Best 05 Chrome Plugins for Amazon FBA Sellers to Save Time and Increase Sales

Amazon FBA Sellers
Amazon FBA Sellers

One of your top priorities as an Amazon seller is to stand out from the crowd. Even though this is a difficult feat, it is definitely doable. You must arm yourself with the necessary resources to efficiently do keyword and product research, create appealing product listings, and establish connections with your intended audience. As an Amazon seller, using the appropriate Google Chrome extensions will help you succeed. So, see below the 5 best Amazon chrome plugins. And If you want to learn more about What Is Canonical URL Tag?, this article will give you goosebumps about working on URL that sets on the Amazon description and product page

5 Best Amazon Chrome Plugin:

There are a lot of Google Chrome extensions available for Amazon sellers, but quite a number of them stand out from the crowd. These extensions can assist you with market and keyword research, competitor analysis, and pricing tracking, all of which could greatly enhance the performance of your Amazon business. So, see below the 5 best Amazon chrome plugins.

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1. Zonbase

For sellers, the ZonBase Amazon chrome plugin is a must-have tool because it may offer crucial parameters that will guide your choice of products to sell. Knowing the sales history of the category and niche that you are interested in is one of the most crucial aspects of conducting product research. Knowing the past and sales figures can help you make a more educated assessment as to whether your chosen product will be successful. Long-term, this will save you a significant amount of cash, time, and startup capital.

You can add the ZonBase Chrome extension to your browser to use a scaled-down version of ZonBase. This will make it simpler for you to search through more than 15 million products on Amazon’s website and select your next purchase. 

The ZonBase dashboard has 13 tools to assist you in overcoming any challenge in the way of your success on Amazon. From product research to sales optimization to listing optimization, each addresses a different facet of Amazon selling.

For on-the-go analysis or to avoid getting mired down in excessive detail, this tool is fantastic. You can use the Amazon chrome plugin to obtain ZonBase data directly from the Amazon search results page rather than opening up additional tabs.

The ZonBase Amazon Chrome plugin provides real-time project data and estimates for the product’s unit sales. Ranking of the product using the most popular keywords and 12-month sales data. This discards any product concepts that don’t fit the smart keyword requirements and aren’t suitable for page one.

2. Helium 10

Creating a free account on the Helium 10 website is the first step toward using the addon. When there, select the Tools dropdown, go to Product Research, and click Download on the Chrome extension page. By clicking on this, you’ll be sent to the Chrome Web Store, where you can download and add the extension to your browser.

Helium10 might be the finest extension for you if you’re seeking an all-in-one, highly effective Amazon seller solution. A 450 million ASIN database, multiple keyword search possibilities, and a helpful writing guide are all features of the software that allow for thorough product research.

In-built security tools protect you, and you can even monitor your seller account, product listings, and analytics in real-time. Helium10 is a very effective, user-friendly, and straightforward tool that will come in handy for any Amazon seller.

Several of the selling tools you would find on the site generally are also found in the Helium 10 Chrome extension. It has a tonne of functions that are all conveniently located in one place. Because time is of the essence for sellers, having access to the tools listed below through a single interface can be extremely useful.

3. Keepa

Keepa is a powerful Chrome extension that is one of the most well-known names in Amazon seller tools. It will provide you with price history charts and drop warnings for hundreds of millions of products. Its database is updated and revised frequently, but one negative is that shipping charges are not tracked, therefore you are responsible for that.

A web browser extension for Google Chrome is called Keepa. It facilitates product research as you browse Amazon. Once the Keepa Chrome extension is installed, a new price history graph will be visible right on Amazon product pages.

Because the Keepa Chrome addon has access to an Amazon product database, it can continuously track hundreds of millions of items. The bulk data offered for each product is already known to us. Also, the product list can be extremely overwhelming, so you might not be able to remember the exact name of the item you’re looking for.

You can search using any criterion with the Product Finder, and the search results will be limited to it. This helps you make rapid and informed selections while saving you a lot of time on your research.

4. Unicorn Smasher

Another straightforward Chrome extension is Unicorn Smasher, however, unlike Keepa and CamelCamelCamel, this one enables you to find buried sales information and income projections for any product.

You can use this tool to separate significant data for various products and utilize the data as the foundation for your product study. As a result, planning your inventory will be easier for you, and choosing which things to sell won’t require any guesswork.

The basic version of this application is mostly free, but if you want to access the pro version, you’ll need to choose from one of three plans. Plans range in price from $49 to $159, respectively.

5. Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout Amazon Chrome plugin provides a rapid overview of all the essential details about the product. When you click the symbol in your browser, a tonne of helpful information is immediately generated. You will essentially cut your work hours per product in half.

The data research technology of the Jungle Scout Chrome extension is of the highest caliber. It could provide you with important product insights, such as product demand, competitor information, and product estimates. The addon also includes a terrific feature that uses current data to assess whether a product is valuable.

Simply click on the Chrome extension icon located in the top right corner to get started. You are immediately bombarded with information on average price, monthly sales, and sales rank. Not bad at all. With Pro Version, you also get Opportunity Score, Monthly Sales, and Profit Calculation.


The top five Amazon Chrome plugins are now complete! Nonetheless, it would be beneficial if you considered your demands and choose the appropriate Amazon Chrome plugin for yourself. The aforementioned Chrome extensions can help your business grow, win over more clients’ trust, and increase profits.

In addition, these extensions will undoubtedly bring a bit of professionalism to your company, so try them out. We hope the aforementioned material was useful in your search for the top Amazon Chrome extension.