid detected in a lightning connector.” It is significant to pay attention to both notifications.

Apple has some recommendations for drying out your iPhone like tapping it lightly with the lightning connector facing down to erase any access liquid, placing it in a dry area with sufficient airflow, and waiting for about half an hour before charging it again.

If the notification emerges again, it shows that there is still liquid present, and you have the leave the phone in a dry place with some airflow for up to a day before attempting to charge it or link a lightning accessory.

Apple is concerned about utilizing heat sources or compressed air to dry out the iPhone and discourages inserting foreign objects like cotton swabs or paper towels into the lightning port. Not putting your iPhone in a rice bag has also been recommended, as it can harm the device.

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