Apple TV Released Vital Feature for Epilepsy Sufferers

Apple TV Released Vital Feature for Epilepsy Sufferers
Apple TV Released Vital Feature for Epilepsy Sufferers

The tvOS 16.4 update does not bring any fancy new features to Apple TV but adds one very important feature. While tvOS 16.4 didn’t come with many features, it has one accessibility feature that people living with epilepsy will surely appreciate.

The release notes of the software state that owners of the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD will be able to reduce the severity of seizure-inducing videos.

The new feature is not described in great detail in Apple’s tvOS 16.4 release notes (opens in a new tab), but it appears to exist.

In the release notes, it is noted that the latest update adds Dim Flashing Lights, an accessibility option that dims the display of video when it detects flashing lights or strobe effects.

Those same release notes go on to add that the authentic update also includes performance and stability improvements, but that’s as coarse as they get.  Check out tvOS 16.4 and cross your fingers that this update has fixed whatever bug you were experiencing.

One particularly irritating bug in tvOS 16.3.3 has now been addressed with this latest update. The Siri remotes of some people couldn’t stay connected to the third-gen Apple TV 4K box due to this bug, which must have been frustrating.

The tvOS 16.4 update is now available for users, and you might already have installed it if you have automatic update enabled. If you don’t have it in your app list, download it manually on your Tv.

Despite being a top streaming device, Apple TV hardware isn’t cheap. The good news is that tons of Apple TV alternatives are available for much less.

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