How to Find the iGaming Games that are Worth Playing


The global iGaming industry is a colossal entity now, with more and more countries like the United States opening up their doors to regulate the likes of online slots and live table games. With its foundations in Europe – particularly the UK, Sweden, and Malta – iGaming is already valued at over $64.13 billion, per this Malta Today report, and expected to blog past $110 billion over the next few years. One of the elements that have helped it, as it has an increasing number of video games, is accessibility. For example, Among Us naming tricks can be performed on the PC or mobile version of the game. In iGaming, all of the games are optimised for computer and smartphone play.

Still, the popularity of the likes of online Games greatly comes down to the vast, ever-expanding libraries of games. With there being so many, though, it’s tough to find games that are worth playing. So here, we’re going through some ways for you to identify the best iGaming titles for you.

Return to player vs volatility

There are two key components in iGaming – particularly the ever-popular realm of slots – which dictate the payouts of automated, randomised games. Many put a lot of importance on the return to player (RTP) value, but in the modern space, this is far less important than volatility. So, RTP is shown as a percentage, with the UKGC describing  it as the part of the money paid to play the machine that’s then given out as prizes. So, players seek the highest RTP percentages for games, but as so many people around the world are playing at once, and the industry standard is set with a floor of around 92 percent, you don’t need to put too much emphasis on RTPs.

Volatility (also known as variance), on the other hand, is a far more telling value of a game, how much and how often it’ll payout on average. As Investopedia details, volatility refers to the amount of uncertainty related to the size of changes. In slots, what this means is the average amount of time between payouts, with the uncertainty coming into play with the longer wait times. High volatility games tend to payout in larger sums but less often, with low volatility games paying more regularly but in smaller amounts. While these can be used as games strategy gauges, as with the guide to college gaming, it’s important to have the discipline to know when to stop as the games are still randomised and don’t guarantee wins.


Finding the games that you’ll enjoy

Once you know if you’d prefer a low, medium, or high volatility game, it becomes easier to find the games that you want to play. Also, keep in mind that any modern system will be able to run these games, regardless if you run the  FPS settings. Still, there are certain games that never fail to grab the attention of spinners: the official slots. Operators in this industry know that this is a great way to appeal to players, as branded slots are familiar with the audience and provide a novel way to interact with their favourite movies or musicians. This is why main competitors provide so many of them – take the Betway slots section (check details), for example, which ranges from being the official slots of musicians to films. While you’ll get a completely different entertainment experience in the slot compared to the Definitive Survivor trilogy, Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs has you exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb, and is a high volatility slot with 96.05 per cent RTP.

Or, you could go on one of many romps in games licensed by what The Numbers show as a $5 billion movie franchise: Jurassic Park. The most recent of these is Jurassic World: Raptor Riches, which features the Indoraptor and is also a high volatility slot. Another more off-beat choice would be the Deadmau5 slot. Featuring the Canadian DJ who has turned to the world of ‘crypto parties,’ per the Bloomberg report, the slot is a high variance game and runs a soundtrack of all of their greatest hits. That said, it’s always worth checking out the games atop the popular games lists, even if they don’t have an officially licensed theme. Generally speaking, the global iGaming community tends to find slots that it likes and sticks with them.

Make sure that your preferred payment method is available

Even if you find the exact slots or table games that you want to play, if your preferred payment method isn’t available for withdrawals and deposits, look elsewhere. Getting money in and out is an important part of the iGaming experience, as blocks on either side will completely ruin it. Research posted to the Go Cardless blog found that bank debit cards are the method of choice for most, which works well with iGaming platforms. In some countries, credit cards aren’t allowed at online Games, making debit cards the usual go-to choice. However, for your own safety, many opt for eWallet options. The big name here tends to be the PayPal service, which is optimised for fast and secure online payments without showing your payment details to the vendor. Alternatively, the Neteller platform has also picked up quite the name for itself for its safety protocols.

So, to find the best iGaming titles for you, research volatility and decide what variance value you prefer, explore the game libraries to find a theme that you’ll enjoy, and finally, check that you can move money in the way that you want to do so.