Best 5 Suicide Prevention Apps

Sadly, many people have suicidal thoughts at some point. Yes, medications and proper treatment are effective but thanks to technology we have another option. Now you can use an app for suicide prevention. There are a lot of options out there but not all work well. That’s why we have created a list of top 5 apps that are developed for this purpose only and that works great. Below you can see the best options and learn something about coping strategies, tips that can be used, and more.

Jason Foundation: A Friend Asks

The app offers all the resources provided by National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It also offers countless pieces of information where you can learn to recognize when a person is having a crisis and how to act. You will get all the answers on what you should do and what you should avoid in this case scenario. It is one of the best apps and one that teaches people about warning traits and can help people maintain proper mental health. The app is completely free and can be used on Android and iOS devices.

The app in question can be helpful if you are working on papers or anything similar related to suicide. After all, you will have all the right ingredients and all the resources needed to complete the paper. Always remember that writing an essay on suicide is complicated and should relate to the feelings, emotions, and overall problems in individuals who have this issue. It is a complicated topic and one that requires a lot of focus and attention.

Ulster County SPEAK

The app is completely focused on the prevention of this issue and works well with veterans, teens, and also adults. It also offers counseling help and hotlines where individuals can learn even more and get additional help. In addition, a person can learn about a strategy thanks to included files and also how to provide support to a person needing the help. Talk therapy in this case scenario is much needed and always something you will want to provide to your friend. It is extremely difficult for a person to do all of this by himself. Coping elements in the app are some of the best you can see and use today. Also, you will learn what to say and how to approach a person with this issue which is a huge part of the support network. The app works well on iOS and Android devices.

Stay Alive

This is one of the apps created for UK users and it is focused on those who actually have the problem. There is a safety plan where you can learn how to breathe and relax, what to do and where you can get inspirational images and sounds that should help you eliminate anything related to suicide. Mental strength will be increased and a person will start feeling safe when using this creation. It is available on Google Play and Apple Store and it is available right now.

As with many other creations here, this one will show you all the details that will reveal how to recognize a person with this problem and how to react. All individuals have access and can use this creation right now. The only downside is that hotline numbers are based in the UK.


MY3 has it all. It will teach you about the behavior issues and also how to recognize when this problem is present. It is also ideal for depressed individuals who need help. From here you can easily contact all the ones you like and you can learn how to deal with the problem. This will help you with your brain health and you can build a normal and happy life. You can also call your therapist if you like. Don’t forget that you can download it for Android and iOS devices at any given moment.

The main feature here is the plan that will help you be focused, happy and also to follow your issue and try to understand it more. It is great for beginners and can be used by students, adults, and teens. Of course, there are additional helpful links and sources you can access as well if you need them.

HELP Prevent Suicide

This is one of the simplest apps to use and it is completely focused on the prevention of suicide as quickly as possible. Users can learn about the traits a person will show and also what to do in that case. There is also a hotline for all members where you can get additional help from a service based in Oklahoma, the United States. Users can chat or call the line and get help. There is no need to use Google to look for warning signs or anything else. This creation is designed for personal use and it can help you and your family. You can create an account and download it. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and it is completely free.

You can start using it today if you feel like there is a risk with a person you love and you need advice.

The help within the development is available 24/7 and to all users. Safety is the primary focus here and mental health must be maintained properly with the help. Users can get new hope and use steps to focus on their life more in less time. Be happy and strong.


These apps are essential for a specific type of individual and they are more helpful than you may think. Most of them will run on Android and iOS so you can download and use one on any smartphone. Due to the nature of the issue, you will have to test a few of these and find the one that works the best for you and your issue. If possible, try all of them and use one or two for the best results.