Best Game Apps to Earn Real Money: Play & Earn

Best Game Apps to Earn Real Money

Certain web-sites these days allow users to win Real Money Online. Every game has limitless opportunities for more winnings for those who are good at them. Any player can now add to the streams of income from mobile applications. It sounds funny and almost impossible, right? We’ll change your mind at the end of this article.

This article features some of the easiest money-making applications used by millions of users online. We will highlight a few of them today, and discuss their earning potential. So, how realistic is it to make an income from these mobile applications and online sites? Let’s get started!

1. Blackout Bingo: Best App that Pays you to Win in Bingo

With more than 5 million active players, you rest assured that Blackout Bingo is one of the trusted apps for Playing Games. The game only takes 2-min per round and is based on speed and your ability to concentrate. Blackout Bingo currently has a 4.5/5 rating from 49,000 active players. These users must be getting paid on this gaming app to leave positive feedback for new gamers.

Earning Potential

How much money you win on Blackout Bingo is dependent on your deposit. You can become rich from winning rounds on Blackout Bingo and withdraw as often as you wish. Expert reviews show that you can check real money operators¬†for Canadians that allow you to win. These real money also have earning potential of up to 98.9%. They have high RTP (return-to-player) rates, as you’d find on Blackout Bingo.


On Android and iOS stores.

2. Swagbucks: Best Get Paid to Site

Swagbucks is a popular get-paid-to-site platform (both website and app) that pays users for playing games to earn. Realistically, Swagbucks allows you to win real cash by surfing the web, clicking and watching a few videos, and taking paid polls. The mobile app is a good source of income for getting rewards and cash in PayPal. By signing up, you immediately get access to paid online surveys. They have additional coupon benefits for playing Mobile Games.

Earning Potential

Payouts on Swagbucks normally go as high as $50 per withdrawal and up to 7,000 daily gift cards to its players. Swagbucks has a proven track record of paying its users over $579 million since it began operations. There was a recent viral post of reputable Redditors earning up to $600 side income monthly from Swagbucks. Quite rewarding for players looking to earn money playing mobile games. Another legit platform to earn money for playing games online.


Desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

3. Mistplay: Best If You’re a New Gamer

Mistplay is another go-to platform for people looking to make money on the internet. You can play games and earn gift cards from the loyalty program. All you have to do is download the cash game on Google Play Store and start playing to collect units and withdraw whenever. You can earn cash by converting your units to Playstation, Amazon, or Visa gift cards. The app allows anyone to win money without making deposits or gambling online.

Earning Potential

Over $16,097,264 paid cash to winners from the Mistplay app over the years. If you stay devoted to playing on the app consistently, you could earn $50 monthly. Mistplay launches new tournaments weekly to help increase your chances of winning. Like most online sites of the kind, users can initiate withdrawals directly from the Mistplay app. The min. payout on this platform is 1,500 Mistplay points. This is equivalent to a $5 gift card in the retail market.


Android (Google Play Store)

4. InboxDollars: Best If You Want a Variety of Ways to Earn Money

It takes approximately two minutes, and a $5 welcome bonus for signing up on InboxDollars. Unlike other legit money-making apps, InboxDollars makes earning on this app super easy. All that’s required is watching a few videos, playing some games, and taking paid polls. InboxDollars doesn’t limit your method of earning to playing online games only. Aside from playing arcade games, you can also make money by watching game-shows.

Earning Potential

With the right level of commitment, you could easily earn $30 to $50 from InboxDollars monthly. InboxDollars has paid over $60 million and counting to its users who play, watch, and take surveys on the app. The platform randomly gifts tickets of up to $100 to loyal users, we believe. Users aren’t allowed to withdraw more than $30 per time using the InboxDollars app. You can win cash like any online sites if you follow the rules on InboxDollars.


Android, Desktop, and iOS devices.

5. Solitaire Cash: Best for a Fun Way to Earn Cash

Solitaire Cash is one addictive game where active gamers are expected to play solitaire for cash. You have to compete in random live solitaire tournaments to earn points. However, you have to deposit money to get a spot on any head-to-head tournament on the app. The game automatically matches active players in head-to-head tournaments. Solitaire cash could serve as another stream of income if you play your card right. Literally!

Earning Potential

Earnings here are completely dependent on the amount a player puts into their profile, like every other video game . There are more high-paying real money video game  available… These are the best video-themed with high earning potential, like Solitaire Cash. You can win as high as $50 monthly easily if you play your game right.


Android and iOS devices.

6. Drop: Best If You Want to Get Cash Back When Shopping Major Brands

People that love arcade games would find Drop very entertaining and rewarding. Players get rewarded with gift cards for winning several rounds of arcade tournaments. One fun part of this platform is the new set of games introduced into the i-gaming library from time to time. With the help of Drop, you can easily locate games on iTunes and Google store. There are limitless cashback offers, paid surveys, and fun games to access in exchange for moolah!

Earning Potential

Active players can get up to 5,000 points weekly, equivalent to a $5 gift card. You can get a $40 shopper voucher from these arcade games on every winning round. Gift cards are redeemable at retail outlets like Starbucks, Netflix, and Amazon. Sadly, the PayPal withdrawal method is not an acceptable option on Drop. Drop is a loyalty reward program that funds your lifestyle with shopping coupons and gift cards.


Android and Apple iOS devices.


From the above-listed six money-making games to earn real money, we find Swagbucks to be the most rewarding. The platform offers the highest rewards of up to $40 weekly for committed users of the application. They allow gamers to get their winnings through PayPal for easy spending compared to retail gift cards. Swagbucks also has the highest withdrawal limit on the list.

These are the trusted ways to make extra income from your mobile devices. They’ve all been tested by active users with positive feedback upon withdrawal. You might be lucky to add either of these applications to your additional streams of income. Get downloading!

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