Apple Supplier Facing iPhone 15’s Production Issues Due to Dynamic Island

Apple Supplier Facing iPhone 15’s Production Issues Due to Dynamic Island

The reports show that Apple is expected to unveil this September, expanding its dynamic island feature to all four iPhone 15 models. However, it has been seeing the company has to face a few problems in display production for the iPhone 15 and 15 plus models.

In the newer models, a dynamic island on display is one of the biggest design changes that will be added across the lineup, not just the higher-end Pro. But the display will have minor differences, such as the iPhone 15 pro models will keep the latest LTPO OLED display. Meanwhile, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will feature cheaper LTPS panels, emphasizing the Dynamic Island cutouts.

As per the latest updates, BOE, one of the Cupertino-based giant’s suppliers, is confronting a few issues regarding making Dynamic island cutouts on iPhone 15 display panels. These screens will be featured on iPhone and iPhone 15 plus. However, Apple has manufactured to bring changes in its display production plans. Therefore, the company has shifted its mass production display plans for the affordable iPhone 15 versions to May and asking Samsung to produce them. Significantly, the schedule is set for a month earlier than the due date of the June 2023 production timeline, as Samsung has been asked to focus on the mass production of the higher-end display panels that will be featured on the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra models.

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